Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SRP denounces the discrimination in the delivery of voters cards

Monday, August 14, 2006

By Duong Sokha
Cambodge Soir

Translated from French by Luc Sâr

Sam Rainsy, SRP President, denounced yesterday, during a press conference, the discrimination currently occurring, according to him, in the distribution of voters cards in villages, in view of the commune elections to be held on April 1st, 2007. The National Election Committee (NEC) planned to distribute these cards all along the month of August.

Claiming that based on observations reported by his party during the first 10 days of the month, Sam Rainsy affirmed that the “village chiefs used discrimination in the distribution of voters cards, holding out the cards belonging to those who do not support the CPP,” a situation which is tantamount to “sabotage of the voting right.” Sam Rainsy recalled that a number of citizens are poor and not much educated, and they do not know well their rights. “If someone supports the CPP, the village chief gives him/her his/her (voter) card, he advises him/her, he helps him/her to report errors, if any, to the commune (for correction). Those who support the SRP are held in the dark,” Sam Rainsy declared before calling the district governors to force the village chiefs to fulfill their duty towards all (the constituents). He also addressed the NEC and donor countries so that the election does not turn out to be a “manipulation.” Finally, he asked civil society to supplement the partisan state structure for communicating all the necessary information to the citizens.

To stress the statements of his party leader, Kuy Bun Roeun, SRP Member of Parliament, presented a non-official report issued by the NEC. According to this document, after one week of distribution, only about 400,000 persons would have received their voter cards, that is merely slightly higher than 5% of the electorate which counts about 7 million voters. “It is a worrisome fact for us,” Kuy Bun Roeun explained while calling out (for help) on this matter to the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and the French cooperation, both of which are assisting in the electoral process. In order to insure that all the voters receive their cards on time, the SRP is proposing an extension in the distribution length by one month, i.e. up to October 1st.

“What the SRP says about the delay in the distribution of voters cards is true,” assured Hang Puthea, the president of Nicfec, an organization of election observers. According to the latter, some village responsible people have failed in the mission they were assigned by the NEC: “In Phnom Penh alone, village chiefs have told me that almost 30% of the cards were not distributed.” However, Hang Puthea assured that this is more of a technical problem than a political one. “The NEC did not organize properly, and it did not show the home address on the card. The village chiefs distribute to people they know first. Nevertheless, they wish the NEC would delay up to October 1st for the delivery of this document.”

“Sam Rainsy’s comments are of political nature,” Tep Nitha, the secretary of the NEC, said. The voters have up to September 29 to insure that they are registered on the (voting) lists. Cards are sometimes not distributed because people have moved in the meantime, or they died. But, one can always ask the authorities to insure that these cards are actually delivered.”

Furthermore, the NEC plans on informing everyone on their voting duty starting August 20 on the state channel TVK and on the airwave of the national radio, by broadcasting a program dedicated to the organization of this second commune vote.


Anonymous said...

Hun Sen will win forever if there is no justice in Cambodia!

To have areal justice is to reform the Cambodia Police and Army!

You are all cheating us United Nations!

Let us die stop lying us the supper powers!

Anonymous said...

Thank to Uncle SAM, China, and the Vietcong! AH HUN SEN can pass on his power to his son! If Cambodian want to struggle for justice and there must be a flow of weapons from somewhere!