Monday, January 10, 2011

Banteay Meanchey police commissioner and his deputy arrested for drug involvement

Hun Hean, the former Banteay Meanchey police commissioner who was removed from his position on 07 January and arrested on 09 January (All photos: CEN)

Drug seized in Hun Hean's case

Drug and drug traffickers involved in Hun Hean's case

10 January 2011
By Mongkol
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by Soy

Banteay Meanchey – Hun Hean, the former Banteay Meanchey police commissioner who was removed from his position on 07 January, was arrested and taken in handcuff by cops from the ministry of Interior on 09 January.

Another deputy police commissioner, Chheang Son who was in charge of means – and of justice prior to that position, was also arrested but he was not handcuffed.

The arrest of the two Banteay Meanchey top cops is due to their involvements in drug trafficking in a major raid that took place recently. The case of these two cops are now in the hand of the Anti-Corruption Unit and the justice department of Banteay Meanchey.

Hun Hean was removed from his position on 07 January, following a visit by Sar Kheng, the vice-PM and minister of Interior, and by Ker Kim Yan, the chairman of the anti-drug trafficking unit, to Banteay Meanchey.

There were 3 persons already arrested in this case. [In addition to the two above,] Lim Mab, the former chairman of the provincial anti-drug trafficking unit, was arrested and jailed since 6 months ago. According to report, Hun Xen ordered the arrest of those involved in this drug trafficking.


Anonymous said...

puok mi yuon os nis yok vea tov sab kanduoy aoy hoem tov.

ជនពាល said...

ការដែលបណ្ដោយអោយចាប់ខ្លួនពេលនេះ ​ប្រហែលជាក្រុមជនល្មើស មិនបានសូកប៉ាន់អោយបានគ្រាប់គ្រាន់ ទៅអោយក្រសួងមហាផ្ទៃ !

Anonymous said...

don't they know drugs are illegal!

Anonymous said...

Gangsters, drug dealers, loggers, land grabbers etc.

Anonymous said...

*I Guested The ARRESTED not Right 100%.But the same Pol pot regime,they can Blamed anytime,if they want it.This is a Time to clean [No body relate to Hun sen ] will be deleted all.Cambodia will Happen soon [from CPP own Party].This Province can collect a lot Money. if General Hun Hean related to Hun sen 100% not Happen like that.
KHMER 1970

Anonymous said...

Open letter to UN and the world community!
It is about Hun Sen of Cambodia.
You all have ambassador or representative in Cambodia! Most of your ambassadors and representative do not understand Cambodian but you have Khmer translators in your disposal. Please using them to translate what Hun Sen had spoke in this few months!
From his speech, I am a Cambodian cannot force myself to call him PM or event Mr.
Hun Sen not only a dictator but an oppressor criminal by what he personally said in the national public media!
1) “ Whether or not you have parliamentary immunity, the father of parliamentary immunity will still arrest [you]. You can say whatever, or curse January 7, but don’t curse as a national traitor,” Hun Sen said” (SIC!)
What is that mean! The stupid or oppressor threat people of his action above national constitution laws!

2) Once, he said that he (Hun Sen) spy on other legal party of Cambodia and the one who curse him most are his spy!
Either, Hun Sen is so stupid to be count as human or the guy (Hun Sen) using Pol Pot tactic to suppress the freedom of speech for Cambodian, to make Cambodian not to trust each-others, and living in fear!
The spy 9spook) on your own citizen is a criminal act and how can we Cambodian call this low life stupid beast as PM or even Mr.!

Please help us re-apply Paris Accord and reform the Cambodian justice and arm forces!
Please help us get the stupid criminal out of our back!
There a lot more the stupid beast Hun Sen said that make us don’t know to laugh or to cry!
This less than animal is CRAZY!!!!And STUPID!

Anonymous said...

It's only got done after HUN SEN ordered. Why HUN SEN has to have a hand in everything functioning in Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for the job well done with these drugs ring RGC!.
Thank to those officers,polices and ministry of interior for the productive effort.

None of the drugs syndicate would never eventuate without the crime of those supports of bad officers or armies.

Crimes of abuses of power should be ten times longer that individual of the size of crime committed.If an individual serves 1 year then those in power should serve 10 years in jail.
Please lock them up, confisticate those assetts to pay for those in rehabilitation and their families.

By the way,it does NOT have to be an order by PM Hun Sen,the department would have had a clear roles and power to exercise for the arrests for a safer community that citizen should deserve.

It demonstrate that PM does not anything to do but controlling.And it is an insult to the department as if NOT knowing how to work.
It is an old and outdated management as anything at all relied on MR PM.

Praise for fantastic work RGC!.


Anonymous said...

ចុះរឿងលោកដុំហាក់រត់គ្រឿងញៀន ហើយប៉ូលីសចាប់បានដល់ក្នុងផ្ទះទៀតផងនោះ
ម្តេចក៏លោកហ៊ុនសែន ចេញមុខការពារខ្លាំងក្លាម្ល៉េះ?