Saturday, January 05, 2008

Pa Socheatvong to Vann Molyvann: Don't look down on the younger generation, we are not all ignorant ... we know how to fill our pocket better than you

Architect Vann Molyvann

City: Do not underestimate younger generations

Friday, January 04, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Heng Soy

The filling of Boeng Kak Lake for development turned into a heated debate between an old hand and one of the younger deputy city governors. The filling of the Boeng Kak Lake is strongly opposed by 81-year-old architect Vann Molyvann who is concerned that the filling of the lake could cause flooding in the city, especially in Tuol Kok district. In response to this concern, Pa Socheatvong, the deputy city governor, rejected the criticism leveled by Vann Molyvann, saying that the later should catch up with the times, that the ideas by older generation people are not always right, and that the younger generations are not all ignorant. Pa Socheatvong warned the old architect not to look down on the younger generations too much. Pa Socheatvong raised the issue of the benefits brought by the development of Boeng Kak Lake by saying that it will help the Boeng Kak Lake community since the residents will be provided housing on top of the filled lake.


  1. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Go on CPP you are the strongest!!!!Move the old away put the younger generation! Hun Xen you heard your below generation? old fool!

  2. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Laukta Vann Molyvann is so experienced....After the filling of Boeng Kak lake Phnom Penh siders
    will have to learn how to swim .

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hey Pa Socheatvong!

    You're young fool and ignorant generation. You're not one of our main stream young generation. You don't do your study when you start your project. You just do whatever you think and don't think the consequence happened later on. The old man is right. When you fill the reservoir to protect the flood from filling in the city, you will cause the disaster. You will see the water will fill up your mansion house one day, more-on Pa. Do you need to expand the city by filling up the lake instead of expanding the city outward tour the country side? Why making trouble to fill the lake where plenty of land outside the city?

    The industry nations do the study for 30 or 40 years before they do something. They do studies on the environment, people lives, traffic, etc...


  4. Anonymous3:58 AM

    2:02 AM, I totally 100% agree with what you said. Urban planning takes at least a decade or more of research and studies before they even consider implementing such projects to begin. Filling up the lake will in fact result in detrimental side affects on the Phnom Penh city landscape in the environmental aspects. The lake serves as a natural drainage for flood water and taking it away will affect where the water drains. Phnom Penh already has a history of flood and we can't simply allow to make it worst.

    No one knows Phnom Penh better than Mr. Vann Molyvann...he's basically the architect who modernized Phnom Penh in the 1960's! He's very wise , knows what's important for Phnom Penh both the civics and environmental aspects, and he loves Phnom Penh. Listen to him.

    Pa Socheatvong is naive and ignorant to go about with this project. What type of education allows him to think and behave this way? And is he even qualified for such a position in city governance? Come on Pa Socheatvong, quit thinking about how much money you can line your pocket and THINK rationally and responsibly!!!

  5. Anonymous4:26 AM

    But how we going to get money to pay to uper level ?

    Pa So Vietname.

  6. Anonymous4:30 AM

    I support Lauk Vann manyvann 100% for leaving Boeung kak lake as it is. Cambodian young generation have been corrupted by monies and are destroying environment faster than their old generation. Indeed Phnom Penh Governor should protect this lake not just to protect Tuok Kork from flooding, they should improve the lake for Phnom Penh people to enjoy and to be prouded off. They should build retaining wall all around the lake so that the lake border can be maintain from erosion and build a walk way with tarceal or concreat all around the lake. They should improve the lake with good plantations so that people in Phnom Penh can excercise by running or walking around the lake. In the lake, they can enjoy with small boat or powerboat to improve the living standard of Phnom Penh. Livestyle need a price to pay. But to sell this lake for housing development, Phnom Penh will die one day by another heavy price. Heart attack for lacking of exercises. Areak Prey

  7. Anonymous6:18 AM

    listen up ah Pa choy'maraiy!!

    If you are that smart azz, you wouldn't have to degrade our elders. what kind of ignorant fool are you? You may degrade your own elders papa and mama or even fuck them all you want, but not the great architecture Van.

    And don't speak for us. you are not representing Cambodian younger generation. not even a bit!! You represent Hanoi. Go to your master and Leave Boeng Kok alone, you idiot.

  8. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I hope Cambodians don't think that Pa Socheatvong represents us Cambodian younger generation. Pa Socheatvong is just an ignorant and corrupted person and not all of us later generations are like him. He even blasts Louk Van Molyvann about his opinion which is very disrespectful because Mr. Molyvann has done so much for Phnom Penh in the 1960's.

    I don't know you would want to get rid of the lake. Aside from the adverse environmental effects of filling up the lake, the lake is something that brings serenity and beauty to a city. I hate to use Vietnam as an example but if you go to Hanoi, they try really hard to preserve their lakes around the city. The lakes there in the city are very beautiful with concrete walkways for pedestrians and people seeking excercise. Parks are built around with vegetation, benches and monuments. Businesses around the lakes benefit a lot because citizens flock to the lakesides because it's a place of relaxation and recreation.

    Pa Socheatvong, you are very ignorant and stupid and do not know the consequences of such irresponsible decision making. Obviously your education is a waste and not benefiting Cambodian society. Shame on you!

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Mr. Vann Monyvann speak with experience!!! He is the gold for our nation. He had put Cambodia on the map for architecture in may respects. your name and legacy will live on...

  10. Anonymous9:25 AM

    I feel sorrow when hearing what his excellency Pa Socheatvong said.

    Phnom Penh is facing flood every time it rains. In some part of Russey Keo district this year was under water more than a month because of the development. Despite that, Phnom Penh still get award from London, i really don't understand.

    Moreover the Hotel de Ville will be relocated to Camko City. It is amazing to see this kind development. It is the win win strategy of Samdach Moha Sena Badei Techo Hun Sen. Exchange the high price locations with private property and get back a new building with new generation architecture in new area. And get more money for 2008 election campaign. It is really a win win strategy!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Pa Socheatvong, how much study had you put in studying to fill up the lake? Did you mitigate the worst condition in your study if you had one? Do you have the resource to build additional canals or flood route to divert water during heavy rain to compensate the lake that you are about to fill?

  12. Anonymous10:42 AM

    No need to study high, just have experience is enough. Samdach Hun Sen did not have opportunity to study when he was young but he can lead a country for 3 decades already.

  13. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Money talks, cunt talks, dick talks. And the poor walk and cry. The King sings and signs treaties to ratify what the Yeaknamese couldn't get by force.

    Full stop. This is the new cultiure of Cambodia turning to Yiekname.

  14. Anonymous12:53 PM

    PPenh belong to:

    Pa, Ov, Beida Sotheavong

  15. Anonymous3:33 AM

    I'm also a Cambodian young generation but I never think that I'm better than any body especially to our old generation,we know more knowledges but we have less experiences so we should accept and learn more from the older generation because our parents our teachers are in old generation,teachers never look down the student like your order to get the best out of your life you better go to see him and ask some experiences from Ta Vann.
    thank you for your consideration..
    Kaun Khmer.

  16. Anonymous9:44 AM


    You're one of the stupid people like Hun Sen. May be you're uneducated and illiterate like your master. It's easy to understand why he can lead Cambodia for 30 years. Don't need math to solve the problem or geneous people. Dump people like me can figure it out better than you. He used intimidation, killing, vote cheating, vote throwing, vote switching, and all kind of means to retain his power. He is a dictatorship. If he falls from his power, I bet he won't find a place to live in Cambodia, only Hanoi.

    Your leader is illiterate but still can lead you. But, educated leaders like S. Korea, Japan, or India, don't talk the way your leader and yourself talk or behave. They're smart people, not a peasant like your master. No comparison with other leaders. They think Hun Sen is a rat and dumb guy.

  17. Anonymous12:17 AM


    That because, you didn't know Hun Sen was up there, because of ah youn di dou.stupid!

    Since when Ah di dou want smart or intelligent khmer at the top? Again, go figure out, ah tek trey brain!

  18. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I know some about others countries but not Cambodia and Cambodian people.If ,boeung kak is not fill up and develope ,it will become a dumping ground or a place for trokuon to grow or a place to shit on.Flooding can be controlled by sewage system not lake.In this case P.S IS RIGHT.In other word if khmer knew how to preserve the lake to its natural beauty, yes, it would be fantastic.In this case old moivan is right.

  19. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Choy Euy...
    Van Molyvann just holds MSc or BSC in Architect or related Subject, he may not hold Phd. like other smer leaders....
    There are alot of xmers got Phd. Degree from Chea Chamreoun Univ. Phnom Penh......with Phd. Exceleency Oknha General of may stars made of Gold etc...
    So that Van molyvann your oldest intellectual should be ignored..
    Bravo Uncle Ho wins....

  20. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Choy Euy...
    Van Molyvann just holds MSc or BSC in Architect or related Subject, he may not hold Phd. like other smer leaders....
    There are alot of xmers got Phd. Degree from Chea Chamreoun Univ. Phnom Penh......with Phd. Exceleency Oknha General of may stars made of Gold etc...
    So that Van molyvann your oldest intellectual should be ignored..
    Bravo Uncle Ho wins....

    Nyuen Ay Koy( Born Hue, VN)

  21. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Down with stupid Hun Sen, idiotic Pa Socheatvong and evil, murderous Vietname. Vann Molyvann is a great Khmer architect. Listen to him.

  22. Anonymous2:12 PM

    The PM. Mr Hun Sen still have respect to this older Mann. But this idiotic and arrogant "Tmill" has no place in the Khmer Society. You lost.

  23. Anonymous2:06 AM

    this guy is arrogant, ignorant and ugly.
    " filling pocket " ?
    is that meaned corruption?