Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The cost of a Cambodian life to the Siam is: $927 (30,000 baths)

Thailand recognizes its mistake in the shooting and killing of a Cambodian citizen

29 June 2010

Translated from Khmer by Socheata

An Saray, chairman of the Cambodia-Thailand liaison in Phnom Dey pass, located in Sampov Loun district, Battambang province, told Koh Santepheap in the morning of 28 June that Thailand recognized its mistake in the shooting on Cambodian civilians that caused the death of one man last week. He indicated that Thailand paid 30,000 baths ($927) in compensation to the family of the victim after it sent back the victim’s body to Cambodia on 24 June. One Cambodian citizen among a group of 4 men is suspected of being shot and killed by Thai black-clad soldiers when they went to Thailand to smuggle motorcycles back to Cambodia. The victim, 44-year-old Dim Doeur, lived in Trapaing Prolit village, Santepheap commune, Sampov Loun district, Battambang province. The other 3 men escaped safely back to Cambodia. An Saray said that even though these Cambodian men crossed the border illegally, Thailand still shouldn’t use weapons to shoot and kill them like this because it is contrary to the agreement concluded between the two countries whereby no shooting or torture should be inflicted on people illegally crossing the border.


Anonymous said...

Thai soldiers enjoyed shooting at khmers when khmers tried to escape into Khao I Dang refugee Camp since 1979. Hundred of khmers died before they got inside the camp. Now Thai soldiers shooting at khmers again. Can we kill one or two Thais and see what will happens?

Anonymous said...

That all ah Siem paid to person only what less then a thousand bucks. In Cambodian life is to Cheap.

Anonymous said...

i know, imagine the USA is doing this to all illegal immigrants, etc..., i mean shoot them like siem do to khmer. imagine that! that aren't right! just to make the point, here!

Anonymous said...

it shows the evilness of siem military!

Banksy said...


How much do the big, proud, rich Khmer men in their SUVs offer in compensation when they run down a child on a bicycle or a women walking home, or a family on a motorbike???

How much per arm, per head, per life????

The life of the poor is cheap everywhere, but don't forget just how your own countrymen behave. At least the Thais are paying and haven't run away as fast as their car will drive them.

When everyone is agreeing, you should ask why.