Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dey Kraham: The dirty side of development the regime does not want you to see

August 15, 2006
The miserable situation of neglected renters in Dey Kraham area

Phnom Penh (KI-Media) - Recently, the Phnom Penh municipality has decided to sell to the private company 7NG about 4.7 hectares of land in Phnom Penh, in an area know as Dey Kraham (Red Earth), located near the newly built National Assembly buildings. Almost 1,500 families are calling this area their homes. Most of them have been living here for ten years or more. Almost 1,200 houses have already been demolished. The owners of the demolished houses are usually well off and do not even live there, these houses were in fact mainly rented out to poor urban working class of Phnom Penh.

While the homeowners are compensated by the private company which bought the land, the renters are faced with serious hardship. As can be seen in the photos below, these renters who already faced miserable living conditions under the opulence of the “rich” and “super-rich” society of Phnom Penh, saw themselves thrown out, quite literally, on the street following the demolition of the houses they rented a few days earlier. Having nowhere to go, they live on the streets, or any unoccupied spots they can get a hold of. Some more fortunate ones still have a bed made out of scrap wood and some plastic tarps to cover what they call their new homes. Others, less fortunate, are lucky enough to have a scrap of wood to cover the dirt they sleep on. If the living condition was miserable before, their current condition is plainly unhealthy: they are forced to live outdoor under the rain, the wind, and the scorching sun. As can be seen on these photos, several of them are old and sick, a majority of them are women and young children, some of whom are already lacking food.

Unlike the renters of the Sambok Chap area who were offered a small plot of land outside of the city, renters in the Dey Kraham area were simply told by the authority to vacate the area. No alternative options have been offered by the municipality of Phnom Penh to these people thrown out in the street. In the name of development, a large number of poor people are forced to face very serious hardship while the authorities are turning a neglectful blind eye to their misery.

The following photos speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

This is time that Cambodian people must stand up together to say to animal Hun Sen that enough is enough. If your animal cannot create a good climate for Cambodian people, you must go where you have came from from or else you will face removal by people power. Come on Marco was very strong, still Philippine people can remove him. Souharto was also very strong he was still being removed. He will be crushed badly if he resist with people power.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khmer people, Do not cry, because you voted for The communist party. If you did not vote for this regim. Today this serious situation never happen and Cambodia is much better place to living than today. Now next elction is coming soon. If you are going to vote for them again you will lose everything.

Anonymous said...

No body voted for it (CPP) you fool!

AH Hun Sen cheating it, even Rainsy and Ranarith did said so!

We can fight because the so called coruppted politician help destroy our resitence forces!

Boy cut the vote, the election let the UNTAC see their unfinish business!


Anonymous said...

12:06 We were not vote for the traitor. It stoled the vote and the Youn in Cambpodia may vote for it.
The Youn as Heng Pov and Hok Landy enjoy the CPP not us. We have CPP's ID because it may keep us alive.
Thank for you understading>

Anonymous said...

may PREAH BUDDHA shows these poor children HOPE!

i hope that we, khmers in cambodia and abroad can come together to make a little sacrifice to help these destituted families so that they can feed their hungry children and a warm place to sleep.


Anonymous said...

May God bless Cambodian people!

Thank to Uncle SAM, CHINA , and the Vietcong for puting AH HUN SEN in power and it is pay back time!

chhim watt koh said...

Sihanouk succeeeded in destituting ,starving,and executing milliuons to uproot class society in one sweep on April 17,1975.Cambodia people had just recovered from landless, homeless and hopeless at the pity of other nations.

Hun Sen can do a lot good things if he chose to.History lesson can be ignored. These landless and hopeless people children will become enemy of his terrorist and sadistic feudal rule.

To liberate from poverty and hopelessness is to deliver Hun Sen and regime to Hanoi on banana raft via Mekong river.

Anonymous said...

Look to the photos and compare to the big luxery houses which the high class officiers live.
And what do they do to their people. How can the people survive?.To solve these problems we must find out the causes and learn from those.

Anonymous said...

it's very simple, but the cPP, and the slave of the vietcong/vietminh hun sen ignored the reality b/c he is just a puppet, he has no feelings..
we can't change him unless we burn him.

Anonymous said...

none of them are khmer, you know that!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen that slum with their own eyes? It needed to be developed. Of course, the government is by the people and for the people. This is what the powers that be forget. They need to provide shelter for the homeless people.

Photographer said...

How much horror happening in your country!
Corruption terrible evil! People sell its soul for money!

Anonymous said...

God take a Hun Sen and its family to hell to end the sorrow of Khmer. A Hun Chea a Hun To a hun Chouch A......are all notorious in Cambodia they are the khmer killers, they are lawless animal

Anonymous said...

So i quest everyone in this forum didn't get enough suffering from khmer rouge or someone never been in pol pot regime. That why no anyone know about our khmer people almost done their life just couple day.All khmer in this forum too much pessimistic to believe someone.You just said who did this wrong and who did this right,but you don't know what is going on about the khmer leader. They always working together, but just only khmer people said this guy wrong and this guy right. So don't be too much of pessimestic with someone or with youself ok. You will wrong in the future.

Anonymous said...

Gov’t is blind and the royalist on the other hand is powerless in lending hands to the poor people. They want to know nothing of the suffering bear on a daily life of the poor. This is how the regime survived by living on top of the others. This is the only way the royalist exists by bending for the regime’s directive.

Anonymous said...

Don't not be worried, "what comes around goes around" According to Buddha. If Hun Sen continues to commit sinfulness, (kills alot of people, builds criminal activities, commits sexual assult, rape innocent girls, coruptions etc...) he will pay the price down the road like Pol Pot and his team. Internally and internationally, Hun Sen and his team will come to trial like
Mr. Duc? The victims and the death people will continue to stalk and watch him and his surrounding. Especially when he dies, the spirit of hell will punish him.. he and his team will stay in hell (jail) for thousands of year without parol. Don't not be worried, Hun Sen is already judged and punished by the suffering people and the victimes as well. Look at the "GOSHT" film ... Just be patient, Hun Sen and his team are almost near to end due to his /every day/ crime commited; he creates a lot of blood into his own hand ... he builds his own sin...he creats his own tools to kill himself. Sooner or later according to Buddha, Hunsen and his teaam will pay the price as General Hoc Lundy. The hunger people around Cambodia and the world are thursty and keep praying for justice. Sometime we cannot do or revence by violence. But people who commits the act of cruelty, crime and violence ( like in Rwanda, Sudan..)will pay the price sooner or later. The spirit of death people and victims is watching and preparing the (punishment) departure of Hun Sen and his team. Don't be worried keep praying for justice. Don't be worried Hun Sen will be gone soon. Just be wooried about the person after him, he or she may follow Hun Sen's steps... that would be another tragedy again.
God Bless Cambodia and will punish the CRIMINALS (like Hun Sen and his team ... Like Sihanuk and his team...The more people (like Hun Sen and his team) commit crime, the more they creat SINFULNESS by themselves.... They have been judged already just wait ... SOON SOON SOON.... We need to pass the corruption period of HUN SEN, then we will work to ward LOVE and PEACE.
GOD bless CAMBODIA and will punish the criminals....Get together and pray....