Saturday, August 28, 2010

Opposition Lawmaker To Mark Tibet's Democracy Day

The Dalai Lama
SRP MP Son Chhay

Sok Khemara, VOA Khmer
Washington, DC Friday, 27 August 2010

"The Dalai Lama's non-violent protests are an example to world leaders."
Opposition lawmaker Son Chhay is expected to join a major celebration for Tibet's government in exile, officials said.

Tibet's exiled government, led by the Dalai Lama to seek genuine autonomy within the Chinese state framework in the mountainous province, will hold the 50th anniversary of Democracy Day Sept. 2 in India, marking the formation of the first elected Tibetan Parliament in India.

Son Chhay told VOA Khmer he would give an address to the celebrants, “to applaud Tibetans, who have struggled strongly under the leadership of the Dalai Lama.”

The Dalai Lama's non-violent protests are an example to world leaders, he said.

Son Chhay will join representatives from 14 countries, including members of parliament from the EU, Africa and others.

At least 130,000 Tibetans live in exile in India, while 3 million more live under Chinese rule, where rights groups say they face rights abuses and persecution.

Tibet's government in exile now have an elected parliament, legislature and executive body, Urgen Tenzin, director of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, told VOA Khmer Thursday.

“It's very important for Tibetans living in exile to practice the democratic system,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Good move SRP.Next on Schedul , should be Taiwan.Those two government desperately need to stay out of the mainland CHINA imperialist.

Anonymous said...

Similar to the situation during the 70s. who is who?

Anonymous said...

You fool SRP MP and supporters. You could not even face Vietnam, how dare you to offend China? If you want to fight youns, you need to at least get along with Chens.

Anonymous said...

hey you fools SRP MPs. Dont involve yourselves in other countries politics. You take care of your own country

Anonymous said...

Can ah Chinese push ah Youn Diepers to hand over Khmer krom back to us? If ah Chinese can do that then we're collaboration with ah Chinese is way better then ah Youn Diepers and ah Syamese.

Anonymous said...

7:08 AM,

You are absolutely correct in your assessment of what the opposition needs in its fight against the Hun Sen's government.

The SRP believes in democracy, which is good, but truly does not understand the regional political climate in SE Asia. They put too much faith in America, which will never or can never help them.

To counteract the Vietnamese influence and also the Thai, you definitely need China who can help you. To offend China to please the west is a political suicide.

Even Hun Sen and the CPP who were installed by the Vietnamese who does not trust and like China would not even dare to offend her.

You definitely need to get very close to China if you ever hope to resist the Vietnamese influence!

Anet Khmer

Anonymous said...

Don do that, SRP!you won't get anything from doing that. Will You be labeled a democracy lover? No, you will be assessed according to your acts in Cambodian politics

Anonymous said...

SRP can do whatever they want .All you scumbags suppose to do is shut up.

Anonymous said...

WE NEED A PERSON LIKE Dalai Lama. Not stupid new or an old king in Cambodia or a dictatorship like Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Yes you need a person like Dalai Lama to get the wrath of the Giant china. Even the US, I think, has to think twice! Go ahead! You don suffer, it is the Cambodian people!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that is not a good direction because American support would never be strong and long enough to win.

Anonymous said...

Anet Khmer (7:25AM),

Once again, we are witnessing the lacks or maturity and sound judgement in the SRP party and leadership.

They (SRP leaders and supporters) have devoted all their times to critizing CPP, instead of developing their strength and diplomacy. As much as I hate to say it, the SRP, under its current leadership, has no chance to become a powerful opposition, let alone winning an election.

Anonymous said...

Dalai Lama is a good leader,people around the world support and praise him,if a man like Hun Sen,Vietnam slave,people blame on him.specially Thai news stump his foot on Hun Sen head.Why did Thai do that? Because Thai are jealous of Vietnam.These two countries want to swallow Khmer alive. Khmer people should find the way out from Vietnam and Thai. Please don't blame each other. Today Thai and Vietnam are glad,but tomorrow they will be dead. Khmer Surin want to wake up,Southern Thailand,three provinces,wake up too. how about Vietnam: Champa,Khmer Krom,Montagnard people will wake up also.And then,China will swallow Lao and Vietnam alive. Please, don't be nearsighted people,get out of the well and look at the next Generation ME.

Anonymous said...

I love your books Brother Dalai Lama. Thank you!

delighted said...

The Tibet democracy ? You are sucking the ... No one could challenge the Delai Lama in DhareSalam ! There is no democracy in the lamaisme.

Anonymous said...

Mongolia was a large empire,but now she is a small country.China now is a famous,rich country,one day China will be vanished from the planet.Today China is glad,but tomorrow she will be dead.Only time will tell,what is good and what is bad. Today you are happy,but tomorrow you will be unhappy or will be cried.

Hak said...

Tibet should under China control better than America, Delai Lama just American dog and I hope he should not dream about Tibet, the Tibet Delai Lama whould know that the Tibet Asian Country should let China look after ok. from Cambodian Victim in Melbourne Australia