Monday, August 20, 2007

Mixed reactions arise over planned sky train in Phnom Penh

Sky train in Bangkok (Photo:

PHNOM PENH, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- A Phnom Penh Municipal official has expressed doubt in the viability of plans announced by the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) to build electric sky train networks over the city's increasingly car-jammed boulevards, while others have welcomed the proposal, local media reported on Monday.

May Vuthy, BTS representative for Cambodia, told Khmer-language magazine the Star, that his company plans to invest 500 million U.S. dollars in building two sky train lines in the capital, with construction expected to begin as early as next year.

A seven-kilometer stretch will link the Japanese-Cambodia Friendship bridge to Monivong bridge, while another eight-kilometer route would connect Psah Thmei (New Market) to Stung Meanchey's Center of Garment, said Ma Vuthy.

Construction is expected to take just four years, said Vuthy, adding that the lines will run from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and each ride would cost around a U.S. dollar.

Deputy Governor Chreang Sophan told the magazine that the sky train could both reduce traffic congestion and attract tourists.

However, Pa Socheatvong, also a deputy governor, told English-language newspaper the Cambodia Daily that BTS officials met with municipal authorities to discuss the plan last month, but that he felt the plan was too ahead of its time.

"It is still in the imagination," he said.

Chaturont Chaiyakam, first secretary at the Thai Embassy, told the newspaper that Phnom Penh needs the development if it wants to avoid traffic gridlock in the future.

"Phnom Penh needs a mass transit system to cope with its expanding city," he said.

The elevated train service in Bangkok was completed by BTS in 1999 with 23 stations sitting astride two lines with a combined distance of 23-kilometers.

Plans by the Japan International Cooperation Agency to improve public transport in Phnom Penh in 2001 resulted in an abortive effort to introduce 20 60-seat buses with one-way fares across the city of 0.12 U.S. dollar. But the service was closed down after just two months.


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Anonymous said...

Khmer People don't have a u.s dollar to pay a sky train transportation .. it's so expensive for khmers .. a poor people.!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that we see others with Sky train; what do we want for our city to look for now and into the future?

Anonymous said...

I am with you guys, but we have to be optimistic. I don't like Siamese very much either, when I have been abused by them in the refugee camp. Having a mass transport vehicle, Khmers can all benefits from it -- no matter who build it. The local will be the work force during the construction. The construction contractors will benefit from this plan as well.

I foresee that our native country will become modernized with influential countries like the EU, USA, Japan, and the Micro-dragon regions taking interests. If we to protect what we have left now, land and sea integrity - we needed these countries that is meddling in Cambodia affair to protect from the neighbors from the East, the West, and the North.

The Cambodia GDP is not even equate to a small company in America. In the last 2 years or so, the GDP is 1+ billion USD.

Can you imagine what a train systems can do to Khmer economy? If one can link all the railway to all provinces & major cities, we can save millions litres fuel for better uses. Transporting goods & products, the businesses will ballooning because of easy access to mass transit. IF I HAVE THE PRINCIPAL TO START A BUSINESS, I WOULD START A BUSINESS LIKE POSTAL OFFICES, FEDEX, OR UPS SERVICES.


Chandrasekka Seyma Sansom, BSN,RN

Anonymous said...

Word of advice from the old saying, “Don’t poop the way the elephants do.”

Anyone can think of million things on how to improve the living conditions of the people and rebuild the country with state-of-the-art buildings, skyscrapers, modern infrastructures, etc. Cambodia has plethora resources including revenues (projecting of 4 billion dollars from oil per year alone, man powers, etc.). The main question is still up in the air, “Who is the person with the right mind for changes?”

Sewage systems including sanitation (trash, public restrooms, etc.) and irrigation systems are a few important and immediate issues that the people and the country needed most.


Anonymous said...

I don't think our country is ready for high tech skytrain. We are too poor. People make $1 a day, and it cost $1 to ride? A magazine costs $1, girls can't afford to buy a magazine, how are they goin got afford to take the train? The dumb gov't isn't ready to handle such project.

KHMER2LOVE said...

Skytrain is NO NEED for Phnom Penh. It will add more problem than help reducing traffic. Who want the city to be noisier day and night? The main traffic happen around all markets. Therefore, they should try to manage traffic there.

skytrain will bring more polution and stress to people who live along the train line. If you ever gone to Bangkok, it has just so polution.

They should spend money to build BRIDGE to Koh Aray Khsat, opposite royal palace. Million poor people living along there.

Anonymous said...

Khmers cannot learn to say 'yes' to anything and use to refuse any other's new idea even they don't have any idea about that.

How can they expect a 'regime change' if they're only crying for that?

Anonymous said...

Why just try and let the private sector do it! They can figure out it's feasible or not, and be trasparent about it!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say this folks I am the one who hate Thai too, But let me tell two stories from my close friend.# The looser said ,it hard job ,it is not my job,I do not care and I do not do it.
And the winner said it hard job but we could try it,and it works.
#While we all try to escape from Khmer rouge and Vietcong to the free country. my aunt,mom ,sisters said we not gonna go no where we missing coconuts ,mangoes,palm tree and farm land,now they confessed they lose and they make a mistakes.
Nothing to loose to try folks, the comment of 1776,3:50AM and 3:55AM making senses ,because # that TRAM use less gasoline than the train, most of them is electric.
#less of Cambodian beloved one get kill and injures in traffic accidents .
#less pollution
# much convenient for PPL in Phnom Penh.
Before BangKok has trouble with the pollution in facts to cut the pollution Thai Land decide to has that Sky Trains ,it works and help them a lot,now folks learn how to accept new thing ,in benefit of all of us,because Thai Land they use internet all most every where in their country their kids start the English class from first grader ,Why not Cambodia?????? I personally believe all folks do not want Cambodia left behind the world. Common we use to beat yuon up in MUSIC in 1972 we use to beat THAI,INDONESIA,PHILIPPINE,MALAYSIA,SINGAPORE IN 1971 to 1974 we are number one in POUS KENG KOHNG movie. Once again NOTHING TO LOSE TO TRY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Before I comment on the skytrain issue I would like to know,
1 ] if it will have rubbish containers on board , or will it be acceptable to throw your rubbish out the window or on the floor.
2] Will spitting be allowed, out the window or on the floor.
3]Will the train stop at each station long enough for someone to load onboard , 6 pigs, 237 chickens and several 20l containers of petrol
4] Will the fare be negotiable, or will you get your ticket by putting coins in a machine ,as in Bkk .
5]Will the driver of the train go through a intensive 1 year study course to know the difference between a red light and a green one.
6] Will police be able to stop the train and ask for ''tea money''

Anonymous said...

Here is the solutions
The train has it schedules ,is time to go and time to come no excuses,except disasters or technician problems.
Talking about spitting ,through away the trashes in the states they called loitering there $500.00 up to$1000.00 in some places, so with all that money we can pay for the cops or security guards and left over for State treasury for the need.
These are common rules for USA,CANADA,ENGLAND,AUSTRALIA and Thai is copy cater from those a lot ,why not us?

Anonymous said...

It dont matter who will use it. as long as it will reduce traffic jamed and polution. The ppl and the city itself will be benefit. Now, if the cost is $1 dollars. the workers, the business men, gov officail and Tourists will likely benefit more from it. and Well, these people are the one who use cars and motocycle, bus don't they ? So let these ppl use this transport system instead... Phnom Penh is growing FAST. we must act now .. before it's too late like bankok! Would you rather take the tram or Mototob which is slightly cheaper.. perhaps? YES for me

Anonymous said...

Here is better solutions.
we have to creat one way road system. Not the tram. It will ruin the beauty of the city! as YOU know phnom penh road is devided like square blocks.. and too many cross roads. therefore we shold creat one way system to reduce traffic congestion. Btw each block is not that far away.. and to get to destination, you must walk! so make a nice foot path all around. e.g. there'll be area where cars and moto are not allow (the most densly populated, shopping area, central district) .. or all horizontal roads vs. vertical roads. yeah? lets ppl walk in a short distance. You get the idea? IT WILL BE A MUCH LOVELY TOWN! INSTEAD OF THE FREAKIN CONTRUCTION UP THE SKY ? imagine pedestrain!! like NY.. then the train or tram will come later around the outside of the city.

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, it's good for our country to have sky train! they will invest 500Milion USD in our country, many people get jobs, reduce traffic jam and make our city look modern.

they r not forcing you guys to use its service, if u have ability , u can use it, but if u don't have much money, please don't use it.

Anonymous said...

This would be time for Khmer to change their new face in Technology of transportation; Sky Train or Mono Rail, for example.