Friday, December 21, 2007

Khmer-Krom Condemn Cambodian Authorities Using Violence Against Khmer-Krom Monks

A Cambodian police officer gets his baton ready to hit the Buddhist monks.
A monk is being treated after being hit by an electric baton.


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19 December 2007

On behalf of the Khmers Kampuchea‐Krom Federation, we would like to condemn the actions of Cambodian authorities to use violence against Khmer Krom monk protestors.

At 8:00 am on the 17 December 2007, a group of 50 Buddhist monks headed to the Vietnam Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the hope of handing a petition.

In the petition, the Buddhist monks appealed for the return of former monk, Tim Sakhorn to Cambodia and for Vietnam authorities look into the case of land confiscation in Kampuchea‐Krom (the Mekong Delta).

The monks also requested that five former Buddhist monks, currently serving prison in Vietnam be released.

The Vietnam Embassy closed its gates and refused the petition, saying that the petition should be placed in the mail box.

A team of 100 riot police, armed with shields and electric batons had arrived earlier in front of the Embassy.

Instead of attempting to resolve the situation, the Cambodian police started to force the protesters into small groups and disperse the crowd.

At about 10:30am, a riot broke out between the Buddhist monks and the police.

Unarmed, a number Buddhist monks were hit by the electric batons, resulting in three unconscious, namely, Venerable Ly Vanny, Venerable Meng Savan Dararithy and Venerable Lam Keo Samnang and fifteen others wounded.

Left: A Cambodian police officer gets his baton ready to hit the Buddhist monks. Right: A monk is being treated after being hit by an electric baton.

The police authorities told bystanders that the protestors were not real monks, thereby attempting to justify their actions.

On behalf of the Khmer Krom around the world, we condemn the over reactions of the Cambodian authorities against defenceless Buddhist monks.

We would like to appeal your help to:
  • Remind the Cambodian government that such violent act are unacceptable in the eyes of the world and violates the principles of Cambodian Constitution and United Nations treaties and declaration.
  • Support an independent investigation into the situation and apprehend the police officers responsible for using the batons.
  • Urge Vietnam Embassy in Phnom Penh to accept petitions though the use of non violence means and not by resorting to outright denial.
  • Ensure that steps are taken to ensure protestors are protected from police in future incidents.
Yours sincerely,

Thach Ngoc Thach
KKF President


Khmer Young said...

I would like express sympathy to those monks have been bravely standing to protect their monks, religion and basic rights of Khmer Krom peoples.

I am crying because Cambodian government is being used by VN to humiliate same Khmer race.


Anonymous said...

Are these thuggish soldiers trained by Uncle SAM and control by the Vietcong master?

This is a dog eats dog world!

Anonymous said...

Down with Ah Hun Sen Tmil and his dawgs. Stop abusing the Khmer people, you f*cking tmil dawgs.

Anonymous said...

These thugs weren't trained by Uncle Sam. They probably trained by Ah Ho Chi Minh's spirit and controlled by Ah Youn communist supported by Ah CPP(Communist Putrid Party) led by a notorious, blind leader, Ah Sen Kwak. Poor Khmer Krom. It hurts to see another race abusing our own people.

Chheam Khmer

Anonymous said...

This proves that Hun Sen and his cronies is truly the puppets of the Vietnamese government. When the riots burnt down the Thai Embassy they only watched even we are bound by International convention to protect the Embassy which represent foreign country. On the contrary they used excessive forces against the monks just because the monks wanted to deliver a protest note to Vietnamese Embassy to Phnom Penh. Poor Khmers, our land is sold out to Vietnamese and no one notice it.

Anonymous said...

This depressing, enraging situation embodies the soul (or lack thereof)and personality of those that hold Cambodia hostage now. Brutality against the keepers of the Khmer history, their religion, their cultural character who represent peace and non-violence. This is so sick it gives one pause....really ASIDE from the horrors inflicted upon powerless Khmer everyday, the govt that will stoop to this? They will stoop to anything people.