Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vietnam: High School Dropout of Khmer Students Due to Inability to Learn

A Khmer Krom girl hunts rubbish dump to help earning a living for her mother and misses out on education (Source: Eliminated without Bleeding film by Rebecca Sommers)

March 26th, 2008
Khmer Krom Network

Unless you live in Vietnam, very few people know what Vietnam government, officials and general Vietnamese people really thinks of the Khmer Krom people.

One thing is for sure, its not flattering at the very least.

“Backwards”, “lazy” and “stupid” are some of the well known phrases used to describe the indigenous peoples.

If one takes a closer look at Vietnam’s range of propaganda media, one could see how much contempt Vietnam has towards Khmer Krom.

A prime example is a recent article by the VietnamNet Bridge, titled, “SOS: pupils dropping like flies in Cuu Long River Delta” which states that Khmer Krom students were dropping out of school like flies (

According to the Tra Vinh Education and Training Department, 6,000 pupils at state run schools had dropped out by the end of January 2008 because they were unable to cope with studying.

Huynh Van Hoan, Headmaster of Tap Son School, said from the article said, “30% gave up school because of their inability to learn.”

Such statement suggests that Khmer Krom students could not cope with studying itself, therefore validating their narrow-mindedness belief that Khmer Krom people are dumb and stupid.

Even if Vietnamese authorities did provided extra funding to the students, they still do not come back.

Did it ever cross Vietnam’s mind that perhaps their so called educational system is FAILING?

That their public education systems are so unfriendly and “anti-Khmer” that Khmer students do not see the point of attending?

That even if they do attend, the Vietnamese society is insensitive to the Khmer that they could not get a job anyway because of its discriminatory attitude towards them?

Vietnam government expects the Khmer Krom to forget its cultural identity and language and incorporate into mainstream society.

Why? Because they believe that they are the superior race? That everyone has to learn Vietnamese and act like one. And that is the end of the story?

That Khmer Krom people are just uncivilised, backwards and stupid?

That it’s their rich and vibrant culture that is making them poor and unsuccessful in life?

If Vietnam people were under the authority of the Khmer people, how would they feel if everything come to believe as their unique identity and culture was stripped away and they were forced to do everything in Khmer?

Would they cope that well? Or will they be dropping off like flies also because it did not have the ability to learn?

If Vietnam knows that Khmer students are having difficulties studying in a public school, why isn’t Vietnam having these classes in the Khmer languages so that could understand the same type of concept?

Surely basic maths and chemistry could be taught in Khmer?

It isn’t their inability that is making these students drop out but it is the FAILURE of the Vietnam government to put forward an educational system that works not only for their ethnic people but for the indigenous Khmer Krom people.

Likewise, if the other 70% of Khmer Krom students are dropping out of school because of financial difficulties why aren’t more generous scholarships being offer to the students?

If Vietnam is really committed to providing an equal and unbiased education to Khmer Krom students, perhaps it should stop portraying negative and prejudiced mentality and attitude towards the Khmer Krom.

It must seriously start identifying why their education system does not work for the Khmer Krom.

If Vietnam does not take immediate steps to rectify its failing educational system, then the Khmer Krom young children and youths are in dire trouble.

Each day, hundreds and thousands of Khmer Krom children continue to miss out on essential basic education because they are Khmer and could not speak Vietnamese properly.

Is having a so called “inability to learn” the only reason to why Khmer Krom students are missing out again?

And is it fair for Vietnam to continue using that as an excuse to further valid racist views on the Khmer Krom people?


Anonymous said...

The goat face son of ah Hochimin thought we all need pHD just like Ah Kwack!

Anonymous said...

Oh plzzz... enough excuses. Khmer Education issue is universal around the planet, not just in Vietnam, and we all know this.

The best solution is to stop pointing finger and start to search for answers.

Anonymous said...

are you fuckup! 4:13AM that why khmere Krom ask for the FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

Ah Youn doesn't want Khmer Krom people to move up the within it society. If they could, they would eliminate the Khmer Krom along time ago by killing them all.

Since they can't do that like the old days, they implement other methods to do so.

Like a wiseman said, nothing can hide under the sun. The whole truth will come out. Unfortunately, the people who are suffering has to demand it. The Youn will not give it back that easily. Of course they don't have a heart and soul. They were put on this planet to make other people life miserable because they are PHD(Pieces of Human Debri) I learned that from some anonymous posting in KI Media.

Right Ah Youn is afraid of international pressure and are afraid of losing what they still from Khmer Krom people.

Ohh just ignore those negative comments. It won't do us any good anyway..

With love and peace.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, there are a some successful Ah Khmer-Yuon in Vietnam just as everywhere else, don't even try to whitewashing the truth here. We got plenty of our peeps in the delta region also, in case you don't know.

Anonymous said...

Damn all these fucken Vietcong to hell!

The fucken Vietcong racist policy is still a major problem for Khmer Krom people and without nurturing environment and no Khmer Krom children can succeed in the Vietcong close minded society!

The fucken Vietcong had been institutionalized racism as far back to the French colonial of Indochina and because they were favor and chosen by the French to do government job and they see themselves as so called "superior" over the Khmer people!

These fucken Vietcong need to know by now that no Khmer people want to be the fucken Viet! Okay! The Khmer people have their culture, their custom, their religion, their way of life, their belief, their writing system...and the Khmer people don't need any fucken Vietcong to be their teacher!

Just leave the Khmer people alone! If the fucken Vietcong kept interfering with the Khmer people and how can the Khmer people grow?

Tell me what is so fucken hard about learning the fucken basic knowledge or common knowledge such Math, Language, Physic, Chemistry, biology,...these fucken knowledge had been passed down over hundred years and a new are being discovered everyday!

Just remember the Vietcong will never want the Khmer Krom people to be educated or better than them if they do and the independent Khmer Krom nation is inevitable!

The Khmer Krom struggle will continue...

Anonymous said...

F*ck all ah YOUN savages for looking down on the Khmer Krom people. F*ck them all. F*ck all ah YOUN racists, and plunderers of Khmer Krom land and personal rights and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Here are Viet's tactics and strategies on Khmer-Krom and soon-to-be the same in Cambodia:
- Kill all Khmer leaders and intellectuals by means of setting polical traps.
- Erase Khmer history by forcing Khmer to learn only Viet history.
- Viets make sure any new Khmer youngsters who have potential, they will lure into marrying Viet family members, and results in Vietnamized of those Khmer individuals.
- A common practice by the Vietcongs today, that any Khmer-Kroms and/or Khmer from Cambodia are considered a threat will be kidnapped and sent to be given a shot by "immobilized" drug. Those Khmer victims will be sick for life. This has happened to many Khmer-Kroms--who will be encountered a slow-death after being released from the Vietcongs prison.

This simple method cuts down all branches and digs up all roots of a "Khmer" tree!!!

This is the answer to why KhmerKrom children's lack of guidance, direction, foundation, confidence, hope, self-esteem, identity, and so on and so on, and hence failing everything in life.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's time to get rid of the blames and speculation. This is a serious issue that need immediate effective solution. We need to find the root of the problem.

Obviously, when people are dropping out, it means they are bored or they are having difficulty with the pace.

Perhaps, we can slow down the program a little. I don't see anything wrong with people graduated 3-4 years later than usual, considering they will contribute 40-50 years their works to society.

Thus, Late is certainly better than Never. Do you see what I mean?

Anonymous said...

"some" in an exception to the game. A good education system does not work on exception. It works on good honing of the pupils ability and making them successful for later on.

there is no looking for the root of the problem. We all know its obvious already, its a matter that Vietnam does not want to resolve it because it have a policy of assimilation and sociacide of its ethnic and indigenous minorities.

Anonymous said...

8:49, let's be realistic about all this, who in their right mind would want to assimilate with losers?

This is not a local problem, but a global problem, everyone knows it, and until you admit you got the problem, you're going to have to live in the shit pit forever, okay?

Anonymous said...

i'm sure khmer people have things to say about the youn, too. what goes around comes around. also, the vietnamese are ignorant to say this as they don't understand cultural differences, etc., and it is like looking down on khmer people; and i'm sure cambodia can say the same about the thieves vietnamese. whatever, it's just hates and hates go both ways, don't forget that, scum bag youn! i'm a khmer person and i don't fit your description of khmer people the way you say that all khmer people are like that. if you say that about all khmers, you are pure ignorant, to say the least. what do you know about cambodia?

Anonymous said...

here's a thought: khmer choose to be different from the vietnamese or youn. get it! i, as a khmer person, have no intention to be like the vietnamese in any way, shape or form. so there you go!

the way i see it is just cultural differences, and like the vietnamese, khmers do have our own culture, too; and different culture do tend to judge others who are different from them negatively; so it goes both ways. understand? don't forget that there are many different cultures on the planet and if everybody were to make judgment like the vietnamese about khmers, then the world would be a boring place, would it? so accept differences!

Anonymous said...

perhaps khmer language cirriculum in school is better for those khmer krom people who beg to be different from the vietnamese who is actually a late-comer to the area and who are taking over khmer krom by claiming to have more vietnamese than khmers there. if the world were to think like that, then i say china should take over vietnam because there are more people in china than in vietnam. how's that for a flaw thinking. i suggest study critical thinking or something before making such ignorant statement like that, youn!

khmer krom people, please demand to have khmer language schools in kampuchea krom area, this is your people will do better in school when it is in your native language.

Anonymous said...

i see all youn as criminals, and you know what they do to criminals in the USA or cambodia?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want to be rich in Vietnam, you have to know Vietnamese, unless you have your own business. This is no difference from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, ..., you name it. Khmer language is only good in Cambodia, get it?

Anonymous said...

Anyhow to keep up with the pace, kid must have good eating and sleeping habit so that they are not tire in class. They must do their home work, and the class should be fun to motivate kids to learn ...

I work with many kids, and I know some of them is a little bit on the slow side, but once they learn the subject, they really know their stuff. I mean even better than the fast learning kids. Thus, it is alright to slow down the program 20-30% and hope we can reduced some of the drop out, and keep on reducing the program until the drop out become acceptable. That is the only solution I see right now.