Monday, April 14, 2008

Hun Sen warns against the use of the “People Power”; Sam Rainsy: "Only the dictators are afraid of People Power"

Hun Sen warns against the use of the “People Power”

13 April 2008
By Lim Piseth Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by KI-Media

On Sunday morning, the government leader warned all politicians against the use of the “People Power” or the use of any measure to topple his government illegally.

Prime minister Hun Sen declared that he will use all means possible to fight back against any attempt to use the People Power to hold demonstrations along public streets to topple him.

Hun Sen said: “You cannot topple me with the votes, you cannot take me out, and now you cannot topple me, therefore, you are only left with a shortcut path, i.e. the People Power. What I am saying is almost right: the People Power as was done in Ukraine and Georgia. In Cambodia, don’t do it, it’s better if you don’t do it. The People Power is used through the election already, it’s done, it shouldn’t be brought to the street. If you have the right to demonstrate against the government, don’t you think those who support the government also have their right?”

Hun Sen made this declaration during a distribution of gifts to the families of handicap people at a handicap center in Kien Svay district, Kandal province, on 13 April.

Opposition leader Sam Rainsy reacted to Hun Sen’s warning by saying: “Only the dictators are afraid of People Power, the democrats who are popular and who are supported by the people, we do not fear People Power. It’s a stark contrast between people demanding democracy in a number of former communist countries which was ruled by authoritarian regimes, and these regimes were toppled by demonstrations led by the people. These demonstrations came from the will of the people, they are called democracy revolutions, they are peaceful revolutions, that’s why they are called People power. However, if the dictator hires evil people to come and kill, to hassle the innocent people, that would be a trick perpetrated by this dictator, it wouldn’t be the People Power anymore.”

Kem Sokha, HRP president, said that Hun Sen seems to be perpetrating bad deeds, that is why he is concerned about the People Power.

Kem Sokha said: “I think that he may be too scared, and he is concerned about himself. In reality, now, we have an opportunity with the election already. The people can change their leaders through the election. Therefore, we don’t want to use violence, we must avoid confronting each other with violence. Therefore, I am requesting that, the most important is to avoid this problem, it should not take place. Regardless of the country, when those in power hold power for too long, the election is not free and fair, it can reach this stage.”

Hun Sen’s warning takes place after opposition leader Sam Rainsy announced that the SRP will hold a second anti-inflation demonstration after the New Year, even if the authority does not allow it.

Hun Sen always issued warnings about suppressing any attempt to use People Power to topple him.


Anonymous said...

My dream has come true. This july there will be no more cpp in Kampuchea.

Cheyo SRP!

Down with the crony cpp.

Happy Khmer New Year..

Anonymous said...

Peoplel power, which was vietnamese, was used by hun sen to gain power. Has he forgot about that. He should bring that up to remind people what he did. If it were up to the votes, hun sen would never have a chance to be this arrogant. Therefore, only people power(this time it's Cambodian, not youn) is powerful enough to topple hun sen. I wonder if he's able to kill 14 million people. I wonder what would happen if this action is taken by hun sen and youn.

Anonymous said...

Will Khmers be dumb enough to let hun sen destroy Kampuchea?

Will Khmers be brave enough not to let hun sen and youn taking Kampuchea to year zero just like pol pot?

Will Khmers be brave and have some pride again just like Angkor era?

Anonymous said...

You are afraid from the people´s power. But if the country rolls of law and the leader is not dictator, Nothing will be afraid from people because the principle of democracy, people has people, NOT Leader. Khmer neutral

Anonymous said...

What "people power"? Ah Savage Killer Xam Rainxy don't got shit.

Anonymous said...

It is the same song sung by Hun Sen is to intimidate and cripple his own citizens. People power belongs to the peoples. It doesn't belong to any political parties or specific leader.

The leader who cripples their own citizens is not a leader, he is a monster, a dictator, and a blood-sucker/leech.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Khmer Chnam Tmey Tevada this year is like a long-sighted vision political leader!

Every year, there is new face of new Tevada for Khmer New Year celebration. This year new face of Tevada is the good sign for new capable and long-sighted vision leader for Cambodia. Importantly, it is not only New Year celebration, but it is also coinciding with election season leading to the absolute victor for Cambodian peoples to choose their new capable leader.

Long-sighted vision leader refers to the one who projects their political leadership by changing from "power-thirsty" to be "nation-building", and from "power for self-interests" to be "power for Cambodian citizens", especially from "short-sighted of self-projecting" to be "long-sighted of peoples-projecting".

Since the decline of tribal and feudal political system led by Khmer kings (god-kings) in Angkorean period, Cambodia has experienced only the leadership of colonialism and struggling to encounter the aura of W1, W2, and cold war.

We, Cambodians, have never experienced genuine political mechanism which can survive our nation for long term period under any long-sighted political leaders or political founding Father or Mothers.

Just look at few examples in America political history, how their founding Fathers/Mothers have done for their nation for the long term strength and sustainability.

Challenge One:
The Founding Fathers believed that all men are self-centered sinners. So how can “evil” men govern themselves?

By the way, it is important to know that the belief that all men are greedy, evil creatures is a fundamental assumption underlying American government and political philosophy. It explains a lot about Americans, then and now. Since we assume the worst in everyone, we become what we assume, and so consider everyone who differs with us to be a terrorist (or a communist, or an atheist, or a European--depending on who are the popular sinners of the time).

So anyway, the first main challenge facing the American founders was how to have a government of men over men since all men are self-centered sinners.

The design solution was brilliant:

Design Solution One:
First, assume there is something called "political power." Then "separate" the power necessary for governance into three "branches". Then give specific pieces of power to each of three “independent” yet overlapping branches of government so that “selfish power will balance selfish power,” and thus create social good. An extremely clever solution to a knotty philosophical or religious problem.

Challenge Two:
How can the thirteen colonies, now newly sovereign nations and with little experience of community among themselves at all, be persuaded to join into a closer political union?

Design Solution Two:
"Divide” “power” between the states and the central government. That division of power is now called "federalism" and was another clever solution to a perplexing problem of the time.

Challenge Three:
But how could the populous newly sovereign states be convinced to share power equally with the smaller, less-populated states?

Design Solution Three:
Create a national assembly--a Congress--that is composed of two “Houses,” one in which the states have equal representation regardless of their population, and the other where the states are represented roughly according to their population size. Require that all legislation pass both houses before it can become law. Again, a great solution to a thorny problem.

Design Challenge Four:
Since there was no king, and kings were all that was known as chief executive officers of nations, what should be done?

Design Solution Four:
Since there was no such thing as a "prime minister" at that time, the Founders invented a kingly position that they called "the president". He was to be the "best man" in the nation and would serve as head of state for four years unless elected again.

Design Challenge Five:
But that solution immediately brought up another problem: how can a single “president” be chosen for the entire nation? Since the colonies forming the union had no history of political unity and there were no means for creating a national political dialogue at that time (and no great faith in “the people” anyway), how could the voters in the widely separated new states possibly know who was nationally the “best man” to choose for president?

Design Solution Five:
The founders reckoned that the people could not know who the best man nationally was, but the people would know who their local “best man” was. So the Founders stipulated that the people would choose their local best man, and these local best men from each state would go to Washington in the winter, after the crops were in, to choose, after discussion, the national “best man” for president and the second best man for vice president.

These challengings and solutions are ubiquitous occurs in every governments. Each government designed their political system and leadership solely depends on their place, tradition, wisdom and sacrificing to sustain and strength their long term political leadership. Their founding Fathers/Mothers have had clear purposes and long-sighted vision of political leadership to safeguard as well as civilize or advance their nation.

Cambodia doesn't require to design challenging political government like America as their country is more complicate than us, we just think simply that how poverty and justice can be reduced, is it depending on the willingness to tackle rampant corruption or not?; How can we solve chronic disease of corruption and injustice? We might think simply to strengthen "the rule of law"; how can we strengthen the rule of law, we have to institutionalize three main organs of national institutes (assembly, judiciary, and executive) to work independently. How can we achieve this? If the nepotism and favoritism have been widely practiced inside current government led by the same party and same leader?

Political leaders require political will; and for the genuine liberty and sustainable advancement, Cambodian peoples have to think about themselves and make a historical change.

Happy Khmer New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

My beloved KY!

Your writing is pretty long, but exclusively remarkable and meaningful! Happy Khmer New Year to you and all our beloved Khmers!

Anonymous said...

Listen to what I dictator just said. He's really scared of free democracy. Why? Because he's got in power not by a free and fair election but by being installed by Vietnam. Hun Xen and all of his clique have been thinking all along that with little education as they have, they have been the most lucky men on this planet earth to be given such a golden opprtunity to rule the coutry for life. If they allow a practice of a free and election to take place they will never get such a chance again. their life time and the life time. So, why they let it go while they have it in their hands.
This savage, vicious man who has been intoxicated with uncotrollable pride-motanapeap dachbonghear-and power, will order thousands of his henchmen to use every possible means to intermidate or threaten the people during the upcoming election.

KJE said...

Demonstrations for a cause are good and legitimate. Whether higher food prices in view of a world-wide situation is a good cause is doubtful. It seems as if the opposition wants to test their own power in organizing a second demonstration after the first one failed so miserably.
People power can be exercised if there is incontrovertible evidence for vote tampering and election fraud. Demonstrating for anything else would be promoting civil unrest and riots to the detriment of the entire population at the hands of a few. The opposition must be careful of not crossing that line when calling for 'mass' demonstrations and people power.

Anonymous said... should be changed to:


Because it ain't about Cambodia, it's rather all about this KJE's own agenda being pro Viet and CPP.

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Anonymous said...

Th-gnai na muoy!...
Hun Sen neung gnoab dauch khmorch Chhkè doy sna dai "Prachea Chun".

Anonymous said...

Go down ! ah Hun Sen, a third-year- elementary-school- educated Prime Minister with 28 years of holding power, the Criminal against humanity in Cambodia and a former Khmer Rouge soldier in Khmer Rouge Regime, from CPP (Communist Pro youn Party)