Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mong Reththy's pigs flew to Cambodia, even dignitaries from Hun Sen's govt went to greet them

United Kingdom-Yorkshire pigs arrive in Cambodia


PIGS MIGHT FLY, indeed they did from Yorkshire last week.

The Yorkshire company ACMC Ltd, who specialize in breeding genetically advanced pigs, flew the first consignment of pigs to Cambodia last week, as the first shipment in a multi million pound deal.

There was a Royal reception for the pigs at Phnom Penh Airport in Cambodia, complete with garlands of flowers and dignitaries from the highest level of government.

This was the start of a 20 year franchise agreement, and is the first time Cambodia have imported such a large number of breeding pigs into the country.

The pigs including ACMC’s specially created Meidan breed, plus Volante and Vantage sows and boars, which will form the nucleus of a herd in a new 5 hectare pig unit that plans to fatten over 20,000 pigs per week.

The CEO of the MRT Group, Stephen Curtis said, " This is a massive boost for the company and the British pig industry, which has come out of 10 very bad years".

The company is currently exporting pigs to Thailand, China, the Philippines and Cambodia.

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