Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Prime Minister Hun Sen commemorates 7th January Day

Radio Free Asia
By Pov Ponlok
6th January, 2009
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

Prime Minister Hun Sen (pictured) said that 7th January is a liberation day that has saved millions of Cambodian lives from the killings by the Khmer Rouge regime of Democratic Kampuchea.

His statement was made one day before the Phnom Penh City authority holds a commemoration ceremony to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1979’s Vietnamese intervention.

Mr. Hun Sen said: “This is the truth of history that even those unwise groups and extremist groups must acknowledge this truth. If you dare not acknowledge the truth, you are not a human being, you are a real animal. This is the truth. If we didn’t have the 7th January 1979, we will not have today.”

Up until today, the government has always celebrated 7th January as the victory day over the genocidal regime of Pol Pot, but many people consider 7th January as an invasion day.

Before the anniversary of the 7th January Day, the authority has found three home-made bombs which were planted in two spots in Phnom Penh.

The government said that the bombs were linked to two suspects whom they have been not arrested yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to PM Hun Sen!

Thanks to Vietnam; our home is your home!

Anonymous said...

To call someone who have a different view from him as "animal" is an animal-like behavior. This mean that I can Mr. Hun Sen as "animal" because he has a different view from me. I don't support Vietnamese invasion of 1979. My view is opposite of Mr. Hun Sen's view, therefore you are an animal, Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

KI Team,

I just finished writing the article, and appreciate if you can post it on the main page.

Thank you and long live to the Khmer Nation

Khmer Academy

The Untold Truth of Jan 07, 1979.

The event of Jan 07, 1979 continues to generate protracted debates in our country at different levels and classes of society. Whether at political or academic institutions, professional or business communities, or casual web blogs, these debates have polarized the nation into two camps – the increasing majority who view Jan 07, 1979 as a full scale invasion with the intent-to-occupy; and the few who, for a matter of convenience, chooses to portray it as a genuine humanitarian intervention from Hanoi to save Khmer people from the KR killing machine.

At the center of these debates, the very same question has been raised repeatedly. What was the real motive(s) leading to the Jan 07, 1979 event? To these days, the answers to that question not only remain unsettled, but also continue to predominantly influence the nation affairs because of its far-reaching historical, socio-political and economical dimensions.

In this editorial, the author will endeavour to present an impartial view of the Jan 07 event based on personal experience, available historical and researched data, and genuine and verifiable information from credible sources; and hope to set the record straight.

In order to correctly understand the real motive(s) behind the Jan 07 event, it is important to revisit a series of key events starting from the Indochina anti-colonial war era.

During the struggle against the French colonialism (1946 -1954), a small number of Khmer nationals joint the Indochina Communist Party (ICP) which was created and controlled by the Vietnamese communists. However, many Khmer nationalists and intellectuals who also sought the independence from France at that time refused to joint the ICP movement because it was evident to them that the military defeat or rapid withdrawal of French colonialism would open the door for Vietnam to annex Cambodia.

In 1951, the Khmer section of the ICP was given the name of Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party (KPRP) under the leadership of Son Ngoc Minh, Sieu Heng and Tou Samut. Although they had their own party name, the KPRP leaders were nothing more than obedient executors of all plans drafted by the Vietnamese communists.

The Vietnamese communists betrayed their KPRP comrades when they signed the 1954 Geneva Agreements and withdrew their combat units from Cambodia. That betrayal allowed the Sihanouk armed forces to reclaim the zones occupied by the ICP and consequently liquidate many KPRP members. On the verge of collapsing, the KPRP went underground and largely disappeared from Hanoi vision for many years.

As the Vietnamese communists started the unification war in the South, they made an alliance with Sihanouk in order to use Khmer territory to create rear bases and deliver ammunitions and weapons to the South. In exchange, the Vietnamese communists would again betray their Khmer communist comrades by scrapping all plans for the Khmer communists to fight the Sihanouk regime.

With no outsider help and little hope to win, Sieu Heng, the second-in-command leader of KPRP, betrayed his comrades and secretly informed Sihanouk regime of Khmer communist activities in the country. In 1962, Sihanouk secret police found and killed Tou Samut at a hide-out in Phnom Penh.

In the middle of the KPRP chaos and absence of firm control from Hanoi, Pol Pot managed to get himself elected to the post of the General Secretary during the party congress in 1963. Completely caught Hanoi off-guard, Pol Pot quickly renamed the KPRP to the Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK). Pol Pot later explained that the reason for changing the party name from KPRP to CPK was that the ICP and its by-product KPRP were created by Vietnam to occupy Cambodia and Laos lands.

By mid sixties, Hanoi realised that Sihanouk’s support for its armed struggle against American imperialism was weakening as Lon Nol and Sirik Matak increasingly opposed such support. Hanoi suddenly remembered its old allies – the KPRP, which had been renamed to CPK. However, Hanoi found out that due to its oversight or negligence, it had to confront many unexpected problems with the new CPK leadership.

People in Pol Pot’s clan who were nominated to occupy highest posts were largely unknown and suspicious to Hanoi because they were educated in France and were not checked for allegiance to the Vietnamese communists. Furthermore, unlike his elder comrades or predecessors from the 1950’s era, Pol Pot openly and vigorously promoted and defended a policy that Khmer communists should act in accordance with their own purposes and interests independent of all (i.e. independent of interests of Vietnamese brothers).

Recognizing the threat that Pol Pot’s clan was setting aside its interests, Hanoi considered two options – creating a new communist party in Cambodia with Khmers trained in Vietnam, or infiltrating agents inside Pol Pot’s structure. The Vietnamese communist leaders picked the second option which allowed Pol Pot to temporarily preserve the power, but hoped their infiltrating agents would be able to gradually remove him from the leadership position.

A few days after the Sihanouk regime was disposed by the military coup d’etat of Mar 18, 1970, the Vietnamese communists entered Cambodia arguably in response to Nuon Chea’s request. The Vietnamese occupied almost a quarter of Cambodia territory and transferred the control of the “liberated” regions to CPK. During that time, the Vietnamese leadership aroused obvious hostility and mistrust among Khmer communist leadership when it openly declared that the Cambodian communist party was given a subordinate role and obliged to follow all directions set by the Vietnamese Workers Party (VWP).

Under the 1973 Peace Agreement signed in Paris, Hanoi agreed to fully withdraw its forces from Cambodia. That agreement represented a unique opportunity for Pol Pot’s clan to break the Vietnamese influence and control within the Khmer communist structure. In the same year, Vietnamese communist leadership publicly admitted that the initiatives taken by the Khmer communists were out of its hands. In 1974, Pol Pot made it known to Le Duan that the relationship between the two communist parties was based on mutual respect and non-interference.

With the communist victories in Phnom Penh and Saigon in 1975, Hanoi had successfully accomplished one of the two Ho Chi Minh’s sacred dreams – unify North and South Vietnams, but failed the other dream – creation of Indochina Socialist Federation under the Vietnamese domination. Pol Pot continued to defy Hanoi by declaring that the KR had won a definitive and clean victory without foreign assistance, meaning the KR did not owe anything to Vietnam.

But that was not how Hanoi saw it. Hanoi was hoping that their infiltrating agents were working to gradually strengthening its influence in Cambodia. By September 1976, under the pressure from various factions, Pol Pot temporarily resigned his post of Prime Minister and made statements to fool his enemies that he was willing to soften his stance toward Vietnam.

The news of Pol Pot’s resignation was seen by Hanoi that its infiltrating agents were gaining the upper hand. In that same year, Le Duan indirectly told the Soviet Ambassador that Cambodia would become sooner or later part of Vietnam.

It turned out the news about Pol Pot’s resignation was totally misunderstood or misinterpreted by Hanoi. Hundreds if not thousands of KR pro-Vietnamese cadres trained and “introduced” by Hanoi into Pol Pot ‘s structure were arrested and tortured while Le Duan was telling his Soviet allies that Pol Pot’s clan was weakening.

For all these years, Hanoi incorrectly thought that people like So Phim, Ta Mok and Nuon Chea were loyal and sympathetic to the Indochina federation idea. Soa Phim may have opposed the Pol Pot’s killing regime, but by no way he was a pro-Vietnamese as Hanoi had sought. In fact, Soa Phim was a bitterly anti-Vietnamese.

Hanoi finally recognized its obvious and repeated failures to remove Pol Pot from power through internal uprising, and lost patient with the endless border fighting started by the KR since Spring 1977. It also realized that the Beijing was training, arming KR soldiers, building roads and military bases, including the Air Force base in Kampong Chhnang, which made it possible for a fighter jet to take off and reach Saigon with less than half an hour. Such possibility posed an unacceptable threat to Vietnam national security, and Hanoi was compelled to plot a new strategy to get rid of Pol Pot by staging a coup d’etat through the mutiny of the Eastern zone military forces. Since that option ended with a complete disaster and suicide of Soa Phim, Hanoi finally decided to overthrow Pol Pot regime by a massive military invasion, which were secretly and meticulously prepared since Summer 1977.

All of these preceding events undeniably suggest that the real motive of January 07, 1979 event was for Vietnam to re-conquer Cambodia and reassert its control and domination in a preparation for the eventual creation of Indochina Federation state. The presence of millions of Vietnamese illegal settlers on Cambodian soil today strongly supports that argument.

If many Khmer people lives were saved from the KR systematic executions by the January 07 event, it was simply an unexpected or accidental coincidence. For that reason, Khmer people celebrates the January 07, 1979 event only as the end of the KR killing regime, but never as a recognition of the Vietnamese intervention.

As it happened with other events in history, Vietnam through its agents and sympathizers can present the event of Jan 07, 1979 in the way that fits its expansionist agenda, but it can never fool the understanding and gain the trust of the Khmer nation.

Khmer Academy

Anonymous said...

ប្រវត្តិវិលវង់ (បទកាកគតិ)
ហ៊ុនសែនក៏.....យួន បានដើរតាមក្បួន អុងយួនដាយវៀត
សម្លាប់អស់មនុស្ស រើរុះផ្ទះទៀត រួចខំប្រើស្នៀត
ធ្វើទាស់ទែងគ្នា ។
យកលេសពឹងយួន ដែលបានត្រៀមខ្លួន ចូលលុកកម្ពុជា
បង្កប់ដាក់ទ័ព ពាសពេញភារា លេបយកកម្ពុជា
ទាំងមូលតែម្តង ។
បោកថារំដោះ ជាតិខ្មែរឲ្យរស់ ពីយក្សយង់ឃ្នង
តាមពិតចូលយក សមតាមបំណង ដែលយួនប៉ុនប៉ង
ជាយូរមកហើយ ។
ខ្មែរបានរួចរស់ ដឹងគុណជ្រុលហួស ភ្លេចខ្លួនលោកអើយ
មិនយល់ល្បិចគេ រិះរេយូរហើយ បំភ័ន្តមុខក្រោយ
ឲ្យខ្មែរបែកបាក់ ។
ពាក្យស្លោកមួយឃ្លា យួនប្រៀនសាសន៍វា មានចិត្តស្មោះស្ម័ក្រ
វាយយកស្រុកខ្មែរ ហូរហែឥតអាក់ ចូរឯងជឿជាក់
កុំនៅសង្ស័យ ។
ឈ្នះបានត្រួតត្រា បើចាញ់ពេលណា បានធ្វើសេដ្ឋី
យ៉ាងហោចបំផុត បានពង្រីកដី ស្លាប់ទៅក្នុងន័យ
អ្នកស្នេហាជាតិ ។
ចុះកូនខ្មែរយើង បានអ្វីលើកឡើង ជូនកូនផៅញាតិ
បានត្រឹមតែថា សាមគ្គីថែមទៀត ក្នុងសង្គមជាតិ
រវាតប្រេះឆា ។
អយុត្តិធម៌ អ្នកមានអ្នកក្រ មាក់ងាយហៅមហា
និន្ទាឈ្នានិះ ជាន់ជិះឫស្យា គ្មានទេពាក្យថា
មេត្តាសន្តោស ។
យួនត្រួតត្រាខ្មែរ បញ្ចូលហូរហែ សាសន៍គេច្រើនហួស
នាំយកភោគផល ភោគជលឥតលោះ ត្រីឈើស្រស់ៗ
លូតលាស់មិនទាន់ ។
ត្រួតដប់ឆ្នាំប្លាយ ប្រជាអត់បាយ មន្ត្រីអ្នកមាន
លក់សម្បត្តិជាតិ អាគារវិមាន ប្រមូលធនធាន
ជាស្ថានផងខ្លួន ។
ពួកពុករលួយ លូតលាស់បោះពួយ លើកស្ទួយបំពួន
អំណាចក្បត់រាស្ត្រ បោកប្រាសដោយយួន សម្លាប់ផ្ទួនៗ
ឲ្យយួនគាប់ចិត្ត ។
នៅក្នុងរាជយួន ខ្មែរមួយចំនួន ថែធួនជាតិពិត
ប្រទូស្ត្រមិត្តខ្លួន ពុំស្តាយជីវិត ព្រោះនៅក្នុងចិត្ត
ស្នេហ៍ស្និតខេមរា ។
លោកអ្នកអស់ហ្នឹង កូនខ្មែរបានដឹង ច្បាស់នឹងនេត្រា
សន្តានចិត្តលោក ស្មោះនឹងប្រជា ពុំខ្លាចជីវ៉ា
យើងសូមគោរព ទោះចាកចោលភព ទៅស្ថានផ្សេងហើយ
យើងសូមឧទ្ទិស កុសលបានស្បើយ ជួបស្ថានសុខអើយ
ជារៀងរហូត ។
២៥ មករា ១៩៩៦

Anonymous said...

9:53pm ! STUPID HEAD!

We not calling Ah Hun Xen Animal because he have different view from us! But because the mother fucker keep ussing evil'sways to controle us!

-Cheat on voting!

-The Animal's family killed inocent people on the street of Cambodia and never face law!

-The animal get verry rich with the Salary, that if he not eating never able to save it, and he steal people house!

_ most of all to show that the motherfucker is ah Youn Choymaray Vietnamese slave , he did sent our Buddish monk Tim Sakorn to the mothefucker Vietnamese prison!

Do all of this is prove that he is a Viet mother fucker's slave and deserve to be called " ah Swa???"

Ho Sok took ah Tayhoung Hok Landy! Act againg monk Tim Sakorn will take ah Hun xen and ah Tep Vong!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep Hun Sen is right !

If we don't have 7th January..
We will never have Kor-5...
Today, with the imminent death of Funcinpec,
cambodians live in misery.
Nobody dare to confront him.
And now, Yuons come more and more in Cambodia..

So is that we, cambodians, want ?
Living in poverty and slave of Yuons.
How many Yuons come to live in Cambodia every year ?

Khmers are so selfish. With one sarong, they
are willing to do everything for CPP.

We need one real leader !!!...

Khmer Canadian

Anonymous said...

The low moral and ill-berd PM is trying to distort Cambodia history because he realizes that the real truth tastes too bitter for him to swallow.

Anonymous said...

10:20!!!!! Do you analize what happening now aday?

_Ah Youn Viet control all the big business in Cambodia from Ankor Wat to gasoline distributor, gey island and 1000 hecta of land for ruber plantation.

-Ah youn can get any one to it jail fron Cambodia who dare to say thing against it ( Kandouy mair ah it, Vietnamese".

-Ah Hun Xen inturned protect ah Khere rouge Hor Nam Hong and ah Kiet Chorn and the rest of the Khere rouge!

_ IS ah Hor Nam Hong looked or sounded any thing Khmer to you for ah Pol Pot who want only pure Khmer!

Ah Pol Pot were ah Youn

If khmer rouge = Pol Pot= Hor Nam Hong, and Hor Nam Hong = ah Youn

Can Khmer Rouge= ah Youn Viet namese choymaray?

and Ah Chinese is supporting ah Hun Xen too now!

The january 07 was the cover up of the motherfucker communist in killing Cambodia and keep controlling us!!!!!!

May mother earth punish the evils!!

Anonymous said...

To be fooled by a fool like Hun Sen is double fooled.

Anonymous said...

If the Vietnamese didn't invade Cambodia in 1/7/1979, were your ass or your parents's ass have been alive until today? Of course nothing is matter for those who ran away from the country in 1975.

Anonymous said...

ឧក្រឹដ្ឋកម្ម កន្លងមក ដែលអាខ្វាក់សំដាចម៍ បានសាបព្រោះនៅប្រទេសខ្មែរ

crimes of ah kvak psychopath Hun Sen in Cambodia

Anonymous said...

"ថ្ងៃ ៧ មករា ១៩៧៩ ជាថ្ងៃបរាជ័យ នៃរបបប៉ុល ពល និងជាថ្ងៃដែលកូនខ្មែរចេញពី របបកុំមុយនិស្ត ផ្តាច់ការមួយ (ប៉ុល ពត) ចូលទៅ របបកុំមុយនិស្តផ្តាច់ការ (យួនកាន់កាប់) មួយទៀត។ កូនខ្មែររស់ទ្រាំទ្រវេទនា ជាពិសេសក្រោមការកាន់កាប់ របស់យួនរហូតដល់ ថ្ងៃ ២៣ តុលា ១៩៩១ (សន្ធិសញ្ញាក្រុងប៉ារីស) ទើបបានស្គាល់ពន្លឺសេរីភាពខ្លះៗ។
ប៉ុន្តែ ថ្ងៃដែលកូនខ្មែរពិតជាបានស្គាល់សេរីភាពដំបូង គឺ ថ្ងៃ ២៣ ដល់ ២៨ ឧសភា ១៩៩៣ (ថ្ងៃបោះឆ្នោត រើសតំណាងរាស្រ្តលើកដំបូង ទូទាំងប្រទេសខ្មែរ រៀបចំឡើងដោយអង្គការ UNTAC តំណាងអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ) ហើយរាជាណាចក្រទី ២ ក៏បានចាប់បដិសន្ធិឡើង នៅឆ្នាំ ១៩៩៣ ដែរ"
នោះជាឃ្លាដែល កូនខ្មែរគ្រប់ជំនាន់ ត្រូវតែចងចាំជានិច្ច គ្មានភ្លេចមួយវិនាទី ព្រោះថ្ងៃ ៧ មករា ១៩៧៩ ជានិមិត្តរូប នៃលំហូរពួកយួន ចូលតាំងទី នៅប្រទេសខ្មែរ ក្នុងគោលដៅលេប យកប្រទេសខ្មែរ ដោយសន្តិវិធី ក្នុងអនាគតមិនយូរ, ក៏ជាថ្ងៃរំលឹកឡើងវិញ អំពើក្បត់ជាតិ របស់អាសំដាចម៍ក្បត់ជាតិ អគ្គមហាសេវាដៃចោរហ៊ុន សែនខូចសរសៃប្រសាទ (បើតាមសំដីរបស់ប៉ែន សុវណ្ណ, អតីតចៅហ្វាយរបស់ហ៊ុន សែន) កាត់ដីអោយយួន នៅឆ្នាំ ១៩៨០, ១៩៨៥, ១៩៩០, ២០០៥។

ឆ្នាំថ្មី ២០០៩, ជូនពរអាសំដាចម៍ហ៊ុន សែនងាប់តៃហោង ដោយរន្ទះបាញ់ដូចអាយួនហុក ឡងឌី ទៅហោង!!!

Anonymous said...

12:46 AM


Ask Penn Sovann how many tons of gold
that the gangs of Chea Sim had sent
to Vietnam ???
Who really did ask Yuons to come to help Cambodia?

Yuons help khmers... well ?
After Khmer in 1979, they even had planned
to attack China.. DUDE... Did you know that?

Khmer Canadian

Anonymous said...

i hope the prime minister is willing to hear both sides of the view or argument about this infamous date celebration. if he is willing to do this, i think he is setting a good, unprecedented example as a khmer leader, and khmer people will have a lot of respect and admiration for him. i guess if he can do just that, it is part of the reform that we all talked about in gov't. yes, a good leader is willing to listen as well as taking action. please make khmer people proud of you, mr. prime minister. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Let us celebrate 10/23/1991 is the REAL PEACK OF CAMBODIA.

We all know that 1/7/1991 is a FAKE peace for Cambodia. This fake peace installed by Viets.


Anonymous said...

Ah YOUN dick licker, and Ah YOUN shit was invasions dumbfuck!!

Anonymous said...

PM Hun Sen is 100% correct.

Ah Pleu-oversea = Wild Animal.

Anonymous said...

Ah phleu within yuon's brain are animals, even realising the truth but wanted power, otherwise will be hung or died by evil spirit as ah hok lundy.

Stop being fool ah khmer within yuon's brain.

From me, a very poor and illityerated person.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Ah black dick sucker! stop sucking your black father's dick! Ah black shiteater! Either liberation or invasion, it still saved million of Cambodian lives. Of course when you help other country you're always want somthing shit is free you retarded fatherfucker!

Anonymous said...

1:35 AM

By the time UN planned to attack KR, there would be no more Khmer survived in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

10:21pm, hey, there is a right and proper way to do this as well. it's called the skill of diplomacy. you don't just invade a foreign country in the name of liberation or humanitarian, etc, then robbed, pillaged, looted and even strictly imposed or forced upon the local race your own upopular or unwanted, ugly vietnamese costume, stinky culture and tradition, strange language, etc, upon the khmer people and cambodia which you said you liberated in some way! so, there's a huge difference, here! why don't you and your stinky, stupid vietnamese race go learn diplomacy 101 or something as evidence showed that you people do not know how to make friends and mend fences with cambodia and our khmer people! so, of course, you will be insulted and forever ban or cursed from cambodia, until you can show us that you know how to deal with us diplomatically! so, your mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go and fuck your Viet whore mother in the ass...stupid fuck!, like i said, there's not was invasions! Ah thork tiep Mok krass begger undersea!!

Go and eat your Viet whore mother pussy.....and shut your pie hole!!

Anonymous said...

Ah piece of slut (8:39), how do you liberate without invade, cock sucker?

Just look at the US liberate Iraq. They have to invade just like everyone else. Get the picture, Ah Joy Marai?