Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is happening in Cambodia this week

By Khmerization

Events in Cambodia in the last few days deserved some attention. The Human Right Party is holding its first congress today, with one of the agenda being a debate about the possibility of a merger with the Sam Rainsy Party.

News that Ms. Mu Sochua was elected as the head of the Sam Rainsy Party's Women Movement also deserved attention simply because she has been in the news spotlight recently for being a daredevil to challenge the Cambodian strongman, Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Another the hot news that deserved close attention would be Mr. Yim Sovan's blasting of the Cambodian court for "turning white into black, black into white". Asked by Deum Ampil journalist whether the SRP is considering changing its name in the near future, Mr. Sovan responded that the SRP will only change its name whenever the corrupt Cambodian courts become fully independent and Cambodia becomes a state of laws.

But the one that is hottest would be the news about the birth of, a Khmer website created with the sole intention of countering the "provably false accusations" made by the Thai PM's website, The site proved an instant popularity with internet users, with its site metre hotly counting the numbers of visitors.


Anonymous said...


Such a silly question by haing asked whether SRP would change the party's name.
It is only cosmetic if the party change its name. The core of merging is based on the common objectives each party possesses.
Being democratic is the respect of relevant collective voices,simply the party has listening skill to own citizens. Human rights is the key to unlock cambodian misery. listening to concerns relating to fundamental rights will allow citizens to access and engage to improvement of their live.
Policies,selection processes of human resources and Ethics are absolute.
Due to same common grounds and political climate, the new merged party will be the hope of cambodians. Oppresion will never last, for instance the SUHARTO regime. It is self destructive.

Neang SA

Anonymous said...

I love your comments. May I add Marcos in the Philippines, Musharraff in Pakistan, Saddam in Iraq, Pinochet in Chile, Ceaucescu in Romania and many more..... Dictatorship has its use-by date. Hun Sen's dictatorship will not last forever. It will crumble one day. Unity among all democrats is the only hope.

Anonymous said...

You’re right Hun Sen will not rule forever. But you’re dreaming if you think Sam Rainsy will replace Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether Rainsy or someone else will replace him as long as they are from the democratic camp. We know that one of the CPP, possibly Sok An or Sar Kheng, will replace Hun Sen, but the CPP cannot rule Cambodia forever. Sihanouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot thought the same, but at the end they are gone. The CPP will crumble one day like Sihanouk's Sangkum Reastr Niyum.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry srp it will done in the future and no body like you no more.

Anonymous said...

After all the past disastrous experiences and recent exposure to Western education, it is awful to see many self-proclaimed righteous Khmers have not changed their mentality – holding the government accountable for all the troubles while they themselves did nothing when they were in power, or have done nothing to help. Perhaps, this is their sluggish attitude of making someone else bear the responsibility, or perhaps it is their inner jealously that they seem to never able to overcome.

Loving your country means doing something good for your country, not just being a critical voice of the government. In fact, if you really love your country, you can do a lot of things without involving in politic. Be honest and have a high moral standard; Work hard to improve your skills and living conditions; Start up a new business; Be innovative/proactive and don’t hesitate to take initiatives in your daily work; Use some of your spare times to volunteer for community works; Do some coaching works for the youngsters…etc. These are the simple but power things that people in successful/rich countries (Singapore, US, Canada, Australia, …etc) do. These countries are where they are because their people do a lot more than just criticizing the government.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, the longer time Dictator in Cambodia (no other county in the wold has) is Hun Xen.

He will be in Power forever becase he has his Bib brother master (Viet) & Small master (Thai) support him.

Why, You can at the border of these two masters, Hun Xen can't do anything with them. Just let have our land.

Come on Khmer wakeup.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Crimes Against Humanity
Overwork to Death
Human Abuses
Assault and Battery

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Assassinate Journalists
Assassinate Political Opponents
Extrajudicial Execution
Grenade Attack
Drive by Shooting
Death Threats
Human Abductions
Human Rights Abuses
Human Trafficking
Drugs Trafficking
Under Age Child Sex
Illegal Mass Evictions
Illegal Land Grabbing
Illegal Firearms
Illegal Logging
Illegal Deforestation
Illegally use of remote detonation on Sokha Helicopter, while Hok Lundy and others military official on board.
Illegally Sold State Properties
Illegally Remove Parliamentary Immunity of Parliament Members
Plunder National Resources
Acid Attacks
Turn Cambodia into a Lawless Country
Steal Votes
Bring Foreigners from Veitnam to vote in Cambodia for Cambodian People's Party.
Abuse the Court as a tools for CPP to send political opponents and journalists to jail.
Abuse of Power
Abuse the Laws
Abuse the National Election Committee
Abuse the National Assembly
Violate the Laws
Violate the Constitution
Violate the Paris Accords

Under Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime, no criminals that has been committed all of these crimes above within Hun Sen Khmer Rouge government have ever been brought to justice.

Khmer Young said...


People have different approaches to release their love and spirit for Cambodia. Some might agree with you, but when their business as well as NGOs initiatives have been always cornered by the government, how will you do next to help Cambodia?

Your thought is simple, but put into practice in Cambodian soil is not simple. Hun Sen government is not an open government to allow every one use their own wisdom, capital, ability and initiatives freely.

This is one of the premises people have to criticize and jump to play politics or use violence in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

9:11 pm

We can't just be quiet when the Cambodian government is so blatantly corrupt, dictatorial and caring most for only their cronies and ignore the suffering of so many poor Cambodians.

How do you know that the people who complain about the current Cambodian government have not done anything good for the country? You can't assume that, can you?

Don't tell me that the people in Austalia, USA and Canada are more tolerant of their respective governments than the Cambodians. I think it is the other way around!

A government such as that in Cambodia right now will never see its day in the office in these 3 countries.

Anonymous said...

9:11 PM

It's people like you that Dictator and lawlessness can thrive in Cambodia and you are a great fertilizer for it. If you can't see things going wrong and the injustice then ask yourself some questions and looks around you....I ask you to do this because I assume you have conscience and eyes.

Anonymous said...


The people who criticized Hun Sen regime, like us here, have never been in power. You are talking about Funcinpec from 1993-1997. But even Funcinpec was not in power. They were the puppets of Hun Sen and the CPP. Hun Sen, even as Second PM, still hold 85% of power at that time.

Democratic governments will never be afraid of criticism, only the dictatorial ones are. Criticism is a recipe for good governance. To Hun Sen, any criticism is an incitement to rebellion. This is an attitude of a dictator.

In the West, the government takes criticism very seriously, especially from the opposition parties because the Western governments are accountable to the voters, not like Hun Sen who cheated to win.

Anonymous said...

THANKS ALL COM MENTORS above I think 911 received enough of his or her advise so I have no comment.
911 is the symbol of disaster in USA and make USA change .
Please stay away from that symbol Cambodia can't afford to have that number .Thanks U

Anonymous said...

Today I am very happy to see all constructive comments and I absolutel agreed with all of you..there is nothing irreplaceable and standing long lasting.. even Sam Raing Sy, he will be replaced soon from SRP.. I wish Mr.Sam Rang Sy be relaced soon by Young Generation Liked me and my pure khmer people ( not bi-nationalization or French-Cambodia).


Anonymous said...

SIAM = Shit I Am Man

Put in the right order:
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