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The Destiny of the Indigenous Khmer-Krom People

The Destiny of the Indigenous Khmer-Krom People

By Preynokor News Team
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The Khmer-Krom people living abroad, especially in the United States, have their own reason to celebrate both the Fourth of July 2009—the American National Independence Day—and the Freedom Day of Tim Sakhorn. By the way, who is he?

Venerable Tim Sakhorn, prior to his capture by the Vietnamese Government in June 2007, was “Nobody”—an ordinary local Buddhist monk, not well known at all, at his temple in North Phnom Denh Village, Kirivong District, Takeo Province, Cambodia. During the past two years of his survival through extremely severe hardship in the Vietnamese prison, including physical and mental tortures, as well as his dangerous journey to escape from Vietnam to Cambodia and Thailand before being accepted for a special resettlement in Sweden under the political asylum program, Tim Sakhorn has become “Somebody”—the kind of “Khmer-Krom’s Dalai Lama” who is symbolizing as one of our Khmer-Krom’s national heroes in this modern time.

His name has been recognized in the international spotlights, from the Internet search engine websites, such as the and, to the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Congress, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), the European Parliament, and the Transnational Radical Party (TRP) in Italy.

The international press/news media, and other major radio broadcasting programs have been constantly keeping the world informed about the current situation of Tim Sakhorn during his hardship, among them the Radio Free Asia/Khmer Services (RFA), Voice of America/Khmer Program (VOA), the Voice of Khmer-Krom (VOKK), the Radio France International (RFI), the radio broadcasting service in Australia, the Beehive Radio Program of Mr. Mam Sonando, and the Asia Times Magazine. The documentary film produced by Ms. Rebecca Sommer, entitled “Eliminated Without Bleeding”, was clearly illustrated about the atrocity committed by the Vietnamese Communist Government against the Khmer-Krom people.

The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which advocate for the respects for human rights and religious freedom have also been very helpful to the Khmer-Krom’s causes, among them the Human Rights Watch (HRW)--a well-admired Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)—which recently published a book about Khmer-Kroms entitled “Vietnam on the Margins: Rights Abuses of Ethnic Khmer in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta”.

Two other important individuals who are in charge of the Cambodian NGOs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, who have been working tirelessly to advocate the human rights for the Khmer-Kroms are greatly appreciated. They are Dr. Kek Galabru who is the president of the Cambodia League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO) and Mr. Ang Chanrith, presently serving as the executive director of the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Human Rights Defense Association. Why Venerable Tim Sakhorn has gained a lot of sympathy from the world community?

It was the Vietnamese government’s secret services agents with a full collaboration from a small group of top ranking Cambodian Buddhist monks under an order from the Hanoi-backed Great Patriarch Tep Vong to arrest Venerable Tim Sakhorn, defrocked him, and deported him to imprison in Vietnam.

One of Tep Vong’s top monk cadres, who engineered this arrest, was Venerable Long Kim Leang. According to Tim Sakhorn who already arrived at Sweden on July 4th 2009, Long Kim Leang was the one who directly stripped off his frock when he refused to be defrocked injustice. Tep Vong and his band accused Venerable Tim Sakhorn of undermining to the Cambodia-Vietnam’s relations. The Vietnamese judge, on the other hand, sentenced Tim Sakhorn for one year of imprisonment. Both of Tep Vong and the Vietnamese Communist government were lying to their teeth regarding Venerable Tim Sakhorn’s matter.

As a matter of fact, Abbot Tim Sakhorn was just a Good Samaritan with a true compassion to help the poor and needy Khmer-Krom refugees who escaped from the Communist repressions in Vietnam. As an Abbot of his temple, Venerable Tim Sakhorn provided his pagoda as a sanctuary place for these refugees to stay temporarily and gave them foods as well as other necessary assistance before these people could find other means to live on their own.

His monastery is located just less than a few miles from the border of Vietnam at the province of An Giang and this monk had never crossed the boundary into that country at all. Tim Sakhorn is a former Khmer-Krom refugee who fled to Takeo Province, Cambodia in 1978 from the Vietnamese government’s oppression in his hometown in Svay Tong District (Huyen Tri Ton), Mot Chrouk Province (used to be Chau Doc and is presently changed to An Giang Province in Vietnamese). Who are these Khmer-Krom people?

Khmer-Krom people are the Indigenous Peoples who have been living on their ancestral lands in Kampuchea-Krom which is now known as southern Vietnam for thousands of years. Presently, this most fertile region is the major rice basket of Vietnam, making this country to become the second biggest rice exporter in the world, next to Thailand.

During nearly a century of occupation in Indochina from 1863 to 1954, the French colonial power ceded Kampuchea-Krom to Vietnam on the 4th of June 1949 without any prior consultation with the Cambodian government or a permission from the Khmer-Krom populations at all. There were countless atrocities committed by the Vietnamese governments of all regimes through their secret ethnic cleansing policies against the Khmer-Krom.

Map of Kampuchea-Krom

During the American involvement in the Vietnam War, so many Khmer-Krom people were severely suffered by the atrocity and ethnic cleansing policy committed against them by the Vietnamese Communist insurgency and the Ngo Dinh Diem regime as well as other subsequent Saigon Governments. Being caught between the rocks and the hard places, so many Khmer-Krom people voluntarily served in the U.S. Army Special Forces to fight against the Communist Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Armies (VC/NVA).

Like the Montagnard Hill Tribes in Vietnam’s Central Highlands and the Hmong Hill Tribes in Laos, significant numbers of Khmer-Krom people were specially selected to operate in top secret missions behind the enemy’s lines along the infamous Ho-Chi-Minh Trails in Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. These Khmer-Krom people fought bravely, courageously, daringly, and loyally side by side with their American commanding officers of the elite U.S. Green Berets against the out-numbered, out-gunned, and well-trained VC/NVA in the most inhospitable environment in the triple canopy jungles of those Ho-Chi-Minh Trails.

After the complete withdrawal of the American troops from South Vietnam and the subsequent fall of that country into the Communist occupation in April 1975, the situation regarding the Khmer-Krom holocaust became worst. The Hanoi regime began to intensify their oppression to eliminate the Khmer-Krom race, especially to seek revenges against these poor indigenous populations for their collaborations and loyalties with the U.S. Special Forces during the war.

At the present time, even after nearly two decades of U.S.-Vietnam normalized relationship, Hanoi still continues to oppress the Khmer-Krom through their tremendous human rights violations, religious persecutions, confiscations of their ancestral lands, and other socio-economic deprivations. The Khmer-Krom indigenous peoples are not allowed to learn their own language and history in public schools or to freely practice their Theravada Buddhism without the interference and strict control of the Vietnamese government.

When Khmer-Krom people stood up for their rights, the Vietnamese Communist authorities arrested these poor people, imprisoned, tortured, and executed them. Many tactics and strategies employed by the Hanoi government through their ethnic cleansing policies against the Khmer-Krom.

The UNHCR should do more to protect the Khmer-Krom refugees in Bangkok from being arrested and deported back to Cambodia by the Thai government. What was the major reason of the Khmer-Krom’s recent escape to Thailand?

On 8 February 2007, approximately two hundred Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks in Soc Trang province of Vietnam organized a peaceful demonstration to demand religious freedom. Instead of solving this problem non-violently, the Vietnamese government cracked down on these Khmer-Krom protesters. The police arrested, defrocked, and imprisoned some of the monks whom they considered of leading this peaceful demonstration. Other Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks who were fearful for their safety regarding this repression escaped to Cambodia.

Unfortunately, there is a double discrepancy in Cambodia by the Ministry of Interior regarding their handling of the Khmer-Krom refugee situation. First, the UNHCR refused to grant the refugee status for these Khmer-Krom people, claiming that according to the Cambodian constitution, any Khmer-Krom who escaped from Vietnam to Cambodia will be automatically given the full Cambodian citizenship. So, the UNHCR could not accept the Khmer refugees in their Cambodian homeland.

But the Cambodian Ministry of Interior which oversees many important aspects of the Cambodian domestic affairs including the immigration, local administration, and internal securities has never issued the official document recognizing the legitimacy of these Khmer-Krom people as the Cambodian citizenship, such as the birth certificate, national identification card, the rights to attend public school, to work and to vote. As a result these Khmer-Krom people became illegal aliens in Cambodia resulting in their inability to find employment, enrolling in schools, have the rights to vote, or to obtain the Cambodian passport. In contrast, the same Cambodian Ministry of Interior secretly granted the full Cambodian citizenship to almost all of the Vietnamese who are able to migrate freely into Cambodia by issuing them the above mentioned government document to legitimize their status.

Subsequently, to express their support and sympathy for the Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks who were arrested and imprisoned in Vietnam, the Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks in Cambodia organized a peaceful protest in front of the Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Penh to demand the release their fellow Buddhist monks. Unfortunately, the Cambodian Ministry of Interior ordered the Police and even the Cambodian Buddhist monks to violently attack these peaceful protesters. Again, Venerable Long Kim Leang, was among the Cambodian high ranking Buddhist monks receiving order from the Hanoi puppet monk—the Great Patriarch Tep Vong-- who ordered other monks under his command to crack down on these Khmer-Krom monks, making this violent chaos look like the fighting between the monks and the monks.

Left image: Cambodia police chased Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks
Right image: Long Kim Leang was leading his “pro-Communist Vietnamese” monks to oppress the Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks

On May 30, 2009, Mr. Huynh Ba who is a Khmer-Krom activist for the land rights was also arrested by the Vietnamese authority. Since then, the Vietnamese government has rejected the request of Mr. Huynh Ba’s family to visit him inside a prison as well as not to give him a fair trial. His family, from the day of his arrest until the present time, has been kept in the dark by the Vietnamese Communist authority from learning about the health condition and the well being of Mr. Huynh Ba.

By stealing the ancestral lands of the Indigenous Khmer-Krom Peoples in Kampuchea-Krom, which is Vietnam’s main rice basket, making this country to become the world’s second biggest rice exporter, millions of our populations are starving and are living in poverty. Besides that, while Vietnam is receiving billions of dollars from digging crude oils on the Khmer-Krom’s ancestral sea near O-Cap (Vung Tau) province, the Indigenous Khmer-Krom Peoples are getting nothing from that benefit.

Since the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF), which represents the voice of our Khmer-Krom people in the international arena, became an official member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) in 2001, this KKF organization has organized our people to actively participate in the global diplomatic mainstream through the peaceful human rights movement based on the international laws. When the Indigenous Khmer-Krom Peoples know their rights, they would stand up for these rights, especially the rights for self-determination so that they could live freely on their ancestral land. By realizing this dream, they would not need to flee their beloved homeland any more in order to seek refuge in another country. “When There is a Will, There will be a Way”.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

វត្តខ្មែរមួយ នៅទីក្រុងសាន់ហូស្សេ រដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា កំពុងលាក់ទុក សង្ឃ៧មករា្ ឡុង គឹម លាង ដែលជាជនដៃដល់ចាប់ព្រះតេជគុណ ទឹម សាខន ដោះស្បង់ចីវរ រួចបញ្ជូលទៅអោយយួនដាក់គុក និងជាជនដៃដល់បង្រ្កបព្រះសង្ឃខ្មែរក្រោម ធ្វើបាតុកម្មនៅមុខស្ថានទូតយួន ក្រុងភ្នំពេញ ហើយអាឆ្កែ ឡុង គឹម លាង គឺជាដៃស្តាំរបស់ ទេព វង្ស និងជាសង្ឃបំរើនយោបាយអោយយួនក្រុងហាណូយ។
យួនវាបំបែកសង្គមខ្មែរនៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាស្ទើវិនាសអន្តររាយ ហើយពេលនេះកំពុងបញ្ជូន អាឆ្កែ ឡុង គឹម លាង ដើម្បីដើរបំបែកបំបាក់សង្គមខ្មែរនៅបរទេស ជាពិសេសនៅទីក្រុងសាន់ហូស្សេតែម្តង។
ឬក៏វត្តខ្មែរមួយនោះ គាំទ្រគណៈបក្សប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា ឬយួនហាណូយ????

Anonymous said...

Thanks god, He has been made to be known by the YOUN. Like the slogans or propaganda for those who struggles for freedom. If there is no oppression or suppression there will be no rebellion. Youn had been oppressed and continuing Khmer Krom very day and we must fight for the cost of self determination and freedom. Like most of us know that the Turks had been controlled the Greece for +400 years and they managed to free themselves out of the Turks. We must fight!!!

His name been known because of Vietnam made it known!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Khmer Krom are allways Khmer in Cambodia and have the Khmer citizenship.
It was wrong to say, they did not have the same privilege and same right as other Khmers born.

Anonymous said...

To Ah Khmer Australian 2:21 PM

You're support Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime who is killing innocent Khmer peoples, do me a favor don't ever tell anyone that you are Khmer, because you make Khmer peoples look bad.

Anonymous said...

The president of Red Cross of Cambodia (Bun Rany) had order Hok Lundy to murder Piseth Pilika.  Because Hun Sen was having an affaire with Piseth Pilika.

Source:  Statement of Heng Peov

Bun Rany is Hun Sen's wife.
Hok Lundy is Phnom Penh Municiple Police Chief and member of Hun Sen Death Squad.
Piseth Pilika is an Apsara dancer and a movie star.

The Red Cross should not have a murderer as a president. 

Anonymous said...

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Crimes Against Humanity
Overwork to Death
Human Abuses
Assault and Battery

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Assassinated Journalists
Assassinated Political Opponents
Assassinated Leader of the Free Trade Union
Attempted Assassinations on Chea Vichea and Sam Rainsy
Attempted Murders on Chea Vichea and Sam Rainsy
Executed members of FUNCINPEC Party
Murders members and activists of Sam Rainsy Party
Extrajudicial Execution
Grenade Attack
Drive by Shooting
Death Threats
Human Abductions
Human Rights Abuses
Human Trafficking
Drugs Trafficking
Under Age Child Sex
Illegal Mass Evictions
Illegal Land Grabbing
Illegal Firearms
Illegal Logging
Illegal Deforestation
Illegally use of remote detonation on Sokha Helicopter, while Hok Lundy and others military official on board.
Illegally Sold State Properties
Illegally Remove Parliamentary Immunity of Parliament Members
Plunder National Resources
Acid Attacks
Turn Cambodia into a Lawless Country
Steal Votes
Bring Foreigners from Veitnam to vote in Cambodia for Cambodian People's Party.
Abuse the Court as a tools for CPP to send political opponents and journalists to jail.
Abuse of Power
Abuse the Laws
Abuse the National Election Committee
Abuse the National Assembly
Violate the Laws
Violate the Constitution
Violate the Paris Accords

Under Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime, no criminals that has been committed all of these crimes above within Hun Sen Khmer Rouge government have ever been brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Terrorism in Cambodia.
Killing at least sixteen innocent men, women and children.
Hun Sen's personal Bodyguards Unit (Brigade 70) was the suspects and was order by Hun Sen.

An FBI investigation concluded that Cambodian government officials were responsible for the attack.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Committee concluded that Cambodian government officials were responsible for the attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Chea Vichea on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials are responsible for assassinated Chea Vichea.
The Cambodian government officials are working hard to cover up the real assassins.
Born Samnang and Sok Samoeun were convicted as scapegoats in the absence of compelling evidence and testimony.
The Cambodian Court convicted innocent peoples instead of the real assassins.
The Cambodian Court have no shame at all.

Leader of an Opposition Party of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Sam Rainsy on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Apsara Dancer and Movie Star
The president of the Red Cross of Cambodia (Bun Rany) had order Hok Lundy to murder Piseth Pilika (Hun Sen's affaire).
Source:  Statement of Heng Peov

Heng Peov hold position as the Police Commissioner of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed under age child sex.
Svay Sitha is a senior government official from Cambodian People's Party.
Svay Sitha had a sexual relationship with Tat Marina, she was only 16 years old.
Source: Human Rights Watch

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed acid attack.
"On December 5, 1999, Tat Marina, age 16, was severely disfigured in an acid attack in Phnom Penh. The attack was allegedly committed by Khun Sophal, the wife of a senior government official, Svay Sitha, because she was angry her husband had a sexual relationship with Tat Marina. Neither Khun Sophal nor those suspected of being her accomplices in the attack were brought to justice. Intense media publicity compelled the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Khun Sophal for attempted murder, but the police claimed that they could not locate her, although journalists reported that she was living at home as usual."
Source: Human Rights Watch

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed torture and murder.
"On the night of January 16, 2003, a street youth named Prak Sitha was beaten to death at the Ministry of Interior (MOI) headquarters after he was arrested and detained by off-duty MOI officers on suspicion of theft. His body - bearing numerous injuries to the head, torso, arms, and legs - was dumped at a Phnom Penh pagoda the following morning by ministry officers, in violation of police regulations regarding deaths in custody. No criminal charges were filed in connection with this death. In December 2004, the case was cited by the UN secretary-general's special representative for human rights in Cambodia - who stated that Prak Sitha died at the ministry "following beatings by a known police officer" - as an example of a "consistent and continuing pattern of impunity" in Cambodia."
Source: Human Rights Watch

Hun Sen's personal Bodyguards Unit (Brigade 70) is a terrorist organization.
Hing Bunheang is a March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack suspect identified by the FBI.
Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed murder, again.
"On September 4, 2008, Mean Sokchea, a RCAF major working in Brigade 70, shot dead 21-year-old waitress Put Samphors at a restaurant in Kandal province. Mean Sokchea, in a drunken stupor, fired his gun and apparently mistakenly hit Put Samphors in the stomach. She was taken to a hospital but later died of her wounds. Mean Sokchea was detained by the police overnight but was then released, allegedly after intervention by Hing Bun Heang. Put Samphor's family received US$2,700 from Mean Sokchea, and the police told them that their daughter was shot while authorities were chasing robbers."
Source: Human Rights Watch

Anonymous said...

Ah PPU aka Ah Anthony, you're support Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime who is killing innocent Khmer peoples, do me a favor don't ever tell anyone that you are Khmer, because you make Khmer peoples look bad.

Anonymous said...

ខ្មែរស្រឡាញ់ជាតិនៅទីក្រុងសាន់ហូសេ្ស ទៅ
ណាអស់ហើយ ទុកវត្តអារាមឲ្យពួកកុម្មុនីស្ត គ្រប់គ្រងអញ្ចឹង។ លោក ឡុង គឹម លាង ជាអា យ៉ងយួន កំពុងបំបែកបំបាក់សង្គមខ្មែរសាន់ ហូសេ្សហើយ ត្រូវប្រុងប្រយ័ត្នផង។ តើស្មារតីស្នេហាជាតិនៅឯណា?

Anonymous said...

the case of luak tim sakhon was very lucky can find the way out of Viet minh clews. ah Hun administration .recently HUN administration had signed with thai for tied and exchange prisoner.this mean block all khmer krom to find the way out to setle or seek free khmer krom land.

Anonymous said...

khmer krom, please maintain our khmer identity forever. we are separated only by political boundary i.e. map, however, our khmer language and khmer identity we all can help to maintian and keep alive and active forever everywhere we may go or settle. that's the key to survival. also, come to study khmer in cambodia if you guys have to and then take back to khmer krom to pass on to your family and children about cambodia and khmer culture, traditioin, language, identity, etc... always try to improve and speak our khmer language by doing self-study or self-education as well. learn to read khmer writings and practice to write khmer everyday, you will get better when you practice and practice and practice repeatedly. never give up hope and aspiration. you will overcome some day. look at vietnam, they were under chinese rule for a thousand years according to their history and they survived. how? please learn from everyone all over the world, including cambodia, vietnam, thailand, the USA, japan, korea, china, etc, etc... be smart, wise and clever always! god bless khmer krom people.

ps: continue to maitain khmer identity like costume, costum, tradition, culture, khmer language like reading and writing, etc... also, perhaps, it is ok to be bilingual in english, etc... as well. be brave and stand up for yourself. learn from the world and never stop learning, ok! best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Khmer Krom mission is targetting Vietnam, not Cambodia.Khmer from all political background including CPP members should help, or at least don't make difficulties to their struggle. Please don't ever hurt your own blood relatives to satisfy strangers.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A lauk Long Kim Leang!
Where ever you are,soon or later, you will get result of your bad karma.

True Khmer said...





Anonymous said...

វត្តកម្ពុជាក្រោម គួរតែប្ដឹងទៅរដ្ឋំណាអាមេរិក ថា តើហេតុអី បានជា អាមេរិក ផ្ដល់ទិដ្ឋាការ អោយ អាលោកនឹង វិញ ។ ធ្វើម៉េច កុំមួលបង្កាច់ វត្ដជិតខាងគ្នាឯង ព្រោះ វត្ដកម្ពុជាក្រោម ជាវត្ដនៅក្នុង សាន់ ហូហ្សេដែរ ហើយ មិនបានមក និយាយស្ដី ជជែក ជាមួយក្រុម វត្ដដែលទទួលយក អាលោកនឹងមកសោះ ។ បែជា ចុះផ្សាយ ព៑តមាន ព្រៃនរគរ ផ្សព្វផ្សាយ ធ្វើអោយបាក់បែក ខ្មែរគ្នាឯង ក្នុង សហគមសាន់ ហូហ្សេ ទាំងមូល ។ នេះ ហើយការដែល របៀបខ្មែរ ដោះស្រាយ បញ្ហា នយោបាយ សំរាប់ សង្គមជាតិ ។ ដោះស្រាយ ក្នុង សង្គមតូចមួយ មិនកើតផង បែជាថែម បំបែក គ្នាឯង ដោយមិនពិចារណា ទៅវិញ ។ តាមការអង្កេត មើលទៅ វត្តទាំងពីរ ដូចជាមិន ស៊ីគ្នាទេ ច្រណែន នឹងគ្នាគ្រប់ ពេលវេលា តែម្ដង

Anonymous said...

ពុទ្ធោ ! ថាខ្ញុំចុះនៅក្នុងស្រុក និយាយរឿងជាតិត្រូវជាប់គុក ឬត្រូវកំរាមកំហែង ចុះខ្មែរនៅក្រៅប្រទេសជាច្រើន សុទ្ធតែជាអ្នកកវី បណ្ឌិត អ្នកស្នេហាជាតិ និងស្អប់របបកុម្មុយនីស្ត ទីបំផុត ខ្មែរនៅទីក្រុងសាន់ហូស្សេ មួយចំនួនធំ គាំទ្រ អាឆ្កែ ឡុង គឹម លាង ដែលជាជនដៃដល់បំរើយួនកុម្មុយនីស្តទៅវិញ ???? តើទស្សនៈជាតិនិយម រត់ទៅណាអស់ ឬមួយបានអំណោយពីអាឆ្កែ ឡុង គឹម លាង ??? ហេតុអី្វបានជាខ្មែរនៅទីនោះ មិនព្រមបណ្តេញវាអោយមកស្រុកខ្មែរវិញ វានៅស្រុកខ្មែរមានតំណែងធំខ្លាំងណាស់ វាមិនល្ងង់អីទៅនៅអាមេរិកទេ តាមខ្ញុំគិតទៅ យួនបញ្ជូនអោយវាទៅអាមេរិក ដើម្បីបំបែកសង្គមខ្មែរតែប៉ុណ្ណោះ !!! សូមបងប្អូនស្នេហាជាតិគ្រប់ទិសទី ពិចារណាផង តើបងប្អូនរួមជាតិ បានធ្លាប់គិតដូចខ្ញុំទេ?????

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