Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vietnam, Cambodia clean up after deadly storms

01 October, 2009

HANOI – A massive clean up is continuing across Indochina after typhoon Ketsana left a destructive path through central Vietnam and Cambodia.

The storm destroyed or damaged nearly 170,000 homes and flattened crops in six Vietnamese provinces, officials said, while more than 350,000 people were evacuated from the typhoon's path.

The coastal resort town of Da Nang was hardest hit, with hundreds of people injured and thousands of homes destroyed. Flooding was also reported in the port town of Hoi An, another popular tourist spot.

Floodwaters rose and mudslides buried houses in Vietnam while storm winds flattened houses in Cambodia.

The storm, which first struck the Philippines on the weekend, killing 246 people and leaving 42 missing, cut through Vietnam and Cambodia as it made its way into Laos and Thailand.

Vietnamese government officials said it could confirm that 66 people were killed during the storm, some by landslides and some by falling trees.

Cambodian authorities put the death toll there at 11.


Anonymous said...

Poor brothers and sisters, I am sooo sorry about this nature strike things. May their poor souls rest in peace as their purposes have been done on earth and may they live forever and ever with God or peace my friends Viet+Khmer

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