Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Hanoi Backs Khmer-Siem Conflict" a Poem in Khmer by Hin Sithan


Anonymous said...

Hin Sithan,

Did you not join the KR in the past?

Your stupid group fought against Sangkum Reast Niyum instead of helping it to fight off the Vietnamese and the Thais and now you keep attacking Hun Sen.
Don't you think it is about time you help him get out of the Vietnamese control if you really think that he is under the control of Vietnam.

You just keep making mistakes by not realizing that perhaps you may have to work with all Khmers of diferent political tendency if you want to protect Cambodia from our rapacious neighbours.

Have you realized that your KR group pushed Cambodia back for so many years?

How dare you show up here and give advice on how to protect and build the country when your group in the 70s destroyed the country so badly?

You can keep on attacking Hun Sen with your poems, which is not going to change anything. Why don't you go to Cambodia and work for the nation in whatever capacity you can do?

A stronger Cambodia and a smarter population will be very difficult for her neighbours to swallow.

Anonymous said...

The poem is not attacking, but telling some truth that Hun Sen should realize.

What kind of help have you done in Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

This team is not much different as the Thais or Viets, who love to destroy the Khmer Society.

Anonymous said...

we here in cambodia, strongly support our PM, just ignore those dogs and let them bark with their crazy poem,.!

Anonymous said...

12:48 PM,

He is Hun Sen'spy. His real name is Song Kunthea. Sometime he'd been called Ah Kun. His Yu Cong Bat Phsa name is Ah Hok.

He came here though a SHAM MARRIAGE, arranged by a husband killer named Reach Bun Ho with her new name from her young husband, Him Bun Ho. Him Savorn is her current young husband.

Anonymous said...

Khmer machas srok yes ! right!
but pure Khmer and not sino Khmer bastards!
we need a social policy of promotion for the ethnic Khmer pure now day in Kampuchea.

We don't never forget that Pol Pot was a sino khmer.

Sino_khmer plays the game for China and not for Kampuchea.

Anonymous said...

Are you out off your mind? why dont u try to help our country? why you have so many negative minds set? or you're dumb? my friend, though u know exactly what our PM did is wrong, but watch out what he is doing now? not because our country? what will he get by doing such things like this? of cause, he may get some but what's the point...huhs? he knows exactly what is going to happen. beside him, who can u trust? your Man? can ur man handle such things like this? u may not know what we have now, it's far different from before. and so many things more will change in the future too.....
you are such a stupid idiot.
if you want to help our country u should not think only negative from what our PM is doing right now. you see not only him alone can make these things happen, but he has so many wise people around him? i know you guys are also wise people, why dont we try to give him ideas to improve or develop our country? who knows, may be our ideas will help in the future.
my friend think about it again, it is the past and let us put the past into past list and never recall it again. what we can do now is to develop our country.
hope u may learn or get something from this message.


kmeng vat said...

It was not Sangkum Reasniyum it was Sangkum Reasyum if i'm not wrong.
Thank's for your Poem.

Anonymous said...

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