Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Number of striking workers reaches 100,000: Union

Ean Vichara (R) stands with her colleagues Hun Try (C) and Pov Nub during a strike at the Chinese-owned Pine Great Cambodia Garment Co. Ltd. in Phnom Penh September 13, 2010. Cambodian labour activist Moeun Tola blames the Gap Inc, Nike Inc and other big Western brands for sinking Cambodian workers in low wages. Moeun Tola and thousands of Cambodian garment workers began a five-day walkout on Monday to demand better wages and benefits, a sign recent labour unrest in China may be spreading to factories elsewhere in Asia that supply the world with low-cost goods. REUTERS/Chor Sokunthea

14 Sept 2010
By Pech Bandol
Free Press Magazine Online

Translated from Khmer by Ko Theak
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Ath Thun, President of the Cambodian Labor Confederation, told reporters on Tuesday morning that, at least 50 factories in Cambodia are facing strike and that the total number of workers who walked out of their jobs reaches about 100,000.

Ath Thun said that there will be additional workers who will strike in other factories because they understand the aim of this strike.

The strike which started on 13 September is aimed at demanding for a wage raise to provide a decent salary for the workers, i.e. between $75 and $93 per month. The demand is counter current to the decision issued by the labor council which set the minimum wage to $61 per month in July of this year.

Nevertheless, the strike was not joined by Chea Mony’s Free Trade Union of Workers in the Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC). Chea Mony claimed that he already sent the request to the Garment Manufacturers Association of Cambodia (GMAC) to ask for a resolution on the workers’ demand. Nevertheless, the FTUWKC leader, who in the past led intense strikes and demonstrations, did not prevent workers from his union from joining the current strike.


Anonymous said...

Organized labor is good thing for Cambodia

Anonymous said...

If worker still on strike the company have to close their company and open in Vietnam or Lao or Thailand better thank Cambodia,because the union leader don't know no shit.Take the leader of union put in jail right away.

Anonymous said...

Why demand only $93 per month, why not demand $250 per month. Are the strikes legal.? Are the striking workers members of a recognized and registered union.? The Government should step in and arrest the leaders if the strikes are illegal. In many countries illegal strikes are considered acts of causing chaos and public disorder and these acts are punishable by law.

Anonymous said...

go ahead open the factory in viet . even they need more money to live too.