Saturday, October 09, 2010

Let's Make an Ass of Dictators Series

By Khmer Democrat, Phnom Penh
Let's Make an Ass of Dictators Series

In reading the VOA article on low salaries of teachers and woeful state of education, an acronym popped up - see if you guess what it stands for? In the land of acronyms, one of you should get it immediately!

School Year Begins, With Struggling Teachers Absent

What does WARBI stand for?

(clue: it has the word "idiots" in there somewhere)


Khmer Repbublic, USA said...

Ok Khmer Democrat, PP

W stand for "what the Hell"

A stands for " Ass hole"

R stands for "rough time"

B stands for "backward gov;t"

I stands for "Incompetent & Idiot"

Ok Khmer Democrat, PP.

Hun Xen's heart is with the Lion.
He can't help anybody except his family and gangsters.
He has no skill and not very intelligent in helping Khmer. He fools the whole world. But he couldn't fool himself any longer, the crimes he commited is catching up to him....

Anonymous said...

W: Wimps
A: Are the
R: Retarded
B: Bastard
I: Idiots CPP

Anonymous said...

thanks Buddha we have the resources by our finger tip:

We Are Rule By Idiots

Khmer Repbulic, USA said...

How COOL is that?

hahahahah! I'm just happy for a day, can't afford any where but at his forum.

peace...Khmer republic, USA

Anonymous said...

Opposition party is as idiot as the ruling party...
Opposition party only say bad things about Hun Xen, CPP and the stuff they do wrong. I have never seen SRP propose a plan or give any suggestion to make things better. He only acts to make things worse.
We need a real leader that have a plan to make things better. Not a leader that hides in France that can only criticize others. Sam Rainxy must show his plan, or get out of politics.

Anonymous said...

If Xam Rainxy propose a plan, for example to give a good salary to all the teachers, military and state workers, everybody will vote for him... but now we only see him talking about borders, and all the stuff the current government does wrong. That's because he has nothing better to propose.

Anonymous said...

I am not defending any one but I defend the one who works for khmer, protect khmer, and no affiliaiton with Viet Kong...

You have to know: SRP had proposed many many plans such as give high salary to teacher, to worker ect but his plan was block by Idiot pathetic CPP gangsters.

If you all reviewed what SRP did in the past years you will see CPP block from doing good thing or allow theie plans(SRP) come true, CPP afraid of SRP so much, they find all kinds of excuses to destroy SRP but the real GOLD even you burn them it is still GOLD. so...!

Anonymous said...


son: warbi
ma: wabbi
son: I said warbi
ma: I said wabbi
son: we are ruled by idiots
ma: we are busted by idiots
son/ma: Their identical twin!