Monday, October 11, 2010

One Free Khmer's Curiosity

The Viet, to this day, kisses the U.S's arse to survive and prosper while holding their feet down on Hun Sen's head and that of the Cambodian people to beg and kiss the Viet's arse just to survive...

Why can't the Cambodian people and Sihanouk/Sihamoni get rid of HUN SEN, denouncing the Viet and dealing directly with the West???

What does this tell all of us, Cambodian people???



Anonymous said...

Hun Sen threats Sihanouk already to do without the throne.
Hun Sen wanted to be Sdach Kan but the caliber and courage between Sdach Kan and Hun Sen is heaven and hell.

KhmerIsrael said...

It tells me that all things are ordered by the will of God. God had set a parameter concerning Cambodia's government to be in such a state until his will is accomplish. You can kick, punch, curse and blame all you want what God has willed his counsel shall stand.

Sorry for being pessimist but I take the will of God into consideration, because he ruleth over the kingdom of men. He is just in all his judgments.

Anonymous said...

8:33 AM,

Could you tell your god to express his will with another race like the Americans or the French.

Why does it have to do with us, the Cambodians? Was that his will too when the KR chopped us down like a banana tree?

I tell you; if that were to be a case, I would kick the shit out of your god when I met him since he is not a fair god!

Cambodians have enough suffering!

Anonymous said...

I called it the scary dumb .when seihaknu was brave to fight through the vietnam war he thought that his partner( ho chi ming ) helped him to get Kam puchea krom back .but his dumb ass lost his politic to viet and then his lost a gain to viet when the United Nation helped tried to help gain democracy .He refused to set the country free by let U.N controlled and fight to hun xen regime he thought he can trust hun xen to change . like he made mistake once and made the same mistake again .what you might call that.?

Anonymous said...

Khmer State will be lost like Champa,Kampuchea Krom,and Lao.All these are so sad because their leaders love to kiss Viet women pussies.Look at Israel,she is a small state,but her people are very brave.If this small one can do so can Khmer.

Anonymous said...

it is not fictional movie anymore talking about viet colonization in cambodia. open yor eyes all over cambodia are youns illegal unable to speak khmer any words..where the hell are camviet police to crack down illegal viets immigrant? the gov.t is showing its ass burned yet when talking about youn illegal immigrants..dare it show certain figures of youns or until it issues evey youn to hold khmer id to vote for them to let the flow of youn easily enter into cambodia>>>