Sunday, January 30, 2011

CPP secret document bearing Hun Xen's annotation: The CPP resorts to buying SRP activists for $30/month a piece

Dear Readers,

Please find below a secret CPP document penned by Ngo Sovann, a former SRP defector to the CPP, detailing the CPP secret activities to buy SRP activists in various provinces. The cost of the buyout? About $30/month each (100,000 riels in cash, ~$25, and $5 in phone call card).

With the CPP boasting its popularity in the entire country, one has to wonder why does it need to buy these SRP activists? Strange isn't it? What is most amazing is the fact that these activities are fully known by Hun Xen, the boast-in-chief himself.

There's always something new to wonder in this Kingdom of Wonderfully corrupt CPP politicians ...

KI-Media team

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Hun Sen and Ten Thousands stars Dr. Hun Manet,

Why do you and your relatives give Kos Trol, sea and lands to Vietnam? Why? and Why?

Why do you and all of your relatives involve alot of murder cases in Cambodia? Why? Why?

Why do you murder cambodian K5,1997events and so on and so on with lost count? Why?

If you are so good why do you and your families murder cambodians? Why? and Why?

If you are so good why do about 90%cambodians are so poor but you and your relatives are billionairs and millinars? Why? Why?

Why do you try to kill people from telling the true? Why? Why?

What is the difference from Khmer Rough and you, Sir?

If you are so good Why do you block KI from cambodians?

If you are so good why more than 6 millions vietnameses are living permantly in cambodia, right now? Why, Dr. Hen Sen? and Why

Every where, I walk in Cambodia I see vietnamese speak vietnamese every where, why? why?

Don't you and your families scare of hell for ethernity?

When you die can you bring all of your power and money with you?

Dr. Hun Sen and Dr. Big ass lady and his belove Dr. Hun Manet Please don't put us in jail or kill us for this! We want to live like you and your families do!

Khmers victim of 1997 and K5


If Dr. Hun Sen and Dr. Hun Manet remove the tablet it is show they are extremely coward and his star are just joy stars given by his daddy not by patriotism. Dr. Hun Manet is very coward as his daddy they only aim to kill innocent cambodians that all. Dr. Hun SEn and Dr. ten stars Hun Manet are very great at bullying cambodians and killing Cambodians but cowardly toward Thai and Viet.

Seriously where is the win win policy of Dr. Hun Sen represent. The country is getting smaller and shamer by Dr. Hun Sen and Dr. Hun Manet.

Anonymous said...

very sophisticated machine to kill SRP.

There 3000 SRP members local structure of the government. With $25 per month each that means just $75000 per month for CPP to buy all members. With mighty of CPP wealth, they can spend millions of dollar per month.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing to wonder, the Prime Minister has said many times that he has his secret agents in every structure of SRP. And he has ambitious to kill SRP.

Anonymous said...

The better question is what type of people does SRP have that sell themselves out for 30 dollars a month? Just saying...

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised after I read all this doccument . Hun Sen is not a popular leader and CPP is not a popular Party either but they have the money . They use the money supporters and supporters give them power . CPP stands for Corrupted People's Party . I wish a News reporter will ask at lease one of those government spokemen about this case and will see what they are going say about .

Anonymous said...

Khmer News , you stupid motherfucker. stop posting those wedsites here . we are here t oread news and comments from news readers , not here to read your dirty websites. I wish KI team will remove that annoying advertize out of here so he will stop posting it again .

Anonymous said...

CPP are not just currupted, CPP are extremely currupte. They are even sell the country such as Kos Trol, Seas, lands, cambodian people, cambodian health and well being, all resources in the Cambodia, You name it!

Anonymous said...

This is what people needed to know about how low Hun Sen stooped to win election.

People need food to eat to live,to fight and to sustain normalcy.So Hun Sen stole money from the nation to buy opponents to stand with him in election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how did you get this document?
where is Ah soy sopheap, how he is going to explain this?

Anonymous said...

how did you get this document?
where is Ah soy sopheap, how he is going to explain this?

Anonymous said...

KI: need to copies these documents and pass to RFA and Cambodia Daily.

and KI need to write the leaflets explain Cambodian how Hun Sen runs his government, cause all of these improvement/development money is from borrowing China and others. Tell them every bodies can live in a big houses, driving a luxury cars if you borrow money from some one by promissing to give them yours local resources....and so on

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Everything can't sustainability forever ,the society must be changed but wait a good opportunity .IF the society not justice both standard of living ,freedom in their life .

Anonymous said...

That is just probably the ordinary
members of SRP, exclude a group of
member of parliaments in the national

Anonymous said...

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ជាធម្មតា ការឃោសនាអូស ទាញសកម្មជនពីគណបក្សដទៃ អោយមកចុះចូលជាមួយ គឺចាំបាច់ត្រូវចំណាយថវិកា
ព្រោះថា ត្រឹមតែការឃោសនាដោយគ្មានការ
ផ្ដល់អំណោយ ឬសន្យាផ្ដល់លាភសក្ការះនោះ
ព្រោះថាខ្មែរយើងសព្វថ្ងៃ ពួកគេគិតតែអំពីបញ្ហា
ក្រពះជាធំ រីឯរឿងដទៃផ្សេងទៀតនោះ
សូមជ្រាបថា សូម្បីតែសកម្មជនគណបក្ស
សមរង្ស៊ីបច្ចុប្បន្នមួយភាគធំ ដែលពួកគេបានចូលធ្វើជាសមាជិកគណបក្សសមរង្ស៊ី ក៏ព្រោះតែ
ពួកគេ បានរវើរវាយដោយសង្ឃឹមថា នៅពេលអនាគត ពួកគេនឹងអាចមានបាន មានឋានះខ្ពង់ខ្ពស់ មានមុខមាត់ ដូចតែគ្នាដែរតែ
ប៉ុណ្ណោះ ។

Anonymous said...

There are people with


in this world.

Anonymous said...

បក្សប្រជាជាជន (បទកាកគតិ)

សាហាវព្រៃផ្សៃ មេកើយសព្វថ្ងៃ គម្រាមប្រជា

អ្នកហ៊ានប៉ះពាល់ អំណាចឬស្យា សម្លាប់ប្រហារ

គ្មានញញើតដៃ​ ។

ប្រើកលគ្រប់ល្បិច ចាក់ដោតមួលក្តិច ពន្លិចបំភ្លៃ

លួងលោមទិញសូក អស់លោកមន្ត្រី អំណាចដល់ដៃ

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ខ្មែរអើយចូរចាំ តាំងចិត្តឲ្យមាំ ខំប្រឹងរកធន

កុំទុកចិត្តពាល កុំអាលបោះទុន ក្រែងពេលស៊យស៊ុន

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ខ្មែរស្លាប់រាប់លាន គេគ្មានខ្វាយខ្វល់ គេប្រើថាមពល

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ជាតិសាសន៍បងប្អូន ចូលមកសុំជ្រក ម្តេចមិនលៃលក

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នេះឬមិត្តយួន ថាខ្មែររុកគួន យួនចូលទាំងលាន

បំផ្លាញពូជត្រី ព្រៃឈើបរិស្ថាន ចូលមករុករាន

ពេញដែនដីខ្មែរ ។

ថ្ងៃ ១៦ តុលា ១៩៩៨

Anonymous said...

លិខិតខាងលើ បានបញ្ជាក់ឱ្យឃើញថា៖
គណបក្សប្រជាជន ដែលមានហ៊ុនសែនជាមេដឹកច្រមុះ បានប្រព្រឹត្តផ្ទុយនឹងនយោបាយមជ្ឈការនិងវិមជ្ឈការដែលប្រទេសផ្តល់ជំនួយ គេខំប្រឹងរាល់ថ្ងៃឱ្យមានលទ្ធិប្រជាធិប្បតេយ្យ ពិតប្រាកដនៅកម្ពុជា។

KmengWatt* said...

Hun Xen wins the election by means of stealing the ballot counts, but some fools often claim that Khmer people in the whole country vote for him. If it'so, here are questions for them:

If Khmer people in the whole country vote for Hun Xen, it means they love him deep to the bone, then why the hell Hun Xen needs to have about 7 battalions of bodyguards to swarm around him everywhere he goes?

Why doesn't he trust his own people? He should use them as his
protectors instead of hiring those bodyguards that suck in at least $2,000,000 of national budget per month.

Now in this chaotic situation with Thailand, he should assimilate 9/10 of his boduguards into the national army and send them to help those who are defending the border. Why doesn't he do that if he's strong as some fools claim he is?

Anonymous said...

kanduoy mae puok ah ach, ah bam phlanh cheat, ah luoch chat, ah luok cheat ning puok ah kbot cheat, hlong samdey puok ahaeng nas. lmom chhub prus tov ah chhkae khmean mchas pi prakod.

Anonymous said...

You think that CPP buying voters is bad enough?

After 1997's coup, all army generals were given a young girl (they claimed all were virgin) as a present for their loyalty to Hun Sen.

So next time when Hun Sen talks about child prositution in Cambodia, ask him about those girl presents to his generals.

Anonymous said...

10:23 PM
You make alot of sense up there . I kind of agree with you .

party cloned said...

this is the way CPP CLONE another brand to build another step .VIET CONG used to cloned khmer children to viet minh .now it just's the part to easy to clone with money to buy out who has low brain or lost of mind .

Anonymous said...


KmengWatt* said...

Do you why decent people are critical of your Hun Xen government? It's because this government serves the Yuon's interests. When Thailand shows a little bit of hostlities toawrds Cambodia, Hun Xen tripple its magnitude for the purpose of diverting the public attention from the Khmer-Yuon border to the Khmer-Thai border, so the Yuon can
plant more boder posts inside Cambodia land. And this is the truth. When such truth is spoken up, you and your puppetic government of Yuon cannot handle it.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are taunting SRP party and other opposition supporters, when you guys are going to wake up?
You guys see any danger' s approaching to Cambodia?

All you guys can see is the development of tall buildings, new bridges, new house and new cars etc. but what is the use of that when one day those things just belong to Yourn?

See? Yourn flooding Cambodia with their own people and they are setting up Yourn associations, Yourn farm lands, Yourn super markets, Yourn hospitals etc. and now they celebrate big Yourn new year in our coutry. Yourn in Cambodia are given Yourn text books to study and their government come in to support them and so on.
The grip is getting tighter and tighter each day from now on.
It's just like the python constrict it' s prey.
One day they will choke the breath out of you.

They will replace Hu Sen with some body with 1/2 Yourn and 1/2 Khmer as the leader and then a leader wich is 100% Yourn and then they treat all Khmer as Khmer Krome-second class citizens.

All your children will be go to Yourn School and Khmer festivals will be banned little by little.

Keep my words for it. It' s approaching that direction right now

KW* said...

correction: 11:50 PM
Do you know...

Anonymous said...

Dirty political trick but is that illigal?
If the SRP can be bought for 30/Month
I do have serious doubt abt the cleanliness of the SRP agenda. SRP may be better off without those for sale.

Anonymous said...

This document is a leak from a SRP spy in CPP.

How can you trust it?

Anonymous said...

in my opinion, these people doesn't belong to any party at all.

i believe a Party's official is wise enough.

Wise enough to demand a higher compensation than 30$ a month to spy!

Thats Fuc*ing cheap!!!

On the other way, if these people are real SRPs, then your decision to support your Evil Idol is perfectly right for you. The same stupid!

Birds with the same feathers flock together...

Anonymous said...

To 9:29PM

Regardless what you said! Being a Pharmacist is still a good profession and with Pharmacist degree and you can upgrade your skill to other profession easily!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen has no khmer blood any more. He is absolutely Yun blood. I think we should spread out this news to mass level.

May Hun Sen die soon I am happy to hear Hun Sen die.