Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funeral Announcement - Rev. Chhean Kong (Updated)


Anonymous said...

Looke at KI, Unity, not didvision very few people interested, but Traitor, Ah young Yourn, or Sakava catoon, all of things like this are cheapest commodity on earth, was ambraced by many of readers, indeed its amazed me. it was absolutely not smart, wasn't it?
do we understand the law of spirit, if you focus on negative, it come ruin to only you. If you hate war, pro peace,and if you hate Youn or Siam pro Khmer, what Sakava, and those who finger piont traitor, kbot jeat, or Ah. Ah. Ah.pler, chkot, that how you preach and practice daily, will people believed you? will people accept your idea? will people fight for you, people would not respond to that, wouldn't they? sam rainsy and Ki please changs this street wild stratergy, it going to ruin yourself, Hun sen and CPP they don't read your article only you attract and managtized thos giant of garbage back to you and your family. stop self destruction behavior please if you can't control this mess please don't tell me you are Khmer patriot leader or successfull leader. Why not we looking to Mr. Sam rainsy Supperior, or Mr. hun sen superio, or Your freinds superior side, if you that then you will feel harmony in dealling with each other. Regards Mike

Anonymous said...

Are you Mike who?
Tyson or Jackson?
Don't know shit better shut up.
Then the people start to call you a traitor too.