Monday, May 02, 2011

"Khmer Plich Khang Koeut" a Poem in Khmer & English by Hin Sithan


Anonymous said...

HUN MANET will give 5 rai of land to anyone to become his soldier, but after you are deployment to Thai border he will take it back. Like his father tactics. Don't trust CPP and don't die for nothing.

Anonymous said...

The CPP is not Cambodia, it's a misleading name, Cambodian People Party. It's a gang of itself which fed on money from the international to terrorize the Cambodian people.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Hin Sithan, Whatever you say is just garbage and not worth lending an ear to. Remember that you are nothing special except for the fact that you're the ah Khmer Rot Chaol Srok.

Hin Sithan, you are one of the dumbest xschool teacher in Lycée Battambang to joined Khmer Rouge in 1968. Your Khmer Rouge Leader Number 2 Nuon Chea is related to your Siam wife name (SANGAM KHAMNGIN PENLEEKPAI) according to a Lady in Tacoma's information they know who you really are. maybe you retired from assembly line and have nothing do huh? You are provoking khmer to live in horror.
Don't dream as your history said 7-8 days riot, a country will fall into your hands or your stupit radical Marxist group:)

Oh, your closest member tell P.P all about you. General Moul Roeub and General Hun Manet Head of the Anti-Terrorism waiting to receive you and your group with two hands.