Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Book on Cambodian History

New Book on Cambodian History

Dear interested readers:

I have just finished publishing a book on recent Cambodian history: WAR AND GENOCIDE: A Never-Ending Cycle of Human Brutality. This book, a memoir, covered the events happened in Cambodia from 1970 to 1989. It deals with the topics of Cambodian Civil War (1970-75), the Khmer Rouge rule (1975-79), life in post Khmer Rouge’s Cambodia (1979-1985) and life in the refugee camps along the Thai-Cambodian border from 1985 to 1989.

This book is being printed by a small print shop in Virginia, and I have not yet contacted any bookstore to distribute them. For those who are interested in obtaining a copy, you can order it on the Internet by going to: and follow the link by clicking on the cover image of the book. The book would be available for delivery in February 2012. For those of you who have Amazon’s Kindle, iPad, or other electronic book reading devices, you can purchase electronic version of this book on

I plan to donate a copy of this book to the Cambodian National Library in Phnom Penh, some U.S. Presidential Libraries, Mark Twain Library in Long Beach, and maybe a few other public libraries in the U.S.A. where large community of Cambodians is located. So if you live near one of these libraries mentioned above, you can check it out some time in March or April if your local library received a copy. I do not know how many US Presidential Libraries there are, but if anyone happens to live near one, I would appreciate it if you could send the Library’s address to me via this e-mail:

Thank you.
Chanda Chhay


Anonymous said...

congrats for finishing your book, mr.chanda chhay.

Anonymous said...

mr. chanda, may i suggest you google in "all presidential libraries", you may be able to find where all the presidential libraries are located, usually in the home town or home state of each president of the united states. if you're in washington d.c. area, try asking the staff at the library of congress for assistance, i'm sure they will help direct you to where all the resources are. best of luck.

Dr. Keo said...

i realize that writing a book take a lot of self discipline and perseverance. I just finished mine and it should be available in bookstores, Barnes and nobles, and other Multics media network. My book title is "out of the Dark: Into the Garden of Hope" The book describes of how all political turmoils affect the Cambodian's lives, particularly the life of my family. It depicts of how i went thru ptsd and i get out of it. Hope that people enjoy the reading and at the same time, are able to motivate themselves to go farther. Book should be out mid January 2012.
good luck to you chanda!

Anonymous said...

• Fabricated History
•History is not fiction. But Cambodia history after 1979 has been mixed with fictional exaggerations for the purpose of fooling the younger generations into believing them as facts. Modern Khmer historians, having been bought off by money and power, have spun the facts of history, and as a result, now young Cambodians, some of whom are half-blood Khmer Yuons have believed wholeheartedly, since they have been taught so.

•What is the 7 Makara? It is no doubt marked the day when Vietnam invasion won over the Khmer Rouge regime and installed a big herd of its puppets to carry on Ho Chi Minh’s plan to engulf Cambodia.

Was there really such a thing called the Liberation Movement formed by Hun Sen and his clique? Of course Vietnamese are smart in playing their game; they had an empty shell of Viet Minh’s in which they needed to fill with some Khmers, who they trusted, could serve them well. They disguised their invasion as a Liberation Movement for the sole purpose of fooling Khmer younger generations and the world into believing that it was Khmers themselves who save their compatriots from the Khmer Rouge’s massacre. This herd of brutal barbarians, without shame, claimed their merit and faked real. By signing many deals before and after the invasion, the puppets, to fulfill the deals, have allowed many millions Vietnamese to flow into Cambodia freely. Most of them now become legal citizens of Cambodia, whocan vote for the CPP.

•Why Vietnam decided to invade Cambodia? There were three main factors leading to the Vietnam invasion’s accomplishment:

1- Around the mid of 1973 the Khmer Rouge, when feeling strongly
confident in themselves that they could win the war over the Republic
Regime, declared to break their mutual relationship with the Vietcong, which made the Vietcong felt bitterly embarrassed and angry. After 1973 there were no more Vietcong to help them fight the war.

2- As some friends know, there were at least two or three factions of Khmer Rouge, who got clashed against each other many times, then it led to a purge of the other faction’s members whom the Angkar Leu did not trust. The purges and the kills of its own arm-struggled comrades made thousands of Khmer Rouge flee to Vietnam. As the number of the escapees increased, the Vietnamese leaders felt being given a golden chance to take a revenge on the Khmer Rouge.

• 3- The Angkar Leu, who felt so confident that each of its skilful soldiers were capable of killing up 40 Vietnam’s, sent a company of them to Hatien village in early 1978, and mercilessly killed over 400 unarmed Yuon villagers (see pictures on page 307 of Brother Enemy written by Nayan Chanda); that invasion made Yuon planned a revenge. It did no take Vietnam long to carry out its plan. First Vietnam had to recruit some of the ex-Khmer Rouge who appeared to be dumb and obsequious enough to obey their demands, and they had them as they wished. This group of pure rustics and thieves, having no understanding of what patriotism meant, submitted themselves as loyal slave of Yuons till their last breath. Why? It’s not hard to read the mentality of the barely-educated barbarians whose greed has no boundary.

Anonymous said...

Concerning this topic, I want to sahre with friends about a book written by a young Cambodian lady who earned her MA degree in Social work and BA in Psychology from USC Sacramento. Two week agao she sent me one her books. The title of her book is SURVIVORS OF THE KHMER ROUGE REGIME. If any friend wants to contact with her, her's her email address:

Anonymous said...

i think writing books are smart, every scholar should have at least one book written about cambodia, etc. it's the achievement that counts! god bless.

Anonymous said...

Keep writting because there's always some smart nerd who question the authenicity of historical facts base on evidence never been found. Maybe that is only apply concern Jesus Christ.
I know there are all kinds of documentations to desprove the historical fact that Jesus never existed. Well, I know the demons believe in the historical facts that Jesus of the bible did existed and they trembled because they know who he is, their Judge. The devil and his angels knows that their time will come to stand before the Judge of all the earth and their fate has been sealed unto everlasting destruction. But while they have time, they love to kill and destroy. Buddhism won't prevent them from doing their work of destroying peoples lives in their nation. Look at North Korea, do you see the devil garbed in human flesh?

People, the devil is real. You can deny that there is no God, but you can't deny that there is no devil. Without truth we can't have concepts of good and evil. Both exists today. Good is from God and evil is from the devil. Doesn't matter what religion you may hold on to, it just the universal law of God for all humanity. This is our DNA from our Creator, But... we also have another DNA, and this one is from the devil. He was the One that orchastrated against God to deceive man to accept his evil DNA. Once man understand this plot, man will begin to see life from God's perspective.

Khmer Israel

Anonymous said...

11:15 AM,

You've said it all!
Now, if we, Khmer, just have the courage and the unity to do it...we will prevail.

Please come back again with more and maybe one day soon we will be able to reverse the current situation in our homeland...

Best of luck to all of us, KHMER!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Khmer Isreal,

Can you do us all a favor while not preaching too much about GOD, please?

Just keep praying for us KHMER to be free from all evils, please, please, please?

Again, less talk more praying for KHMER please?

Much obliged, Khmer Israel!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel deeply sorry to your KHMER Parents who gave awrong birth with wrong identity to you .
May the souls of your KHMER Parents plus ancesyors peacefully rest in peace with their complete closed eyes.
Your GOD not only created all the worlds, people, mountains , oceans etc.., obviously including POL POT and SIHANOUK.

Anonymous said...

This Khmer Israel must be so desparate for followers that he tries so hard to talk about Jesus in this forum.

Your bible also states that only the selected ones (fixed number of people) shall enter the kingdom of god; therefore, why are you bothering preaching to all of us on this forum? Do you think we are among the selected ones and thus have to go to heaven when Jesus comes again? Please tell Jesus in your prayer to remove my name from that list if I were chosen, I doubt it anyway! I don't want to go to heaven.

Stop your preaching! I know more about your bible than you since I worked as a translator for many churches for so many year. I heard about him in 1973 and chose then to not have any nonsense with the bullshit you are trying to preach. I just translated because they paid me.

Since the number of people that can go to heaven is limited and getting smaller in term of percentage as the world population is getting more and more by the day, you had better stop preaching so you won't convert anyone and thus make it possible for you to be in that small chosen group of people who can go and meet your Joshua.

The more you preach here, the more you turn me away from your Jesus!

By the way, ask the Jews first if they would consider you to be an Israelian! I doubt it! See if you can get their citizenship. You get your identity messed up so badly.

As a Cambodian, I can't be proud of you who has no pride in being just a Cambodian.

You should not have been born in Cambodia or from Cambodian parents!

Anonymous said...

To LOK 6:42AM
Highly and Personally Appreciated , Mr. Paid Former Bible Transltor .
Best Wishes Sir !
Khmer Always Yours

Anonymous said...

my best wishes to the publication of your books. The world need to hear about Cambodia and her children.

For those of us Khmers, the one and only question that matters, is what have we done for our people since our resettlement in the West.

Anonymous said...

The great tool to our memory and last long gift is a book.

Anonymous said...

Please be strong and be united to one another if we don't want to become a looser to our common enemies. We must express only constructive comments or concerns that leading us to overcome the devil.Now Cambodia is in crucial stage we can not afford to walk in the past track.
Do not aim canon toward yourself
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Such ugliness towards your Khmer brothers. At long last we can speak freely again, but some would still seek to silence others in brutal fashion. Shame on you for not honoring your fathers and mothers memories and repeating the past.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone write about
the political relationship
of Pol Pol Khmer Rouge and/or Heng Samrin Khmer Rouge with Vietnamese communist. Can anyone tell how the Khmer Rouge came to power. Can anyone tell why Vietnamese came to Cambodia in 1975 and for what reason. Please stop telling about how the Khmer Rouge killed because 1- everyone including I already know that, 2- Yuon are so happy when Khmer are accusing khmer.

Anonymous said...

When I hear a bout Khmer younger generation writing History, First it Gets admiration from me, secondly I am trying to turn my eyes off it. Because I belive the author may have half Khmer blood,
(Dr.Li Monk Hi typically), I don't trust the histiry contants to cover all aspects what I have known, especially from 1975 and beyond. but what I have to appreciated though, his/her precious time effort to achieve the gaol. 11.15PM you're Konn Khmer wisely though person.

Anonymous said...

does this book benefit khmer or
yuon ? genocided by whom ?

Anonymous said...

you are so right-
do not tell how khmer rouge killed-
everyone knows that but no one know
how huon is related to khmer rouge, including that of heng samrin khmer rouge.
if you tell what already known,
you are no Dr.

Anonymous said...

can you research on how Vietnam get involved with Khmer Rouge or whatever Khmer.
I do not believe a bit that vietnam has the reason to feel sorry for the Khmer people then came to save Khmer from pol pot.
they came to Cambodia in 1970 before and after 1970 for what ?
why champa and kampucheakrom disappeared and become vietnamese land.

Anonymous said...

You'll be know later, went you're near to die. even you don't have the experiences about god helped all the people on the word. You don't know the story of god. You wont be Judgment to anyone.
What Should you do? I should have suggested to you. And you'll be reading the book Mormom and Bible. You'll be feel free in your mine,and your Heart feel Love to God and Bless you.You'll be know Right & wrong the next day.
Believe me!!!,I was doing that already.

Anonymous said...

look at all of u. All talking and still fighting n whimpering about who they r and who knows best for what. shouldn't we have learn't already from our past ,n up to now that as a Cambodian, d traditional fighting each other and bickering amongst each other doesn't solve anything. It only allows others and especially our enemies to see how we have divided as a nation. Sure your entitled 2 an opinion but let's focus on some more important issues at hand. We have a lot of more serious agenda's to address. So stop wasting your time about the past and concentrate on now. I know for one to fully appreciate te importance of how pre 1975 and post 79 has led to now n how the Vietnamese has played a pivitol role in an up until know but we are still being part of the problem not the solution. We have a problem now' let's concentrate on how to fix it and fix it for good.

your Khmer patriot always... /?

Anonymous said...

i lose school since 1975.i never go to school again due to situation,i sugess we all khmer sould not attack each other religuis depen on people beleived look at america they are the leader of the world and russia china franch englend they very powerfull,so our history very poer too during angkrean(hindu) now we buddish soft heart somtime enemy take advantage of us.

Anonymous said...

Il est très clair que le problème au cambodge c est à cause de youn, car sans youn les khmers n ont pas dispersés par tous dans le monde entier, dans ce cas que vous voulez savoir encore?
Parsqu il y quelqu'un qu il crois que les youns sont les innocents et les saveurs!
Lorsqu'on ne sais pas il faut fermer la, grande gueule.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Cambodians are under 35.
They know and feel nothing about wars.
They don't hate royalism as Republican Khmers do.
Most of Republican Khmers are outside the country.

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