Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Out of the Dark: Into the Garden of Hope", a book by Samuel N. Keo, Psy. D.

Dear All,

My book "Out of the Dark: Into the Garden of Hope" was released this morning. You can get it from,, Barnes and nobles, or online bookstores. It will also be on selected bookstores.

My goal is to inform the world the impact Cambodia's political turmoil on Cambodians, common people like me and millions of other. Because of their greed, and hunger for power, 1.7 million people died. That is more than one fourth of Cambodian population in 1975. Every Cambodian family affects by the holocaust, no exception. The one who survive like myself, go through survivor's guilt and many, meet the criteria of post traumatic stress disorder and i was not an exception. I used my real life experiences to illustrate the residue of the genocide. I hope that the book will not only entertain but to educate many who are still seeking help.

Please share your thoughts after reading. I love to hear from you.


Samuel N. Keo, Psy.D
Licensed Psychologist-Cambodian


Anonymous said...

dr. sam keo, it is good that we all talk about our past life or experience and share with the world what khmer people went through. thank you for being different and beat the odd, despite negativity and bad influence out there. you show self triumph that inspired many others to go with their guts instinct. there are obstacles in life along the journey, but you showed anyone with a strong mind can do it. thank you for what you do. god bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment. My goal and my work is to use my experience as metaphors to inspire/instill hope for many who are "still in the dark.
Dr. Keo

Anonymous said...

What are you today isn't a miracle but it was a long and hard journey in choosing and doing for yourself wih a strong determination, and perseverance for many many years.