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Ghost story from Cambodia/Thailand

Wednesday, 31 Oct 2012
Excerpt from Global Post

Halloween may be a largely American holiday, but remarkably creepy ghost stories are by no means restricted to the United States. Here are some weird and scary international ghost legends and stories to keep you up well past your post-Halloween party bedtime. Sweet (or at least surreal) dreams.

1. Ap/Krasue- Cambodia/Thailand

A beautiful young Cambodian woman walks outside her house at night. There's a mysterious red glow in the air, and she walks toward it—to be confronted with a floating female head, with ghastly entrails hanging down from its neck. She screams. But it's already too late.

That's the Ap (Arp) or the Krasue (Thai), a Southeast Asian ghost, represented by the head of a good-looking young woman, that floats in the air, entrails, spine, and other assorted bloody organs dangling from its neck. It sounds remarkably bizarre, but it's a persistent legend in this region—and various myths exist about how the Ap got to be, well, an Ap.

This source states that women who abuse black magic may be forced to turn into an Ap or a Krasue as a penalty for their crimes. Others state she's the unfortunate victim of demonic possession—although you still don't want to invite her inside for a snack.

The repulsive witch feeds on blood, feces, fetuses, and other gory things, and is believed to take a particularly disturbing interest in pregnant women. If there's blood or feces spread on your house in the morning, that's a sign the Krasue has been there. Look sharp.

They can be repelled if you put thorny vines outside your house, as the witch's dangling entrails may be caught in them. Eminently practical. An Ap or Krasue can turn you into one if you ingest her saliva, so if an Ap offers you a glass of water, be smart and turn it down.

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Anonymous said...

If ghosts and demons weren't real then we wouldn't have so much evil in the hearts of men and women!!!!

Yeak/giants are not mystical legend of the past, they were real human like beings with statue up to 36 feet tall. Or how else would the giant stones of Baalbek were moved? Search Baalbek on Youtube to see proof.

Of course the book of Enoch explains it all about how demons came to be and why they are so strong when its evidence is in a person being possess.

The Scriptures called these entity as principalities and rulers of wickedness in high places, meaning in the heavenly realm beyond man ability to see them or capture them to bring them to nought. They are spirit beings influencing governments of the world apart from God ordain truth.

So you can deny God but you'll have the Devil and his demons to contend with, and as far as I can tell you are fighting a losing battle. Unless God is on your side you'll be meat for the evil spirits! Their job is to oppress and bring suffering on all that play with them and worship them.