Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ship Flying Cambodian Flag Searched for Cocaine

Saturday-Sunday, June 17-18, 2006

By Erik Wasson
The Cambodia Daily

The US Coast Guard searched a ship flying the Cambodian flag and suspected of carrying cocaine last month with the help of the Cambodian government, the US Embassy said in a statement released Friday. On May 19, the US searched the Tio Tavo in the US territory of Puerto Rico after intercepting it three days earlier as it plied a course from Trinidad and Tobago to Cuba. "The government of Cambodia expeditiously authorized the US government to stop, board and search the vessel and its cargo," the statement notes. Cocaine, however, was not found on board the vessel. In Sept 2004, the US government seized the Lina Maria, a ship illegally flying a Cambodian flag, and seized 13,600 kg of cocaine, one of the largest maritime seizures of the drug in US history, according to the Embassy.

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