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Pchum Ben - In memory of those who died: Piseth Pilika's case published by L'Express (Cont'd)

The late actress Piseth Pilika

Assassination of a star in Cambodia (Continued)

21 October 1999

Translated from French by Luc Sâr

Faced with the revelations made by L’Express on the assassination attempt on Cambodian actress Piseth Pilika, the Phnom Penh authorities decided to choose the worst defense line: denying everything and accusing our weekly magazine of being “anti-Cambodian.” Thus the affair – even though it is known by several witnesses – between Prime Minister Hun Sen and Piseth Pilika would have been made up, and the love poem that Hun Sen sent Piseth Pilika is merely one piece of work among many others… As for the personal diary in which the actress detailed the death threats she received from Mrs. Hun Sen, it was false! This in spite of an expert handwriting identification and agreeing declarations made by several members of Pilika’s family. Another very poor excuse: the Prime Minister could not have met the actress on August 18, 1998, under the pretext that he had a surgery one month earlier from … appendicitis. Between the denials from the former Khmer Rouge dignitaries, and the new testimonials by Divina, Pilika’s sister, obtained on October 14, 1999, L’Express leaves it up to our readers and Internet surfers to judge them.

L’Express (LE): Are you sure that the private diary from which we published some excerpts, indeed belongs to your sister Pilika?

Divina: When she was alive, my sister asked me to take good care of this diary and to keep it in case she was to die. She confided to me that she did not know how long she would remain alive. Since [the start of] her affair with Hun Sen, she was afraid his wife would take revenge on her. That is why she kept this diary… It is undeniable that she wrote it herself. She talked in there about her life, her childhood. She cited my name, and those of several of our relatives who lived wit us during the Pol Pot era. She discussed our mother’s tragic story. It is impossible to make up this type of details. It is indeed her diary, her handwriting.

LE: Are you ready to swear about it?

Divina: I swear in front of Lord Buddha that it is my sister’s private diary. If this diary does not belong to her, if it is not her handwriting, let me be hit by six gunshots! My sister was killed by three bullets, let me hit by six bullets if I lie, let me spend 500,000 lives in hell… I repeat it again, I am not afraid to swear in front of Lord Buddha that this diary is authentic and that she asked me to take good care of it. This diary, all my family knew about it… She never stopped asking me to keep it, so that my family knows the truth after she is gone.

LE: Police chief Hok Lundy denies having met your sister…

Divina: The day my sister met Hok Lundy, I accompanied her. It was 9:10 AM, someone came to fetch us from behind the [Phnom Penh] exposition center which, since then, is burnt. A driver and a bodyguard took us to a restaurant in the Kien Svay commune, but I no longer recall its name. Hok Lundy then told us that she should go into hiding, or that she leaves for overseas for a while because the “Great Lady” had discovered her affair and she wanted to have her (Pilika) assassinated. He suggested that she departs to Vietnam.

LE: Some are accusing you of being politically manipulated…

Divina: I swear that I am not lying, that I tell the truth. And that everything I declared has nothing to do with politics. My sister only asked to remain alive, to live in peace with her family. She already returned to the legitimate wife [of Hun Sen] all the gifts she received from him: houses, cash. It is not a political affair, I swear. Everything I have declared about my sister is authentic. If I lied, let me die in a car or plane accident, or by several gunshots. If I do not tell the truth, let me forever be separated from my daughter and my husband. This has nothing to do with politics. My sister’s death is extremely unjust because she returned all the gifts she received [from Hun Sen]. So, why are they still going after her?


Anonymous said...

It had been, and used to be KHMER Men and Viet women's arse because VIET's women are best at that oldest profession of the world. But, HANOI manages to have its dog HUN SEN khmerized the Vietnamization of Cambodia even including the affairs of the VIET women-KHMER men arses!


Vichet said...

i do beleive what Pilika´s sister assertions. Hun Sen and Bun Rany are truly the criminals. they must be brought to justice.

They are the heads of criminal in Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Why they still can't do anything with Hun Sen and his wife? Where is the justice?