Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cambodian Rights Groups Petition For Anti-corruption Law

Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy (L) holds an anti-corruption poster which he received from a group of Cambodian advocacy workers during a march in Phnom Penh October 4, 2006. U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli last week called on Cambodia's leaders to show a genuine political will to fight against corruption, which has increasingly become rampant in the impoverished Southeast Asian country still heavily reliant on foreign handouts. REUTERS/Khem Sovannara

A Cambodian man wears a T-shirt with a white palm and a message 'Clean' written in Cambodian language. The logo symbolize an anti-corruption campaign used by a group of Cambodian advocacy workers, who presented anti-corruption banners to opposition lawmakers, including Sam Rainsy, in a red tie, at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006. U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli last week called on Cambodia's leaders to show a genuine political will to fight against corruption, which has increasingly become rampant in the impoverished Southeast Asian country. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy, center, and his fellow lawmakers receive an anti-corruption poster from a group of Cambodian advocacy workers at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006. U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli last week called on Cambodia's leaders to show a genuine political will to fight against corruption, which has increasingly become rampant in the impoverished Southeast Asian country still heavily reliant on foreign handouts. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

Cambodia men drive cyclos which are decorated with stickers and balloons with logos of a white palm and a message which reads 'Clean' in Cambodian language during a march on a street in Phnom Penh October 4, 2006. The logo symbolizes an anti-corruption campaign by a group of Cambodian advocacy workers. REUTERS/Khem Sovanara
October 4th 2006

Representatives from more than 20 Cambodian human rights groups and non-government organizations delivered a petition containing 100,000 signatures to the nation's parliament Wednesday demanding action against corruption.

The group met with representatives of both the opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) and royalist Funcinpec Party. A representative from the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) cancelled at short notice.

Respected rights activist and founder of the local organization Licadho, Kek Galabru, said ordinary Cambodians were committed to stamping out endemic corruption and she hoped the nation's politicians agreed.

"Today we bring more than 100,000 thumbprints of Cambodian people committed to the fight against corruption," she told the meeting in the National Assembly.

"We want to see an anti-corruption law to international standards. We want to see the National Assembly pass the law and then we want to see this country implement that law - not just on paper."

The Cambodian government has been under international pressure to pass an anti-corruption law, but it has so far not been tabled in parliament.

Earlier this year Prime Minister Hun Sen promised the annual Consultative Group meeting of the government and donors that the law would be in place by the end of year, but other laws including a law against adultery appear to have taken priority.

International donors have warned repeatedly that unless Cambodia takes steps to curb corruption, the aid Cambodia relies on may be cut.

SRP leader Sam Rainsy said the fight against corruption was "a priority for every Cambodian."

"The country's leaders always talk about reducing or fighting against corruption but these have only been words. It has never become real," he said.


Anonymous said...

Come on brother! Force the anti-corruption law down AH HUN SEN's throat until he said he will pass anti-corruption law!

channey said...

Pray the Lord!
I hope this CLEAN HANDS group is different one. I give the group a reasonable of doubt. WAIT AND SEE WHEN THEY SIT ON MONEY AND POWER. I remembered in 1971 when the SUPPOSED CLEAN SELF-DECLARED group of students who went on the demonstation against LON NOL Gov't corruption. OH MY GOD, You know what happened? once they were installed in the offices, they were smelling like fishes or KMHER used to say "FOUL ODOR" against the direction of the wind.

Anonymous said...

No law can do anything if the one who hold the absolut power is corrupted!
Reforme the killing pollice force and army than reform the justice system, than you start hope to see law and justice in the country

Who care about the people 1:41Am, we care about the idear if they become corrupted, put them in jail!

That why we need law and justice to count and controle power, we need no absolute power from a person or a group of shit!

Good idear that we need now and forever to rebuilt and built our society! Do not let the Vietcong confuse your mind!

Anonymous said...

Even if the law is passed, I fear the enforcement of the law will still be a problem as the CPP will manipulate it like they manipulate everything else.

But at least it will be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Dear 1st Anonymous friend!

I understand your feeling against the wrongdoing of the current extremist PM. But whatever you insult him, he doesn't care. Instead you care a lot about the bad results from his acts. Normally people can see the quality of their leader with the outcomes of his/her acts. It is in this sense that Ho Chi Minh has been honored as the Historic Hero of Vietnam but not for Cambodia. I don't know why some people hate him so much like this? But at least, we should keep calling him with good words, if we 're buddhists. One time before the 1998 election, I heard few Vietnamese drunk men honoring him as "Ong Yuon Sin ..." which means "Mr. Hun Sen" but they cannot pronounce his name correctly. Anyways this little story reminds me about what was happening about 100 years ago in the current Southern Vietnam when the ancient Khmer Empire lost some 20 provinces (that region is currently known as Kampuchea Krom in Khmer, or Cochinchine in French language) to VietNam only because of the corrupted habits of Khmer King Jaya Cheddha II who blindly lost in love with a Vietnamese spygirl known as "Ko Chin" (which means "Miss Chin"). Since then Vietnamese people honored "Miss Chin" by calling that region as "Ko Chin Sin" which means "Land that Miss Chin demanded".

Now, what is going on with our "Ong Yuon Sin"? I hope you can understand my fear. Just wait and see. Even if Yuon Sin (or Vietnam demands), he maybe clever than Jaya Cheddha the Second...

Lucky Luke, the Cowboy

Anonymous said...

The big fool group had cancelled their faces the last minutes. What does that tell us?

( I cannn't face it. I'm the big crook!/ That is their hidden statement).

Anonymous said...

To Lucky Luke, the Cowboy!

I had seen the ugly Vietnamese spy bitch known as "KO CHIN" with Khmer King Jaya Cheddha II! I swear to God that she is one ugly looking bitch that I had ever since in my life! Any fool who love her must be damned drunk or on opiate to sleep with her! If King jaya Cheddha married the ugly bitch "KO CHIN" then it for her sexual enjoyment! Now what does the mass Vietnamese population moving into Khmer Krom have anything to do with King Jaya Cheddha? If the whole Vietnamese women population want to move Khmer Krom and have sex with King Jaya Cheddha and I see nothing wrong with that! ahahahah!

The standard of beauty had changed so much since the ugly looking bitch "KO CHIN" ahahah!

AH HUN SEN chain smoker is a no good S.O.B! This S.O.B. is only smart for himself and his family! I willing to admit that this S.O.B. is running Cambodia into the ground and no Cambodian people can deny that! I will wait and see!

Anonymous said...

About time that this patition taken place, we should continue to be vocal and should also act against anything perceived as corrupt conducts.

If corrputions reduced, people of Cambodia will earn more and improve in living standard thus have better opportunities to find work base on their educational qualification, skills and experiences. So keep putting pressure on Hun Sen and his all talk not action Government.

Anonymous said...

Corruption has made Khmer Society from progressing to the 21st century. And it is saddened that the poor to suffer so much. My cousin, who's a teacher earned 35 USD a month, and wanted to relocate to his hometown to teach, but the village chief -- told him to pay 2,500 USD.

Can you imagine that one has to pay to get a job? When will this virulent ended.

I am pleased someone has the Gut to stand up to ah HUN SEN and demanded equality. Since we are the beggar society, I still believe HUN SEN will budge from international pressure. He can't survive without finances. It's like cutting his balls off to bleed to death.

Anonymous said...

Yeh man, squeezed that nuts! Maybe, me BurrRany wish to have 3G phone back to snap pictures & send messages for help!

Anonymous said...

Re: Lucky Luke, the Cowboy @5:34 AM

Wait and see? Until when? Next life? Khmer people cannot wait that long for the Karma law to kick in. They will be ethnically cleansed by you clever Vietcong and become extinct before they know it.

Some clever arse, you Vietcong Cowboy! LMAO!