Thursday, October 12, 2006

Peaceful Public Rally in Melbourne

Cambodian-Australians as well as Friends of Cambodia who are concerned about the current political situation in Cambodia are invited to participate in a peaceful public rally organized in Melbourne on Thursday October 12, 2006 to protest the presence of Prime Minister Hun Sen in Australia.

Location: The participants will start walking from 40 Collin Street Mebourne down to THE ACTUAL DINNER ADDRESS at: Level 46, 55 Collin Street, Melbourne 3000.

Date: Thursday October 12, 2006 between 17:30 and 18:30 (1 hour) Eastern Time (Melbourne, Sydney).

For further information about this peaceful public rally, please contact Naroth Sin or Mr. Long Bak at the following telephone number: + 61 3 417 387 401, or in Australia at: 0417 387 401.

Thank You,

Rally Organizers


Anonymous said...

It is so confusing.

The photo suggests the demonstration has already taken place; yet the text indicates it is to come.

Which one is the truth?


Anonymous said...

Come on we need at least 5000 people to make a good impact to Australian governemnt to think twice for working with a crooked.

Anonymous said...

My heart is with you all. I wish i could be there, but i'm not average Khmer American. So, i have no $$$ to go. I proud to see the demonstration.

Anonymous said...

it is no confusing at all.
But the same poeple will comeback with More and More...

The confusing is, the KR HunSen The Morder Hunsen is now the Peacefull PM

Anonymous said...

I cannot be there physically but I personally am extending my thoughts and full supports for you guys: let's kick ah Viet Dog HUN SEN and ah/mi YUON Katop Vietcong's ARSES out of CAMBODIA!


Anonymous said...

I am fully support this protest to,at least, let that Viet puppet, the horrible dictator and his cronies know that we,Khmers living oversea, will not ever ever accept his rules in Cambodia now. Things will change this repressive regime in Cambodia that what we know for sure just don't lose out hope but we just don't know when.
Cambodia must belongs to all khmers not to any groups or parties that serve the interests of foreigners and definitely not belong to CPP which has been established by Uncle HO to serve Viet ambition in controlling the Indochina.The Viets have what they dying for with the help of Hun Sen, the strong Viet man, and horrible Mornachist.