Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Reading: The 3-H Gangsters - a poem in Khmer by Sam Vichea


Vichet said...

Great poem. It is really meaningful and i wish the 3H Gangsters have read that.

Anonymous said...

But Vichet, sriously, do we think that all those Viet-dog crooks can read and write Khmer???

Wonderful poem Mr/Ms. Som Vichea. Thank you for sharing.

[Mais serieusement Vichet, croyons-nous que ces malfrats Viet-dog peuvent meme lire et ecrire en Khmer??? Super poeme M./Mme Som Vichea. Merci bien pour l'avoir partage entre nous.]


Anonymous said...

Great poem, very meaningful. I wonder how long the ex-dog can survive by escaping from those two dogs. And how long can the other two dogs bite each other? How long can cambodian people find a good mean to get rid from thes three nasty dogs?
Short live the three gangs Hun, Hoc Heng!!!!

Anonymous said...

Simple! Elect the right man and jail the 3H gansta. I will do that, if Im elected. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Your Khmer poem is the best of the best that I never ever read in our khmers'.
Please feed us more of your great ideals for our hungery mind.

All the best to you!

Ordinary Khmers said...

Very nice poem! very well putting into place and very true!

Great thinking Som Vichea! Taking a polital career or be a song writter in the future? whatever you may be, you have already learned to really master our language. Please continue to use it for the fine purpose for yourself, for us Khmers and for our Nation. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I don’t know what to say, but this poem is very excellent and meaningful in our modern Khmer literature. Thank you Som Vichea for your literary poem.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vichea, you're a real Poet. What about the 4th H (Heng Samrin). I got thrilled to read your poesy.