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VN cop during the torture of a Khmer Krom woman: "... in 2008, Vietnamese lands will extend all the way to the Thai border”

Khmer Krom condemn the Cambodian and Vietnamese governments

26 August 2007
By Kim Pov Sottan
Radio Free Asia

Translated from Khmer by Socheata

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The Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF) angrily condemned the Cambodian and Vietnamese governments on the violence and severe human rights violations perpetrated in both Cambodia and Vietnam.

The urgent statement dated 24 August was issued after it was reported that oppression and more arrests and jailing of Khmer Krom people are currently being conducted in South Vietnam, and those arrested are accused of involvement with Monk Tim Skahorn, the former abbot of Phnom Den pagoda. Vietnam accused Monk Tim Sakhorn of paying people to protest and demonstrate against Vietnam.

Thach Ngoc Thach, KKF President, said that his federation could not remain silent in this case. He said that KKF will bring their complaints to the international community next month.

Thach Ngoc Thach said: “Venerable Tim Sakhorn’s case is now turning into an international case, all the countries which we contacted, including the United Nations, as I told you earlier, will take up this case to demand an answer from the Vietnamese government, as in the case of the European Union Parliament which has recently announced its decision to push the Vietnamese government to resolve the case of 5 Khmer Krom monks who were defrocked and jailed until now. Therefore, in the future, the EU Parliament will continue to issue other decisions in the case of Venerable Tim Sakhorn.”

In the same statement, KKF exposed the religious rights and human rights violations perpetrated by the Vietnamese government against the demonstrations held by (Khmer Krom) monks, and the defrocking of 5 Khmer Krom monks who were subsequently sent to jail a few months earlier. KKF also exposed about the killing a Khmer Krom monk in Cambodia, the defrocking of Monk Tim Sakhorn, and the arrest of Khmer Krom people in South Vietnam and their forced coercion to put the blame on Monk Tim Sakhorn.

Mrs. Neang Ye, a 50-year-old teacher from Sangker Duon village, Tinh Bien district, Motr Chrouk province (Chau Doc in Vietnamese) claimed that she was jailed for one day and that she was beaten up and tortured by the Vietnamese police which forced her to confess her involvement with Monk Tim Sakhorn, just because she protested several times in the past with the Vietnamese authority about her farmlands which were confiscated by the Vietnamese authority.

Mrs. Neang Ye said: “They told me: ‘Are you going to answer or not? Will you answer that you took $100 from Monk Khorn (Tim Sakhorn) or not?’ They told me to answer yes then I will be released, they said to answer yes and place the blame on Monk Khorn to prevent Khmer (Krom) people from protesting too much. I told them that in this case, I don’t know about it, it’s a case that involves people in Cambodia and it happened in Cambodia, I live in Vietnam, I only know what’s happening in Vietnam. When I said that, they took a metal bar and squeezed my right thigh until it was all swollen, they threatened me, they held me by my neck collar, at that point, I was really angry, I hold one of the cop by the neck collar back. Then they told me that the lands that Khmer (Krom) people claim as their ancestral lands, they should go and claim with Sihamonineath, they said that do you know that these lands are Vietnamese lands, they said that the Vietnamese lands not only extend to Prey Nokor (Ho Chi Minh City), at the end, in 2008, Vietnamese lands will extend all the way to the Thai border.”

Neang Ye added that land protesters in Motr Chrouk province are currently faced with daily threats and they are accused of receiving money provided by Monk Tim Sakhorn who financed them to rise up and protest against the Vietnamese regime.

This threat also led another Khmer Krom woman to confess and put the blame on Monk Tim Sakhorn after she was jailed for a period of 3-day.

KKF says that this is a new Vietnamese tactics used to bring in more charges against Monk Tim Sakhorn, because it couldn’t find a single reason to sentence Monk Tim Sakhorn at all.

On 24 August, Khieu Kanharith, who, in the past, promised that he will ask a clarification from the Cambodian consulate in Vietnam regarding Monk Tim Sakhorn’s affair, said again that he is still waiting for an reply (from the Cambodian consulate). “There is no answer from the consulate to me yet, therefore wait, I will contact and ask them.”

The delay and the continued jailing of Monk Tim Sakhorn led Chea Mony, President of the Free Trade Union, to threaten that he will lead a mass demonstration in the near future to express the hurtful feelings in seeing the open interference of Vietnam in Cambodia’s internal affair, and to demand the return of Monk Tim Sakhorn.

Chea Mony said: “This demonstration will take place shortly because we are holding consultations with watchdog groups in the US, Finland, and France, and we are holding a meeting of the executive committee of each union regarding the holding of this mass demonstration with Khmer Krom brothers also. Therefore, if there is no resolution to this case, it will grow into a major issue.”

Thach Setha, President of the Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Community, expressed his concerns about Monk Tim Sakhorn after he learned that Monk Tim Sakhorn is currently subjected to intense torture. He added that Khmer Krom community will hook up with the Free Trade Union of Workers to lead a mass demonstration also.

Thach Setha said: “We will join our force together, and make it strong, in order to force the government to bring back Monk Tim Sakhorn, and also to demand for a proper respect of the law in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the government must respect the rights of their own citizens according to the law stipulated in the Constitution in used nowadays.”

Monk Tim Sakhorn was defrocked by force by the Cambodian authority at the end of June, and he was accused of undermining the friendship between Cambodia and Vietnam. After his defrocking, he disappeared until a report indicated that he was jailed in Vietnam.

Regarding this issue, International and national human rights organizations, civil society, MPs, Khmer Krom organizations and associations, and the king himself, asked Hun Sen and the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene and return Monk Tim Sakhorn back to Cambodia. However, up until now, Hun Sen and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remain silent to the requests made.


khmer pheas khloun said...

I am supporting Mr. Thach Gnoc Thach,you are my hero . If this event go on in California please pst the address. I can't believe all these happen to my citizen.
Do not give up the hope,as long as the sun still rising from the east.

Anonymous said...

Tim Sokhorn is a Khmer monk, when Hun Sen government humiliated him; it produces only insecure to all Cambodian citizens. So it is not the affair for Tim Sokhorn and his family, it is all of our security and prosperity.

Worst than that, Hun Sen government allows Yuan to humiliate Khmers....this is really unjustice for Cambodian people.

Cambodian people have to join hand by hand and wake up in a mass unit y to call back our freedom and security as Paris Peace Agreement set up for us

Anonymous said...

I know this is a sensitive issue... but Thach Gnoc Thach sounds like Vietnamese name. Except some, why most KKrom's names are so Vietname. I though they were Khmer? There are a lot of good Khmer names to use. In USA I met many men who married to white skin girls and speaking Vietname language to their kids at home? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5:15 PM,

I think if you do more research about Khmer Krom, you will not be surprised by the names that K.Krom people have. This happened, dating back after 1949 when French Indochina handed over our K.Krom land to Vietnam, and just less then 10 years of Vietnamese administration over K.Krom, Vietnamese Presisent at that time implemented a strict policy to force K.Krom to have their names changed to the entire population. This is a trick for Vietnam to confuse the international communities that these people are Vietnamese, not K.Krom. I used to have the similar feeling as you did. However, I did a lot of research to learn more about who K. Krom are. Finally, I know that K.Krom is our Cambodian people who has been suffering since the date the French Govt that once controlled Indochine ceeded this land to Vietnam. It is a very sad story.

Please watch this documentary movie on to see the sufferings of our Khmer Krom poeple under the current Vietname Government oppression.

1. This is an English old say:
"a little learning is a dangerous things"

2. This is why French Administration in Indochina picked King Sihanouk to rule Cambodia at that time, so the French could manipulate him, just giving him a lot girls and powver, he forgot his nation interest.

3. The same thing here for Hun Sen Govt. Vietnamese Govt picks Hun Sen and his clowns to run Cambodia, so this land can be transformed into Champa II. Champa land which is currently located in the contral Viet name was taken by this Youn Hanoi in 13th century. Hun Sen will die if he is not implementing Youn's Policy. Today Cambodian Govt is implementing Youn Hanoi 's policy.

4. Wake up to all Camboida new generation to fight for our Freedom to live. If this process continues, our motherland will become Champa II.

Thank you,
Khmer Nex Gen

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

6:06 PM,
Thank you.

8:34 PM,
Don't like Jewish people, they stool Palestinian land using God's prophecy. God Jewish, God Muslim, God Christian are telling each other there are only one God (my God). So now they are killing each other. They do not want to accept there are many Gods so we all can leave with each other in peace and harmony. Jewish are the invaders. They are exactly like Vietnameses.

Anonymous said...

Do all of Khmer get a message from just one of the Viet soldier who told the Kampuchea Krom women that he tortured about Khmer land? This Viet soldier claimed that the Vietcong government will take Cambodia next to be under Vietnam control and will change the map to Vietnam by 2008. So if one of their soldier said that, how's about his leader? The Viet will continue to occupy and place their people to live in our country until one day it will become their own country. IT'S TIME TO KILL ALL THE VIET PEOPLE LIVING IN CAMBODIA.

Anonymous said...

vietnames in Cambodia have been a real cancer for Cambodia.The U.N KR trial better know that vietname play their dirty trick not let it happen as we have seen almost thirty years already past.U.N should ask vietname government in Cambodia to go back to their land then the trial process will be smooth and Cambodians could have their decent life vietnames do all complete disorder and confusion in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

In the case of monk Tim Sakhorn who is in the hands of evils yuon, I urge Khmers in Cambodia rise up in thousands revolt in Phnom Penh against Khmer government and yuon embassy to warn them that Khmers care
about our citizen.