Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Plastic Killers [- Born Samnang: "They can turn black to white"]

A documentary film by Bradley Cox

“The Plastic Killers” is a documentary which investigates the 2004 assassination of Cambodian union leader Chea Vichea and the framing of two innocent men, Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun, for the crime. The two remain in prison serving 20 year sentences for a crime they did not commit.

Watch Bradley Cox's documentary below:


Anonymous said...

All of those who follow orders of hun sen and vietnam they will get a pay back one day. You may live without harm at this time, but your time will come. What goes around will come around. sihanouk is an example.

Anonymous said...

All human beings are born with inalienable rights. These human rights empower people to pursue lives of dignity -- thus, no government can bestow them but all governments should protect them. Freedom, built on a foundation of justice, tolerance, dignity, and respect -- regardless of ethnicity, religion, political association, or social standing -- allows people to pursue these fundamental rights. Whereas dictatorships deny human rights, free societies continually strive to attain them.

Hun Sen hater and ECCC Legal Team competitor

Anonymous said...

any one know which site I can download this film ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Extraordinary case! It is so sad to see that Cambodia has not only poor justice system but also poor performing judges. Justice is blind. But a "BLIND" judge makes my stomach churn with sickness. I don't believe in Karma, but I pray that those who are knowingly violating the rights and dignity of these poor (and seemingly innocent) men be, in turn, tormented by their consciences until the day they die.

Anonymous said...

Instruction for downloading the video:

1- goto the following link:

2- Click at the bottom of the page the Tab which says "Episodes"

3- Click on the picture of the episode you are interested in (hi-res, lo-res etc...)

4- On the right hand side column, near the bottom, you will see an option allowing to download the movie in the format you want.

Please give the proper credit to Bradley Cox for his video work.


Heng Soy

Anonymous said...

It's not the judge's fault. The first judge saw the evidence, and dismissed the case. He was demoted and sent elsewhere. The second judge saw what happen to the first judge, and probably told to cooperate, and have no choice, but to find the two men guilty, even though he knew they weren't. The crime are against higher officials like Heng Pov, Hok Lundy, and Hun Sen.

The law in Cambodia is a joke. There is no law. The powerful people are the law. Hun Sen and his com padre are the law. Heng Pov got bitten in the ass for his corruption, and Karma will hopefully catch other high official as well.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad for the two innocent people that got frame and for Cambodia as country. I was sick to my stamach when I watched this film. Cambodian's law is in the hands of the powerful bunch. It seems like everyone is looking out for himself.

The way Hun Sen runs its government is like Khmer Rouge's. He used the people and killed them afterward.

Anonymous said...

Heng Poev and his other 3 colleagues are just the tool of Hun Sen and Hok Lundi...

So everybody is not blinded until cannot see who are the actual persons behind this scene?

It is just a play to sustain their power, crime, guilty and corruption...etc

These men will have their day!

Starting from the grenade attack in 1997 to this two innocent men...and other..and next uncountable crimes will happen...because the true murderers are still floating in power...when these evils still be the top leaders, the culture of impunity and the rubberstamp courts still exist...those judges are under life-intimidation....

Anonymous said...

You can download the full (57.3Mb) movie from here:


Anonymous said...

Free screening of The Plastic Killers