Friday, January 25, 2008

Hor Namhong: Thai comments over Preah Vihear Temple "stupid"

Thai Comments Over Temple ‘Stupid,’ FM Says

By Mean Veasna, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh
25 January 2008

Foreign Minister Hor Namhong condemned as “stupid” comments made by a Thai official Friday over a disputed border temple in the north.

Preah Vihear temple, known to the Thais as Khao Phra Viharn, has become controversial in the unmarked border area, claimed by both Thailand and Cambodia.

Thai Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Pichasanu Putchakarn told the Bangkok Post Friday that Cambodia’s recent unilateral request seeking UN World Heritage Site status for the temple could upset relations between the two neighbors.

“Thailand has to think of its national interests. We may protest to the Cambodian government through diplomatic channels and try to explain to other countries that Thailand has tried to cooperate with Cambodia in requesting the World Heritage listing of the sanctuary together,” Pichasanu told the Post.

That general is stupid, as he does not know anything,” Hor Namhong said Friday, referring to Pichasanu. “Preah Vihear temple belongs to Cambodia. That we want to put it into Unesco’s World Heritage is our right.”

Cambodia had shown a willingness to negotiate with Thailand “several times,” Hor Namhong said. “More Thai experts than the international ones showed up in the negotiation. That is a stupid claim.”

Cambodia and Thailand both have troops stationed at the border near the temple, Pichasanu said.

“If Thailand still objects to Preah Vihear being listed as a World Heritgage Site, that is fine. We’ll still keep going,” said government spokesman Khieu Kanharith. “We have warned Thailand that if it blocks the entry to Preah Vihear from Thailand again, we will block it forever. Then it is Thailand that will totally suffer from the loss.”


Anonymous said...

There has been and is an internal problem in Thailand (fomrer Siam) after the overthrow of Thaksin and election.

The tense situation is hidden beneath the surface.

Thai PM is doing this to strengthen his position in his country's politic, satisfy the armed forces and people.

Just like Cambodia, when there is an internal struggle, take it to the outsiders, in this case Thailand is doing it to Cambodia. Before we see Thailand take it to Malaysia, Burma or other entities.


Anonymous said...

Yep, "stupid" is very right word to describe the bandit.

Anonymous said...

Mr MP, please protect our territory.
A cambodian,

Anonymous said...

Bullying is the trade mark of stupid peoples. Indeed, here again it is the case. We want to let you know that the whole Khmer Nation is just one, firmely united, when we need to protect our sovereignty and our Khmer heritage.

Anonymous said...

I'm an educated Khmer person. Naturally, as a Khmer person, I supported the Khmer gov't in our defend of Cambodia's Preah Vihear temple or any other sovereignty issues. First off, the Preah Vihear Temple belongs to Cambodia, and everyone, including the whole world gov't already know that, thus that is not negotiable. Secondly, like our FM were saying, Cambodia can turn it to the UNESCO world heritage site as we want, without the siem dictating us on how it should be done or what we can do. Thirdly, let me ask a dumb question, why is the siem's defense department is making trouble i.e., the siem's military get involved in this, don't they have a foreign minister corps who are trained in diplomatic skills to handle this kind of international issue. This goes to show that the siem's military is causing a 'stupid' international incidence.

Anonymous said...

Who is stupid?

If a country nearly produce nothing and buy all things from other countries, who can this country survive for a long time?

They only way for a country to protect them self is to do a good Business which make them independent from other countries!

If a country has a problem with this they please do not complain to other countries about it!

Other countries ONLY do the Business which the Cambodians are unable to do in their own country!

I do not like Thai people but NEVER, NEVER underestimate your enemy!!!

They just have to sit and wait for the right chance to get some more parts from Cambodia.

Just think if you are the enemy and want hurt Cambodia, what would you do? Try to understand your enemy!

If you understand your self and if you understand your enemy you will win every battle.

SUNZI Art of War

Start to understand how the world really run!

Anonymous said...

If you really mean it OLD Man! then do what ever you need to do to make it known to the world that this site belong's to the Khmer People!

Anonymous said...

Finally, Hun Sen government is doing something right to protect us Khmer from loosing our Preah Vehear to stupid Thai's Theif.

All Thais are good for is stealing our Khmer culture.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia import many kinds of products from Thailand. If Thai decided to ban the imports, Yes it will hurt Cambodians physically temporary. Cambodia can replace these loss from other countries, cost will up surely. But if Cambodian decided to give up the temple of Prea Vihear to Thai, it will hurt them forever and create deep emotional scar. Remember Koh Trol and other lands that we gave up in the past.

Thai will surely have advantage militarily and econimically over Cambodia, but Thai can't effort the prolong conflict. Thai needs at least to have a friend on eastern border, where her south border is troublesome. Thai can't take risk to invade Cambodia like VN did in 1979 (out of question). However, Thai can send troops to capture Preah Vihea in the moment of notice. Thais think more advance of making money than Khmer, so any turbulence of relationship with any neighbor will send a chilly feeling through her spine. Thai will fight two fronts at the same time.

What Cambodian can do if this case occurr:
Diplomacy offensive. Reopen the International Court as well as petition to UN. Request to convene Asian members emergency meeting. Lodge the protest with close friends for support.

Domestically: Galvanizing people to protest and prepare a long haul (indeed people will suffer)but situation is not going to be parallel as 1975-79 or not even come close to 1979-1993.

BE CAREFUL AND BE CAREFUL (this is one can lead to ruin everything ) not to go overboard by attacking Thai's embassy while Cambodia is looking for international support for its cause.

Militarily: Resort to tactic of thirty years exprerience of guerrilas warfare. Select targets that hurt Thai the most. Don't think destroy military post or tanks will hurt them a lot but practicing Khmer rouge's war during eastern front with VN in 1977-78 is paramount to hitting a sympathetic nerve system. (you know that. Again Thai absolutely can't send 180,000 troops across the border to capture phnom penh. They may send airplane to attack, think about countermeasure of shoot them down.

After all diplomacy offensives is the best way do. but every option should not be rule out.

Anonymous said...

Let's go to WAR a gain.

Anonymous said...

To the Cambodian Authories, Please pay more attention this general. He is a smart stupit, not a bed stupit. Watch out!!!

Anonymous said...

foolish. The Thais are not stupid and war monger people. They have almost fully integrated into the 21th century world society where they think with diplomacy and enforce with guns rather then talk with guns and enforce with diplomacy like some people here dream about.

Thailand is just looking for something to talk about to keep the pressure off their current problem.

No Thai would not invade Cambodia just because of Preah Vihar and it will never come to "reopening" the international court. It has been decided there is no reopening it again.

Thailand won't attack Cambodia for no reason, or stupid reason like that dispute.

This is time of international diplomacy and pressure. No country dares make unilateral war decisions without actual violent provocation...except the U.S (Iraq). But you see the karma of such action.

Only the U.S can afford to make such move, even so it had tried to attempted to convinced the international community that it was Iraq that help blew up twin tower. So it had a "excuse" for itself.

But Thailand cannot find any legal excuse or ground to invade Cambodia so it will not. So stop dreaming up of wars.

Look at Hor Nam Hong. He looks Like Comorade Pham Van Khai. I wouldn't be suprise if they were brothers!

Anonymous said...

What make you so certain that by understanding your enemy and yourself will win the battle?

I think you need to rephrase your aforemention comment to facilitate our understanding to ensure that the misapprehension does occur.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up to this problem.

It shows Khmers stand together for its national interest.

Anonymous said...

fuck khmer coward
you steal everything from thai and said they belong to khmer, for example, the preah viharn that is belong to thai now the khmer claim it is theirs
and now khmer thinks they can fight against our strong army
everyone in the world knows that the khmer arm forces are one of the most outdated and useless so why think of war
khmer should think smart, at least during this critical period of conflict

Anonymous said...

the thai generals are more smarter than than the khmer monkey generals sit around drinking palm wine and fuck cheap whores
do you think that these generals of yours can lead their men to battle with the thai, then you must be fucking crazy

Anonymous said...

Thais are good at noting except of producing whores, Pimps and Theives. If you're are Thair, that's in your fucking blood, you Thair mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

He looked Viet or a Vietnamese try to be Cambodia minister?

Good game dude! You all play golf together the fucking elite of Cambodia, Thai, and Viet?

Anonymous said...

The whole world know and internationally reconized Preah Vihear as Cambodia property so what the big deal?

What about Cambodia people was kidnape and shot to death on Cambodia soil a few month ago by the black glad Thai soldier, does Hor AhName Hong said any thing internationally?

Do mair As saker!!! may all of you go to hell soon!

Anonymous said...

Please!! Don't foget half of the land belong to Cambodia from the past and half of people of thai use to be Khmer people. If there is will of people there is away, the war not the answer.

Anonymous said...

I have told you before and I will tell you again! This is the nature of the Thaicong politic! Every fucken Thaicong government came to power and each one of them always demand certain part of Khmer territory to appease the Thaicong population or to attract their vote as being patriotic or the Thaicong government is trying to tell the Thaicong population of how tough they are!

The issue Phrea Vihear temple is non-negotiable and again it deal with Khmer sovereignty! The fucken Thaicong needs to get the concept of sovereignty through their fucken brain!

If anything creates by the Thaicong government which lead to instability of the whole Southeast Asia and the fucken Thaicong government will not be forgiven and they will be hold responsible and this is not a fucken warning!

"Despite this, soldiers from the two countries retained close ties."

I want to add the only close tie between Khmer and the Thaicong are corrupted Khmer leaders and Khmer soldiers! Yes... the fucken Thaicong want to be so closed that they want to claim Khmer sovereignty! Ahahhahahhah! What kind of Thaicong twisted logic is this? Never trust the fucken Thaicong!

Fuck the Thaicong investment! Fuck the Thaicong trade! Fuck the Thaicong diplomatic relation! Fuck all the Thaicong!

Anonymous said...

Hay, go and fuck telling your Thai general. What he is trying to do with Cambdian property is very fucking shame. What elso do you want to steal from Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

The fucken Thaicong government is out of line with the civilized world!

This is the issue of the Thaicong government who is looking for tourism dollars and one of the ways to get tourism dollars is to steal Khmer monuments and culture and here in the 21st century and the Thaicong government still behave like a criminal? Yes! More like drug dealers who use threat to achieve what they want! Fuck the Thaicong government!

All the Thaicong government need to know by now that the issue of Phrea Vihear is non-negotiable because it deals with Khmer sovereignty!

So if the Thaicong government desperately needs more tourism dollars to fix their aging F-16 jet fighters and some other useless weapons and I suggest that they force million and million of the Thaicong women to be prostitute like in the 1980!

Khmer government is not in any position to share any tourism dollars from Phrea Vihear with the Thaicong government! Plain and Simple! If the Thaicong government desperately want more dollars from tourism and they have to go out there get it and earn it and don't ever dream that Khmer government will share it unless the Thaicong government want to look down the barrel of Khmer’s guns!

If the fucken Thaicong government dare to start a war and they will be dragged into protracted guerilla warfare which will cost them economically and Cambodia can afford to delay the economic progress because Cambodia is still in the rebuilding process and once Cambodia catch up with the Thaicong economically and it will tougher for the Thaicong to start any shit! Let the fucken Thaicong come and we will greet them with guns, bullets, and bombs!

Anonymous said...

4:42AM Ah Norouk Nis, Ah Siam Chong Rai Vear Yor, You go to hell and eat my "Ach okay" honey.

Anonymous said...

God give this land to our ancestors and he will protect khmer people, No matter what happend to my people.
God always bring them back to life, So please let my Country and my people alone.

Anonymous said...

Look at it other way,for an individual sense,the person earns respect because of he/she is an upstanding and respectible.So does the same for government.This says alot how comtemptible of CPP.
Here's stupid is stupid does.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Thais to colonized us better than a VN nation.

Anonymous said...

To 9:08AM

Fuck you Thaicong slave bitch and tell that your Thaicong mother!

For speak for yourself slave bitch!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, What the hell of Thai general's comment? This comments can show us that, Thai is the real thief that alway stole everything from Cambodia such as Culture, Khmer traditional boxing, and other khmer properties.
I remember in 2003, Thai embassy in Phnom Penh was burn because Thai fucking actress said that Angkor is belong to Thai. and now what are they want?
Anyways, as the Cambodia people i really happy when the Cambodia government reaction on this issue. and keep going the process of listing the Preah Vihear temple to world heritage.

Anonymous said...

If Khmer officials would work for the country, the neighbors wouldn't dare disrespect Khmer sovereignty. Now, you (Khmer) are choking from the N, E, & W. Khmer will have no land to live.

Anonymous said...

in regard to the above comment, please!! in your dreams. in this day and age? how is it possible? stop being hysterical, cambodian people are not in the dark ages anymore, so stop your non-sense political propagonda. it's not working anymore. most of us khmers are smarter than that! in the future, there are many more potential leaders in for cambodia; and cambodia depend on just one leader anymore. every smart khmer person will have a potential to lead their country. so you so-call idea or tactic won't work again.

Anonymous said...

The military's strong but belated reaction to Cambodia's nomination of the Hindu temple of Preah Vihear as a United Nations World Heritage site raised eyebrows in Bangkok as well as in Phnom Penh. It may be true that the Cambodian authorities last year unilaterally proposed to get the mountaintop temple on the Unesco list of historical and cultural sites of global significance, but the Thai Foreign Ministry has already protested the move and now both countries have been discussing the proposal to jointly list Preah Vihear. The ancient temple is located on Cambodian territory along with secondary ruins on the Thai side.

Cambodia and Thailand have for several years been cooperating on the restoration of the ancient temples - which are easily accessible from the Thai side of the border - as part of a joint tourism development. The timing of the protest by the Defence Ministry, at a time when Thailand is about to revert to democracy after some 16 months of military rule, raises the serious question as to whether there is an ulterior motive behind this uncalled-for protest.

On Thursday, the Defence Ministry accused the Cambodian government of trying to create "false historical evidence" with the intention of laying claim to the area adjacent to Preah Vihear, particularly the access road, which is located inside Thai territory. The Defence Ministry also asked the Foreign Ministry to lodge a formal protest with Phnom Penh. According to the Defence Ministry, Cambodia has unilaterally created a new boundary in order to claim sovereignty over the entire area, including the access road on the Thai side, and is campaigning for international support for this. The Defence Ministry spokesman went as far as saying that the incoming government should take the issue seriously, as Phnom Penh could once again incite anti-Thai sentiments among Cambodians living along the border - and that this could threaten Thailand's national security. He said the Army was on alert to protect Thailand's sovereignty.

Such dramatic posturing by the military comes across as ludicrous and bordering on hysterical. There have been no signs of any possibility of armed confrontation between the two countries over Preah Vihear. The dispute over the site was supposed to have been settled more than four decades ago.

Sure enough, Thai military leaders yesterday backtracked, dismissing what the Defence Ministry's spokesman, Lt-General Pichsanu Puchakarn, said at a press conference was an inaccurate representation of the situation.

Preah Vihear is still something of a sensitive issue in the relations between Thailand and Cambodia. It became a hot issue again early last year when Thailand blocked Phnom Penh's attempt to list it as a World Heritage site on the grounds that Cambodia's annex document claimed some parts in an "overlapping area" claimed by both countries. In 1962, following bitter legal wrangling between the two countries, the International Court of Justice ruled in favour of Phnom Penh, which was given sovereignty over the temple compound. But the access route to the site is mainly on the Thai side of the border. Negotiations on the overlapping area are ongoing.

In clarifying the Defence Ministry's clumsy statements, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tharit Charungvat said yesterday that Thailand and Cambodia had agreed since 2000 to have a joint boundary committee and would not make any alteration to the environment or physical structures in the area before the demarcation is completed.

In the meantime, the spokesman said both countries continued to discuss how best to get Preah Vihear listed as a World Heritage Site for joint tourism development and mutual benefit.

The two countries said there was no dispute, and Thailand agreed to provide technical assistance to train Cambodian workers to restore the temple prior to the proposal to list the site.

If this serves as a lesson to the military, it is this: the armed forces should learn to mind their own business and not over-extend themselves by venturing into unfamiliar territory - like diplomacy - that they know little about. Everybody knows by now that the Thai armed forces have been fighting a losing war against Islamic militants/Malay separatists in the deep South and their prestige is taking a beating. The priority for the military is to disengage itself from politics and put its own house in order.

The Nation

Khmer forever! Yuon out of Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

what do siem mean when they say 'jointly develop' Cambodia's preah vihear temple? in their dreams. 'jointly develop' the area surrounding the preah vihear temple or 'jointly develop' the temple of preah vihear itself? the former is more likely, but the latter is in their dreams. if they are so afraid about losing territory to khmer, use the 1962 map that had been decided already by the hague court of international justice. common, i thought siem are smarter than that; what is there to talk with cambodia about. use that map. or is this some kind of new siem's aggression on cambodia again? in their dreams!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thais, You are son of a bitch!

Anonymous said...

I am a Thai living in Bangkok. Just to let you guys know that I totally agree with Hor Nam Hong's remarks. "Stupid" is even soft dealing with those stupid military men. The man is not worth a rank of sub-leutenant of the Royal Thai Armed Forces. He did not seem to know any basic thing about the recent history. Diplomatically, I remember reading a news story about Thai Foreign Minister Nitya Piboonsongkram telling Mr Hor Nam Hong in Phnom Penh in the middle of December that Thailand had never claimed rights over the Preah Vihear temple-- and that Thailand fully respected the judgement of the ICJ made in the Hague some 50 years ago. It 's very goof that there are still wise people in Thailand. So-- don't worry friends- just a stupid comment by a stupid general. There are probably many more stupid military top brasses both in Thailand and in Cambodia. So let us people keep on cooperating for mutual benefit, sharing the wealth and a brighter future.

Anonymous said...

Peace !!

Anonymous said...

The hell! Let's go to war!

The damage has been done; it cannot be undone.

War should be our last resource.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

PEACEE!! just stay and SHUT UP ... BOTH SIDE !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

a khmer person said, agree with lion's heart comments above. they caught the stupid general's mistake with his arrogant dirty mouth. there's nothing to argue about anymore. make sure that general is demoted to a private. khmer-thai friendship does not need that kind of people like him. please teach your people to make friends with us khmers, not enemies, that way, we both can appreciate each other's contribution more and more in any arena. thanks

PS: please also don't underestimate the friendship with khmer people, who knows, maybe one day, thai and khmer can become ally. but we both got to work toward that goal, though. i'm sure there are many friendly thais and there are many friendly khmers, let's get the soft side of each other, after all, we are eternal neighbors. please teach our two people to help each other.

Anonymous said...

Peace!!!We are Cambodian..... should have a good deal on it.

Anonymous said...

We all should look at history of both nations. In case of Preah Vihea temple, I would like the Thai people and scholars read through our prehistory to really understand where all came from. The fact is, Cambodia has been occupied the present day of Cambodia, South Vietnam and Thailand. During the Khmer Empire, the Khhmer Kings expanded the territory and built thousands of temples around the region. Then came the Thai minority occupied the northwest areas. As they muscled up, they proclaimed their independence in early 12th century. If we look at Preah Vihea, it took three Khmer Kings to complet it. If I am not mistaken, it was built in the 10th century. Therefore, if the Thai people or governtment said we stold their temple, it is absolutely unacceptable.If some ignorant Thai scholars ignore the fact. Let call the FUCKING FRENCH to map it out again. The CRAZY FRENCH not only given our land and Sea to Vietnam but also did not protect Cambodia from losing land to Thailand.

For Thai scholars and Thai government: please stop teaching your children that Cambodia stold your land and temple? You should look at your naked self and asking yourself, am I a thief or the property owner?

Anonymous said...

This message is to all Thailand in cluding its people and government.

Thai must stop violate and steal the land from surrounded country especially Cambodia. It is shame to claim that Preah Vihear belong to you and it shows that you don't recognize the history and even with the present. However, not all people around the world are studid and greedy like you. Khmer people have mostly forgoten and forgiven you already for stealing our land where most of Khmer people are still living there and speak our language so please wake up and accept the reality, especially with the government, it needs to teach and educate its people the reality of history and present no creating fake document and violate the truth. You don't leave peacefully with other neighboring countries including Cambodia and there is no good result for you if Cambodia decided to finish the relationship with you. Your exports will be hampered.

Wake up Thai and don't be stupid!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My name is Bondet, and i am the student in Pannasatra university and Institute of Technology of Cambodia. I am ready to join the army to protect the country if there is a call from the government.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with some of comments regarding Cambodia depends on Siam's resources. Economically, I believe it's the other way around; and Siam could get hurt badly if all Khmer decided to boycott by stop buying Siam products. Internally, Khmer has enough resources to survive without depending on Siam. Come to worse, we can turn to import what we need from China and may be Viet at this point. Then let's see whose economy get hurt. However, I decided to stop buying the products made from Thailand. I only buy food produce locally and avoid buying anything from Thailand. If not all, but most Khmer living in Cambodia and oversea could do the same, we will win Siam one step.
Long Live Khmer Angkor!

Anonymous said...

Siam! BE REAL! Why did you say Khmer coward? Don't you know that your general and government do anything they are possibly could to avoid facing the truth, especially with the international court! This shows that they are coward because they cannot face the truth. They keep on blaming Khmer this Khmer that. Ah Siam! You know that you just as your Ancestor who were the THIEVES. Like people said, "Thief always be the Thief."
Long Live Khmer!

Anonymous said...

Siam military keep poking the tiger. They bombed and shot here and there within their territory. As long as they keep their distance if they don't they will get slab on their faces by the tiger. That when they will get hurt badly! Dream on there will be ABSOLUTELY NO 2ND KHMER ROUGE REGIME IN CAMBODIA, DUDE!