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Poor Hun Sen's deceased mother ... her ungrateful son dedicated a bogus honorary doctor to her

Addressing the Conferment of the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

10 April 2004
By Hun Sen
From Cambodia New Vision, April 2004 issue

Today, I have a great honor and pleasure to be conferred an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Political Science by the Irish International University of the European Union which is based in Dublin of the United Kingdom. On this wonderful occasion, on behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia and m y own self, may I extend my deepest gratitude to the Irish International University, the Review and Evaluation Committee, as well as to all the Professors who are the faculty members, for the great honor the University conferred on me.

Indeed, this great honor also belongs to the Royal Government, the People and the entire Kingdom of Cambodia. More over, this prideful honor also highlight that we must work hard and make sacrifice for the cause of strengthened peace, stability, democracy, respect for human rights and human dignity, as well as sustainable and equitable development in Cambodia. With this great honor and the responsibility of the Royal Government and People of Cambodia in implementing far-reaching reforms in priority sectors, as well as with the blessing of His Majesty NORODOM SIHANOUK, the King of Cambodia and Her Majesty NORODOM MONINEATH SIHANOUK, the Queen of Cambodia, Cambodia has stepped forward with strong hope for future and confidence on the path of reform and development, progress and prosperity for our people.

Cambodia has invested considerable time and efforts over the past decades, overcoming uncountable threats, difficulties and obstacles to rehabilitate and rebuild the country from the devastation left by the genocidal regime and decades of war, and thus far achieving full peace and firm economic stability.

Specifically, in our effort to overcome obstacles on this difficult path over the past 5 years, we have faced many challenges. As a result, with our strong determination and steadfast implementation of the “Triangle Strategy”, we have created a favorable environment and prerequisites for Cambodia, both domestically and internationally, to step forward on the path of reforms and sustainable development, with strong hope and confidence.

Through our win-win policy, we has successfully overcome all the challenges and constraints thus attaining considerable and prideful results which are now having positive impacts on the fabrics of the society, the culture of peace, safety, social order and respect for democracy, human rights and dignity, as well as on the cooperation and development.

In a shortest period, if one compared with the long history of any developed country, without hesitation we can show to our international partners that Cambodia is now capable to participate in the regional and world affairs in equal footing. All these have opened up a “new horizon of opportunities” that provides the hope for future through increased confidence on Cambodia, -- resulting in the increased trade, investment and tourism inflows into Cambodia.

These are the factors contributing to job creation and income generation for Cambodian workers, -- thus finally help reducing the poverty and increasing the welfare of people. All these indeed present the success of the RGC in implementing the “Triangle Strategy”, which is also an ample “diamond opportunity” for Cambodia to promote long term development, -- a firm foundation for the Royal Government to move forward into its third mandate.

It is true that we cannot address all the consequences of war, the genocide and internal conflicts which had destroyed Cambodia in almost 3 decades, in a period of four years, or in one day or one month or in even one year. We need more time and efforts than that.

Thus, the next government will really need to maintain the momentum of development and advance on the achievements Cambodian people have difficultly attained so far. Thus from this point of view, further strengthening of the momentum of reforms which have been successful to be fast tracked, expanded and deepened, will be very crucial for the sustainability of the development and the speed of poverty reduction. In this context, while poverty reduction is needed to ensure social equity and justice, it has also become the art of “an innovative and lively economic management”.

Thus, the most challenge faced by the government in its development efforts is poverty reduction, and especially the improvement in the quality of life of the fast growing Cambodian population. Moreover, the Royal Government is aware of and considers the poverty as a serious economic loss which is morally unacceptable and causes separation in the society. Thus on this philosophy, we have introduced the poverty reduction strategies, which has the following key elements:
  1. Further strengthen peace, security, stability and social order through specific measures, aimed at improving the rule of law, protection of human rights and democracy, in order to create such a favorable political and security environment for the long term sustainable development.
  2. Ensure long term sustainable, higher economic growth, between 6 -7 % annually.
  3. Equitable distribution of fruits from the growth among the have and have not, the urban and the rural, and men and women.
  4. Ensure sustainable management and use of natural resource, and sustainable environment.
In the context of the above mentioned poverty reduction strategy, it is clear that the next government will continue fine-tune and sharpen its policies on the path of reforms in all sectors for the development and poverty reduction. On behalf of the Irish International University’s Honorary PhD Candidates, I wish to deeply and most respectfully thank His Majesty NORODOM SIHANOUK, the King of Cambodia and Her Majesty NORODOM MONINEATH SIHANOUK, the Queen of Cambodia, who are the source of endless knowledge for me; and I wish them longevity to be with us all. I wish also to dedicate the to day honor to the Senate and the National Assembly, in particular, to Samdech CHEA SIM and Samdech HENG SAMRIN and other CPP Leaders who have provided advice and guidance for my actions. I would like to pass on the honor of this award to all my advisers and assistants, including civil servants at all levels, RCAF personnel and all Cambodian people, who have been supporting my leadership and the place where I have learned a lot.

I wish also to dedicate this achievement to my deceased mother and my beloved father, as well as to my brothers and sisters, that all what I have today indeed belong to them and to the entire our family. I would like also share this pleasure today with my wife, BUNRANY HUN SEN, and my children who are always with me, in every moment of my life, both in the most difficult or joyful time.

Once again, please allow me to express my deep gratitude t o the Irish International University for this great honor. Specifically, I thank Professor H. Sandhu, the Chancellor and Executive President, Professor Joel Redding, Special Awarding Secretary, Dr. Hashim Ahmad, Secretary General of the International Academic Board, Dr. Mazaki Ujud, Secretary of Special Award, and Dr. Edwin Varo, Coordinator for Special Award of the Irish International University, who have come over here to bestow the honor on me. In closing, on the eve of upcoming Khmer New Year I extend to you all, Samdech, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Success, Happiness and Prosperity. I also wish you all, who present in this conferment, the five gems of Buddhist blessing.


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Hun Sen and Mong Rithy deserve degree from this kind of university.

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Oh well! Does Mr. Hun Sen have the courage to hand back the bogus Honorary Doctoral Degree in Political Science back to the Irish International University?

Mr. Hun Sen as a former farmer pagoda boy always has thirst for knowledge and somehow he can't seem to attain the so called knowledge and this is very reason why he kept looking and listening to the Vietcong master!

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Indeed, the world is making fun of Khmer Society that even the elite Khmer leader can be lured to take Cyanide by first putting him or her in the pedestal.

Something is rotten in the state of Cambodia (CPP).

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Irish International University is a ghost University. Shame for Hun Sen!

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You should go to school went you were young dude Hun Sen! to make your mother hapy!

Your play around till you lost one eyes! Know you try to abuse your desea mother for telling you to go to school?

You fuck up that why all your children now have problem with education (exept the forst one that not raise up by you!)

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Why are you still accepting these gimmic awards. You only make you and your country stupid.

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Hun Sen says like pro but act like noob. Mother Fucker Hun Sen!!!!