Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thailand plays a dangerous game with fire

Cambodian visitors posing near a sign leading to Preah Vihear Temple (Photo:

Thailand downplays row over Preah Vihear

Saturday January 26, 2008
Bangkok Post

In a bid to downplay conflicts surrounding the Preah Vihear temple on the Thai-Cambodian border, Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas said Thailand had decided not to protest against Cam-bodia's unilateral move to have the ancient temple ruins listed as a World Heritage site. The minister said it was a misunderstanding on the part of defence spokesman Pichasanu Putchakarn and his statement was personal, not the resolution of the Defence Council.

''It is not a resolution of the Defence Council. It was just an internal meeting of agencies concerned to assess the situation. It was not intended to be announced and the information [given by the defence spokesman] was incorrect and included personal views,'' Gen Boonrawd said yesterday.

He was referring to a statement by Lt-Gen Pichasanu that Thailand was risking the loss of the disputed areas should Cambodia get the ancient temple listed as a World Heritage site without Thai participation, and that the government should protest and condemn the neighbouring country for the move.

Gen Boonrawd also tried to tone down the defence spokesman's remark that Cambodia attached a ''false'' map to claim the disputed areas with its World Heritage application. That referred to the use of a ''different'' map to claim the disputed areas, the defence minister explained.

Lt-Gen Pichasanu said the Defence Council had not reached a resolution, but it had held a discussion to prepare to take the right position.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Tharit Charungvat said Cambodia's Preah Vihear move had nothing to do with the feared loss of Thai territory.

''Whether Preah Vihear will be listed as a heritage site or not is a matter for the World Heritage Committee (WHC). It will not involve the loss of Thai territory,'' he said.

Thailand has discovered that the information or map that the Cambodian side has proposed to the WHC includes the areas in dispute. Thailand has protested as the border demarcation is not concluded and Thailand's rights to the areas in question have been recognised, he said.

The spokesman said a Thai representative who joined an international committee's trip to Cambodia on Jan 11-12 had already complained about the territorial issue with the Cambodian authorities.

Meanwhile, Cambodian Defence Minister Tea Bahn said he already received an explanation from Lt-Gen Niphat Thonglek, the Thai border affairs director-general, that the matter was a misunderstanding.

Gen Tea Bahn said although Cambodia was building a walkway to Preah Vihear on its soil, the construction would not affect Thai territory.

''There is a joint committee working on border demarcation. But its work is quite sluggish,'' he said.


Anonymous said...

thank you, Mr. Defense Minister for correcting this. Now, I can say, I love Thailand and have more respect for Thailand for taking a swift action to correct this general's personal opinion. I applaud the Thai gov't for this as well. I think, we, Thai and Khmer (let me toss it in, even the Vietnamese) people should work at reconciliation for we are eternal neighbors. Thus, it would serve us well if we live, work, and do business side-by-side with one another and stop the hatred and distrust of one another. Our people can benefit from each other. It is when we don't get along that the worse in both people are showing. I think we can do business together like sharing our tourists, and by helping each other (because Thailand never have any catastrophic war on your land in recent years ). I see a good future ahead for our two people when we do work together. You know, in my opinion, I think Thai and Khmer people have more similarity with each other than differences. We ought to make use of it to perserve both our ancient culture, tradition and people. So, please, you got the best of me now after having read the statement from your gov't, as a Khmer person, I don't know about you, but I started to feel better already. I think we should make friends and work harder to reconcile our two people, so we can form a strong allians like the Europen Union. After all, if you know about the EU, before they were formed, countries in Europe were considered eternal enemies, e.g., the french, the english, the german, the spanish, etc., were all staunch enemies, but look now, they cooperated to form a huge community call the EU. And I think our Asean brothers and sisters should learn from the EU. Peace on Earth!!

Anonymous said...

not to rest asure yet, Thais have alot of trick in their sleeves. They might said this to calm us down, but doing something else to retaliate us.

Anonymous said...

fuck khmer coward
you steal everything from thai and said they belong to khmer, for example, the preah viharn that is belong to thai now the khmer claim it is theirs
and now khmer thinks they can fight against our strong army
everyone in the world knows that the khmer arm forces are one of the most outdated and useless so why think of war
khmer should think smart, at least during this critical period of conflict

Anonymous said...

you Thai mother fuckers, you think you can claim that Preah Vihea belong to you? You can even said the name right! you can steal our artifact in the past but now now when their are International Eyes watching and protecting us Khmer. You thing Angkorwat belong to you? you can't even ready the writting incripted on it's wall. Because it's not even your fucking writting. you dammn bustard.

Anonymous said...

Just don't get to that area Mr. 4:53am o.k. Just calm your nerve down and you should think smart!

If Preah Viheah will be listed as the world heritage, don't you think that it will belong to the world or you include, stupid?!!!

Small land to loose around the temple is just a little price to pay for the Peace of a thousand years between you, our people and the rest of the world. You need to listen to the first comment and stop insulting my Khmer people. You people have enough trouble and you're truly Ah Moke, if you need it more!!!Now go home!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is a good idea to live in peace with our neighbors but with neighbors like yuon and siem who love to conquer us ,forget about it.The only way to insure our survival is to rebuild our arm forces to become the best fighting Army in the world like the israelis's so that our enemies will have to think ten time over before daring to challeng us.Peace throught strenght .

Anonymous said...

and we Khmer are waiting for the whole world to wear their boots, hat, t-shirt or slippers with Preah Vihear & Angkor Wat as part of their true heritage on their bodies and ON THEIR HEADS! you will too idoit! It's coming!

You idoit know that KHmer Empire scattered all over Asia. You idoit must have thought that by running away OR SNIPPING SOME OF THE LAND FROM IT ORIGIONAL PART to build your own very strong and magnificent empire in Thailand then able come back and claim Preah Vihear as your, right? Wrong!!!!!! Little people like us who chose to stick around thru thick and thin are the people that should be known thru out the world as its " RIGHTFUL OWNER".

Please GET LOST!!!!!!!! OR go back to your thai empire and leave us alone! Go and urgue WITH THE COURT THAT WAS CREATED IN 1962 O.K!

Anonymous said...

And where the hell are you going to get this money to rebuild your arm forces. You must have waken on the wrong side of the bed.

Our prime minister does not care if the neighbors are encroaching and stealing our land a little at a time, because he is too busy building his bodyguards unit to help protect his ass and his cabinet staff. Thus, forget about building our arm forces.

Anonymous said...

The damm thai people wants to make money and so do we! who in the hell wants to go to war? Must be that little bugs attracting to light from Thailand. asshole!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am American/Cambodian, I love and proud to be born as Khmer. My father is 100% Cambodian and my mom is American. From day one I've learn and know alot about Cambodian history. The Thai just jealous with Cambodia over Khmer's rich cultures and natural resources. Don't be alarm, the Thai is coward to fight with you guys. The are just a bunch of pussies. They kept stealing your stuffs from day one as they became a nation. But now since Cambodian begins to rise again the Thai really don't want to see that. Because Thai afraid those Khmer living in Thailand will surely want to reunite with their brother. No matter what the Thai have or way better adavance then you (Khmer) they are too chicken to start a war. And let me tell you, the Khmer have more tactics and experiences than the Thai. You guys will smash them just how the Vietnam smashed the USA.

Krom Maekt said...

50years from now, the Sea level will rise because the polar ice cap melt, the Southern tip of Thailand and Cambodia lowland will be Underwater. Will you be ridiculously comes in here to bitch at each other?

We as humanity should strive to make a world a better place for the next generations. Every tree that fell in Cambodia or anywhere else in the world. 10 trees should be replanted for the next generations! Have you breathe the CO2 smogs in downtown Bangcock? It is not pleasant for a person with repiratory symptoms?


Vistit this

From: Krom Maekt (under the sky).

Anonymous said...

I have told you before and I will tell you again! This is the nature of the Thaicong politic! Every fucken Thaicong government came to power and each one of them always demand certain part of Khmer territory to appease the Thaicong population or to attract their vote as being patriotic or the Thaicong government is trying to tell the Thaicong population of how tough they are!

The issue Phrea Vihear temple is non-negotiable and again it deal with Khmer sovereignty! The fucken Thaicong needs to get the concept of sovereignty through their fucken brain!

If anything creates by the Thaicong government which lead to instability of the whole Southeast Asia and the fucken Thaicong government will not be forgiven and they will be hold responsible and this is not a fucken warning!

"Despite this, soldiers from the two countries retained close ties."

I want to add the only close tie between Khmer and the Thaicong are corrupted Khmer leaders and Khmer soldiers! Yes... the fucken Thaicong want to be so closed that they want to claim Khmer sovereignty! Ahahhahahhah! What kind of Thaicong twisted logic is this? Never trust the fucken Thaicong!

Fuck the Thaicong investment! Fuck the Thaicong trade! Fuck the Thaicong diplomatic relation! Fuck all the Thaicong!

Anonymous said...

The fucken Thaicong government is out of line with the civilized world!

This is the issue of the Thaicong government who is looking for tourism dollars and one of the ways to get tourism dollars is to steal Khmer monuments and culture and here in the 21st century and the Thaicong government still behave like a criminal? Yes! More like drug dealers who use threat to achieve what they want! Fuck the Thaicong government!

All the Thaicong government need to know by now that the issue of Phrea Vihear is non-negotiable because it deals with Khmer sovereignty!

So if the Thaicong government desperately needs more tourism dollars to fix their aging F-16 jet fighters and some other useless weapons and I suggest that they force million and million of the Thaicong women to be prostitute like in the 1980!

Khmer government is not in any position to share any tourism dollars from Phrea Vihear with the Thaicong government! Plain and Simple! If the Thaicong government desperately want more dollars from tourism and they have to go out there get it and earn it and don't ever dream that Khmer government will share it unless the Thaicong government want to look down the barrel of Khmer’s guns!

If the fucken Thaicong government dare to start a war and they will be dragged into protracted guerilla warfare which will cost them economically and Cambodia can afford to delay the economic progress because Cambodia is still in the rebuilding process and once Cambodia catch up with the Thaicong economically and it will tougher for the Thaicong to start any shit! Let the fucken Thaicong come and we will greet them with guns, bullets, and bombs!

Anonymous said...

Hay, go to tell your Thai general. What he is trying to do with Cambdian property is very fucking shame. What elso do you want to steal from Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

Crazy 4:53,
I have a question. why one part in Thailand, most of people can speak khmer? This mean that fuck Siam steal the land from Cambodia. The history of SIAM was the shieve from China. Pls check your blood.

Anonymous said...

Duma Cong Cak ah Kapick 4:53. Check the original spelling of the word: It clearly says in the Khmer language as Preah Vihear, not pra viharn, you Siem Kapick. For all that I care, Cambodia must RECLAIM every inche lost to the Siem babarians from Ah Siems. I want all of it back. Then all of Ah Siems must return to their native shitholes in China Province of Yunnan. Ah Siem Kapick is the barbaric race known for their thievery. F*ck all ah Siem and damn all of them to HELL.

Anonymous said...

It is ok to express ourselves, to make our stance clear, to voice our protest, but please refrain from using violence. We, Khmer people, are now better educated and are smarter now after we learnt from our mistakes in the past. We will use any type of diplomatic means to deal with Thailand's bully. Remember their official now say that it was a miscommunication and the 'opinions' weren't that of the Thai's gov't, but one general, and that it is solely his opinion. So, we don't need to be hysterical like this one thai general. We are smarter than that. Don't worry, we have the whole world behind us. But please do make our voice heard, and we know it was just a bully, like a bully at school who likes to pick on a nice person because they think that person is weak. But don't worry, we know everybody hates bullies. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

4:53 you stupid wild pig. go back to elementary school and then join the thai army. i'll make sure i'll fight the thai to my last breath. you stupid thai piglet. eat you alive you coward pig.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry!! Even we will have war with Thailand, we have our comrade Vietnam help us. As long as CPP is still ruling party, comrade VN will send their tough and strong army to Thai-Cambodian border. Comrade VN is happy to help with some compensation after that, don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Stupid 4:3 don't ever trust your comrade VC he will eat you up soon.
Believe me not you've already seen the evedence. Only the blind did not see what yuon did to Khmer.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank the country that have ulterior motive toward us as yet. They tried but they failed and now they admited the viewpoint came from the bandit. This is not the first time they did that. Yet, there are plenty evidences that they are encrouching on our border land. beat, shoot and exploit our people. They know very well that Cambodia can't do much at this point. Cambodian people are fighting for their rights to be respected as human beings from its aggressive arrogant neighborly Thailand.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank the country that have ulterior motive toward us as yet. They tried but they failed and now they admited the viewpoint came from the bandit. This is not the first time they did that. Yet, there are plenty evidences that they are encrouching on our border land. beat, shoot and exploit our people. They know very well that Cambodia can't do much at this point. Cambodian people are fighting for their rights to be respected as human beings from its aggressive arrogant neighborly Thailand.

Barang said...

Nobody is an island.
Cambodia is not an island!

The only way to survive for Cambodia is to look for strong partners which will help them in the future.

This could be
Lao people

Help is NOT for free!
One Hand is washing the other Hand.

This is the way politics are made of.

For the personal situation people have to work hard, not make so much holiday.

Understand your self.

Anonymous said...

To 8:50am,

Ah crazy 4:53 will never able to answer you that question. Why? Khmer in Thailand are mostly Khmer Surin and Khmer Surin are Khmer. They live in their land. Those many piece of lands were one our own Khmer's land just like Khmers who live in Kampuchea Krom.

That is their nightmare that they have every night. It's the stolen or injustice property. They will never able to rest in peace until they give them up or give it back to us. Right now, Khmer Surin are happy with Thai Gov. So they are o.k and can live with it. Ah Vietcong on the other hand treats our Khmer people like dirt. Their days are coming!.

Anonymous said...

Also remember in April of 1975, do you know how many Khmer people are at the border gate between Thai & Cambodia? The minutes KR wanted to shut the border gate, hundreds, if not thousand of people took off to Thailand and never came back home. May be now, they are. Those Khmer today are at every level in Thailand. Remember also that those who had proper Pastport and everything else and were able to leave Cambodia right before April 17th of 1975 are no dummy people. That is also their nightmare. So make peace is better and don't start anything stupid.

Anonymous said...

and who enrich their ( Vietnam & Thai or Youn & Siem in Khmer vocabulary ) culture? our Khmer people of course!

They ought to be more than just thankful for having our own people in their land instead. Now, please pass the word or tell it to their faces!

Anonymous said...

of course, we now live in a global society. with the ease of transportation, we can get to anywhere in the world in a day or two. regards to some of the comments above, it is called global diplomacy.

P.S. an angry person fights better than the not so angry - a Khmer person.

Anonymous said...

Preah Vihear Temple has been recognized as a value property of Cambodian and solely belongs to Cambodia country by International Court since 1962; therefore, there is nothing to talk more than this. We have to accept the reality because now is 2008. And we are living in a modern century, not the past 1000 years ago that each country used his/her arm forces to fight a giant or to invade other countries but not now. Legal way is the solution that each country, which is a member of UN, is using to solve the problem.

Lastly, I call for all of you to demonstrate whatever you are able to proof on.

Anonymous said...

The military's strong but belated reaction to Cambodia's nomination of the Hindu temple of Preah Vihear as a United Nations World Heritage site raised eyebrows in Bangkok as well as in Phnom Penh. It may be true that the Cambodian authorities last year unilaterally proposed to get the mountaintop temple on the Unesco list of historical and cultural sites of global significance, but the Thai Foreign Ministry has already protested the move and now both countries have been discussing the proposal to jointly list Preah Vihear. The ancient temple is located on Cambodian territory along with secondary ruins on the Thai side.

Cambodia and Thailand have for several years been cooperating on the restoration of the ancient temples - which are easily accessible from the Thai side of the border - as part of a joint tourism development. The timing of the protest by the Defence Ministry, at a time when Thailand is about to revert to democracy after some 16 months of military rule, raises the serious question as to whether there is an ulterior motive behind this uncalled-for protest.

On Thursday, the Defence Ministry accused the Cambodian government of trying to create "false historical evidence" with the intention of laying claim to the area adjacent to Preah Vihear, particularly the access road, which is located inside Thai territory. The Defence Ministry also asked the Foreign Ministry to lodge a formal protest with Phnom Penh. According to the Defence Ministry, Cambodia has unilaterally created a new boundary in order to claim sovereignty over the entire area, including the access road on the Thai side, and is campaigning for international support for this. The Defence Ministry spokesman went as far as saying that the incoming government should take the issue seriously, as Phnom Penh could once again incite anti-Thai sentiments among Cambodians living along the border - and that this could threaten Thailand's national security. He said the Army was on alert to protect Thailand's sovereignty.

Such dramatic posturing by the military comes across as ludicrous and bordering on hysterical. There have been no signs of any possibility of armed confrontation between the two countries over Preah Vihear. The dispute over the site was supposed to have been settled more than four decades ago.

Sure enough, Thai military leaders yesterday backtracked, dismissing what the Defence Ministry's spokesman, Lt-General Pichsanu Puchakarn, said at a press conference was an inaccurate representation of the situation.

Preah Vihear is still something of a sensitive issue in the relations between Thailand and Cambodia. It became a hot issue again early last year when Thailand blocked Phnom Penh's attempt to list it as a World Heritage site on the grounds that Cambodia's annex document claimed some parts in an "overlapping area" claimed by both countries. In 1962, following bitter legal wrangling between the two countries, the International Court of Justice ruled in favour of Phnom Penh, which was given sovereignty over the temple compound. But the access route to the site is mainly on the Thai side of the border. Negotiations on the overlapping area are ongoing.

In clarifying the Defence Ministry's clumsy statements, Foreign Ministry spokesman Tharit Charungvat said yesterday that Thailand and Cambodia had agreed since 2000 to have a joint boundary committee and would not make any alteration to the environment or physical structures in the area before the demarcation is completed.

In the meantime, the spokesman said both countries continued to discuss how best to get Preah Vihear listed as a World Heritage Site for joint tourism development and mutual benefit.

The two countries said there was no dispute, and Thailand agreed to provide technical assistance to train Cambodian workers to restore the temple prior to the proposal to list the site.

If this serves as a lesson to the military, it is this: the armed forces should learn to mind their own business and not over-extend themselves by venturing into unfamiliar territory - like diplomacy - that they know little about. Everybody knows by now that the Thai armed forces have been fighting a losing war against Islamic militants/Malay separatists in the deep South and their prestige is taking a beating. The priority for the military is to disengage itself from politics and put its own house in order.

The Nation

Khmer forever! Yuon out of Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

look! i can understand what siem are saying now. however, what do siem mean when they say 'jointly develop Cambodia's Preah Vihear Temple; in their dreams. I wonder do they (siem) mean 'jointly develop the surrounding areas' or jointly develop Preah Vihear itself?' if it's the latter, in their dreams. look, the bottom line is Cambodia can turn our Preah Vihear temple into a UNESCO/world heritage site as we want, this way we can get fundings from UNESCO/world heritage site to help Cambodia maintain and preserve our ancestors' legacy. So, stop asking a stupid question (refering to siem) about how Cambodia is going to get the funds to restore our Preah Vihear temple. common, i thought siem suppposed to know better. if the problem is with demarcating the line of the border, that job was done by The Hague Court of International Justice already in 1962; so use that map then and leave us Khmer alone before we get really angry. pick a fight with someone your own size for a change. khmer people aren't in the dark ages anymore; what goes around comes around in regard to the siem/khmer relationship, so stop picking on Cambodia. i thought siem people believe in karma also, so watch out, it's going to come back and bite your appendages off, if you know what i mean!

Anonymous said...

There is a clear define Cambodian border and there is no such thing as the white zone or the Thaicong zone! Pull out the fucken map!

If the fucken Thaicong are dying to make a dollar from tourism and they will have to go out there and earn it! The fucken Thaicong will not extort any money from Cambodia!

The Thaicong doesn't need to rob Khmer people of their security and culture heritage by forcing them to complying everything with the fucken Thaicong wish! No can do!

Anonymous said...

It is time for the khmer rouge to come back. they are the only patriots and even the thais afraid of them.... The khmer rouge help to clean Phnom Penh who was composed of 60% of chinese and yuons in the 70's . If they come back, they will clean all the country from viet, chinese, thais, korean and other insane foreigners. Pure khmer race is the only way no? lets back to the killing fields...

Anonymous said...

It is time for the khmer rouge to come back. they are the only patriots and even the thais afraid of them.... The khmer rouge help to clean Phnom Penh who was composed of 60% of chinese and yuons in the 70's . If they come back, they will clean all the country from viet, chinese, thais, korean and other insane foreigners. Pure khmer race is the only way no? lets back to the killing fields...

Anonymous said...

People , We are all ASIAN. ASIAN as one / SOUTH EAST ASIA as one. KHMER as one.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with you 11:49AM,But I don't hate you.
Because I lost my dad,sister and more...they are khmer people.

This is for Mr 4:53 AM with out my ancestors of khmer(The kingdom of Cambodia).
Thailand and Vietnam don't exist,this is not the way to expressing gratitude for my people and my Country.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

We don't give a fuck about Thailand! Mind your own internal business. and stop taking advantage over our land and culture. Just stay and shut up !!!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Khmer Te Moy said...

To Dumb Ass 3:31PM and 5:02PM, Get lost! We don't want your cheap craps in Cambodia. Without you (Thai) can surive. Look back, we can lived without your cheap economics for years. Only you will get in trouble if war goes on between us. Khmer will win. Guess what too, the Khmer live inside Thai will rise up against you. I am telling you this because I am Khmer Surin, we will help our brothers Khmer. Get Lost you Kapik!

Anonymous said...

Go right ahead Mr. 5:02pm. The sooner the better! and you need to get that thru your skull that Preah Viheah & Angkor Watt are Khmer's properties. Stop nagging and stop insulting us!!!Your good deed will be known and honored. Your kindness will never be forgetting by us, if any, but just cut the craps about Preah Viheah & Angkor!!! As long as you getting that subject, you're not doing any thing good to us. All you do is provoking anger and hate. You don't own or belong to any!!!!! You got your magnificient Thailand and the best King ever on this earth. So just drop it.

Anonymous said...

Look, cambodian people are not in the dark ages any more, your small gesture of friendship with cambodia cannot convince khmer from loving you. you have to earn it. so don't think for a second that khmer should be greatful to siem for their help and that they only ask back a small favor or whatever, we are not that dump that you assumed we are. siem have a lot of works to do before they can win khmer's favor. to start off, first teach your people the true history of your country and stop fabricating to your people khmer this or khmer that. this is not how you win friendship from khmer, etc... khmer people know our own history, and we even have it written in stone, unlike siem. you have your own national interest, khmer also have our own national interest as well, so stop being arrogant and one-sided view. don't forget whatever you can do, khmer can do the same, whatever you say, khmer can say the same to you. so be careful with your dirty mouth. this is not how you make friends with us.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

To 1:15PM

Fool! Just shut the fuck because you don't even know the meaning of guerilla warfare! If the fucken Thaicong fail to learn from the Vietcong’ experience then they will have nobody to blame except their stupidity and arrogance!

If the Thaicong army dare come to Cambodia with their Thaicong army and they will be dragged into guerilla warfare and turn the clock of their progress back to the Stone Age and their economy will lay waste and there is no chance for them to catch up with the rest of the world!

If the Thaicong dare touch Preah Vihear and they are playing with fire and this is not a warning! By the way if the Thaicong know how to build their own jet fighters then your dumb arse can talk about the Thaicong military might otherwise just shut the fuck up!

Since you have so much fear of the Thaicong and why don’t you go to live in Thailane to be safe and your dumb arse don’t need to teach Cambodian people to be fearful of the Thaicong thief! Why afraid of the Thaicong thief? Cambodia has the right to protect their national treasure from any fucken thief!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1:15pm & 3:14pm, you can f*ck off anytime. Motherf*cker!