Monday, February 18, 2008

Makha Puja Ceremony Celebration at Wat Triratanaram of Massachusetts

Makha Puja Day is a very important ceremony for all Buddhists around the world.

Makha Puja Day takes place on the full moon day of the third lunar month. This holy day is observed to commemorate two important events in the life of the Lord Buddha. After the first Rain Retreat at Deer Park, Lord Buddha went to Rahagaha city. There were 1,250 Arahantas (Enlightened followers) returned from their mission without prior appointment to pay respect to the Lord Buddha. This assembly is called the Fourfold Assembly as a result from 4 special factors:
  1. All 1,250 monks were Arahants.
  2. All of them had been ordained by the Lord.
  3. They assembled by themselves without prior call.
  4. It was the full moon day of Makha month.
We invite Your Respected Venerables, Buddhist clergies, you and the public to watch this special dedication segment for the upcoming Makha Puja ceremony.

When: 21 February 2008

Where: Triratanaram Buddhist Temple
21-25 Quigley Avenue
North Chelmsford, MA 01863
Tel: (978) 251-2587

Click here to download the announcement in Khmer Version

The Awakening

A dedication to the Lord Sakyamuni Buddha for Makha Puja Day.

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Puok communisms chen & yuon chhear nak bamplagn sasna preash Ang!som preash Ang chhuoy rork yuthithor chhoun kaun chaov preash Ang!