Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Defector Sok Pheng’s wife political buyout attempt led to false charges and arrest against SRP activisits

SRP officials accused of abduction

18 March 2008
By Sav Yuth Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

One SRP official who is the Pong-ro commune chief, Baray district, Kampong Thom province, was arrested by the police in the morning of Tuesday 18 March, and charged with abduction and illegal detention.

44-year-old Tim Norn, who lives in Chak Traloak village, Baray commune and who was the former chairwoman of the National Khmer Women Movement and commune councilor, accused 3 men: Tuot Sarorn, Pong-ro commune chief, Huor Sarat, Chraneang commune councilor, and Men Vannak, 2nd councilor of Sralao commune, of abducting her on 16 February, and detaining her at the house of Thorn Rithy in Phnom Penh. The alleged abduction took place after Tim Norn defected the SRP to join the CPP with Sok Pheng, another SRP defector.

Tim Norn said: “They came to arrest me from the pagoda, and transported me through Kampong Cham province, detained me at Thorn Rithy’s house for one night, then in a guesthouse for another two nights. He took me to meet with Sam Rainsy’s wife also.”

Chea San, the Kampong Thom province police commissioner, reacted to the use of the word “arrest” made against the SRP commune chief. Chea San said that there is no warrant issued for the arrest of the SRP activist at all, but that he only invited Tuot Sarorn to come over and clarify on the accusations made by Tim Norn who said that the SRP activists abducted her and detained her at a house in Phnom Penh. Chea San said: “I don’t understand, the police cannot make any arrest without a warrant.”

On Tuesday, RFA cannot contact the accuser to clarify on this accusation made against the 3 SRP activists because all the phones were turned off.

However, Eng Chhai Eang, SRP Secretary-general, rejected the accusation made by Tim Norn, saying that her accusation was not true. “This is a make-believe story to intimidate SRP supporters. We ask the Phnom Penh regime to end such tactics, if it wants to win the election, let’s compete fairly.”

In Kong Chit, an investigator of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) said that, based on witnesses in the case, this is what he found out: “Tim Norn went to (SRP defector) Sok Pheng’s house, there, Sok Pheng’s wife gave her $200 to help influence other SRP activists to make them defect to the CPP. When Tim Norn received the money, she did not execute Sok Pheng’s wife order, instead she spent all the money, and she became concerned and wanted to re-join the SRP back. She escaped from her own home, and called a number of SRP officials whom she knew to help bring her to Phnom Penh.”

During the installation of the foundation of Wat Mesang Pagoda, in Prey Veng province, on 17 March, Hun Sen pushed for an investigation into an alleged case of threat and detention of a person in Phnom Penh Thmey commune, Phnom Penh city. Hun Sen also asked for an investigation on Licadho also.
KI-Media Note: On 17 March 2008, The Cambodia Daily reported that Am Sam Ath, Licadho investigator, confirmed that Licadho received Tim Norn from SRP officals including SRP MP Tioulong Saumura. Tim Norn told Licadho investigators that she feared for her life because she wanted to re-join the SRP back, and SRP officials speculated that the CPP might kill her for this action. Am Sam Ath also said that Tim Norn was in great mental distress and had to be taken to the Calmette Hospital where she was hospitalized for a few days before returning back home. Licadho’s Naly Pilorge was quoted by The Cambodia Daily as stating: “This woman (Tim Norn) did not complain to Licadho about any detention of her by anyone.”


Anonymous said...

R Pheng! I am your friend from Australia. My advice to you and your wife is slow down mate; I think you and your bitch are stepping over the line. Remember, you have swon a lot at the Cambodian temples in Australia. Your sin is just at around corner, waiting for you, mate.

Khmer Young said...

Hun Sen's old-fashioned political behaviors

It is not far beyond our common sense of understanding the political behavior of Mr.Hun Sen. His last day political rhetoric about informing human rights NGOs to sue, to arrest, or to convict SRP's activists who have intimidated those defectors is the evidence of Hun Sen's effort to implement his old-fashioned political behavior.

It is normal political twisting of Hun Sen since he came to power. Firstly he likely twisted the neck of his master (Penn Sovann). Since then, Hun Sen has undertaken this political theory throughout his political career. The tendency is that he will use it whenever he is still in power. His political competency is good in this manner only. Other political talent will be difficult for Hun Sen. For example, Hun Sen will try the best to avoid the public debate.

In case of Son San's party, the rife and dissolution of the party is come from within, Cheat Khmer (Khmer Nation Party) also the dissolution is come from within, and recently Funcinpec also caused from within. The tool of Hun Sen to achieve political trick to destroy his opponent also effective through his court.

We also suspect that Thack Keth defecting because of his 3 court verdicts at behind and $$ including high ranking position in front. This "carrot and stick" technique is widely used by Hun Sen and his advisers. We can extend our investigation that many defectors from SRP, some are truly defected for $$$ and position, some defected because their disappointment in SRP, but some have no choice while they are frightened by CPP's activists and political-oriented court at behind and $$$ as well as position in the front. The third premise would be popular and relevant.

In some circumstances, Hun Sen and his advisers created chaos inside society and blame that chaotic situation caused by the opponent. With this theory, Sam Rainsy had to flee Cambodia several times during all social turbulences.

Critically, the act of using "bamboo to cut bamboo" is widely used by Vietnam to achieve their territory expansionism and overcome their enemy. In the moment, Sok Pheng, Ngo Sovann, Chao Phally, etc are the significant tools for Hun Sen to achieve his "twisting political behavior" of "using bamboo to cut bamboo".

However, the magnitude of Hun Sen's "twisting political behavior" has been tremendously changed. In the past, he used guns and armforce; but now he is using governmental-official positions and national budget to lure his opponent and weaken/eliminate their party.

But the outcome of this "twisting political behavior", "carrot and stick", or "bamboo to cut bamboo" has absolutely instilled the fear and social disorder; and it is the main cause of unfair election and weakening the process of genuine democracy in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Romance of the Three Kingdom is a must-read for politicians. All the tricks are out there for you to learn if you want to become champion of politics.

He is a master of politics and can use Sok Pheng and Ngor Sovann to kill their former associates and party.

Kong Moeung

Anonymous said...

Remember mate Khmers poeple are stupid ! Sok Pheng can do whatewer he wants because he now is the slave of Hun Sen. I think everything is not imortal. So as Hun Sen and Sok Pheng.

Anonymous said...

SRP's defectors are the victims of the main culprit. The main culprit is Hun Sen. All Khmers need to kick him out of his post, one thing for all.

Anonymous said...

You call people who moved up the ladder, "victims"?

Anonymous said...

Under the mask of democracy, Here is the true face of the party sam rainsy .

Sam Rainsy is an extremist with dictator's tendencies ,I say to you.

Anonymous said...

I say, ...

Anonymous said...

I think Sok Pheng has gone too far, to the point of no return. It's hard to imagine such a fine politician had turned into a monster like this. Remember, Hun Sen never trust a betrayer. Hun Sem knows that Sok Pheng betrayed Sam Rainsy, so later he will betray Hun Sen too. At the end he will be sandwiched by two forces- after the election he will be trashed by Hun Sen and the SRP will not accept him. Then he has nowhere to go. He might be killed by Hun Sen like Phun Pheap was used and then killed by Hun Sen after the 1997 coup.

Anonymous said...

I don't think quiting a job is betraying a job.

Anonymous said...

To quit a job is not the same to guit your conscience. Sok Pheng is like a cat who is afraid of water but now the cat is swimming in the freezing water. People like Sok Peng one day will embarrassingly disappear from Cambodia politics and even society.

Anonymous said...

This is a request to all KI supporters: I am one of them and am requesting every KI and SRP to at least contact your relatives in Cambodia and explain to them why they should vote the current government out this coming election? I believe everybody who read and support KI have some relatives in Cambodia. This the best opportunity to help our beloved country. Thanks for your concern to our country.

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look to the past of the defectors (Kong Mony, Ngoun Soer, Ton Chhay, Ieng Moly, Ung Huot and much more). Where are they now? all of them had get money at the begening and a position but later they become a trash. Go to CPP and you will die sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that is one side of the coin. The other side is simply he's tired of the SRP "Go nowhere" policy.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy sees although he leads his party in the dead end.

Sam Rainsy does not win this election of 2008, either in 2013, or in 2018..

The error and Sam rainsy 's stupidity , it is to believe that by assistance of the west country, the xenophobia, and the theory of the subversive democracy and the human rights, he can beat the CCP and Hun Sen.

The facts showed that his strategy led for 10 years by him result in to the defeat.

Which that one said with raison, Only fanatics do not change opinion even if they are in the error.

Soon with the control of the financing of the political party by the government, in the name of the financial transparency to fight against the bleaching and refresher course of the “dirty money”, we cannot make any more anything in policy.

Anonymous said...

9:51, What do you mean 2013, or 2018?

It will be lucky if the SRP can stay in on piece to July 2008.

rith said...

Hi, Sok Pheng.

You are a good man. Your idea is very good.

Anonymous said...

sok pheng's idea good all time.

Anonymous said...

Sam Raisy and his some member in the party are not good person.

Unknown said...

In several next months (first semester of 2010) we will see a show like Holywood movie related to Sam Rainsy's internal conflict. Ke Sovannaroth, new Secretary General,.... After removing Eng Chhai Eang from Battambang to Kandal province (kick Chan Cheng away), clan of Eng Chhai Eang in other provinces as well as leaders of Youth Movement especially Kuoy Bunroeun, chief of Takeo provincial council, wiil be replaced his party's role by former defector, pro.Ke Sovannaroth. Rources from World Bank, Malop Svaythom Restaurant, Electricity of Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Hi tioulong?????????????????