Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cambodian dogs latest victims of global food crisis

May 14, 2008

Phnom Penh - Dognappings are sharply up in some areas of Cambodia as people seek alternative sources of protein and the prices of more conventional meats continue to rise, dog owners and police said Wednesday.

Military police officer Ra Dy, who lives on the outskirts of the capital, said he personally had lost three dogs in quick succession and had decided to stop keeping any more until things settled down.

'If you check on them every hour, they might still be there, but if you forget and leave them for two hours, they are gone,' he said.

Khieu Viriya, 22, a dog fancier from the western suburb of Toul Tom Poung, said he has also lost three dogs recently to thieves.

'And the story is the same for the neighbours, too. It is terrible to lose a dog, because they are like family, but even worse when you know they are to be eaten,' he said.

Traditionally most Cambodians have refused to eat dog, viewing it as an unclean meat, although in 2003 the capital's mayor urged citizens to consume more to keep the stray dog population down.

Dog is sold in some restaurants, including high-end Korean establishments, and has become increasingly popular as a drinking snack amongst the country's avid rice wine fans as an energy food.

Dy said organized bands of dog thieves had begun cruising the city, snaring dogs with wire nooses and speeding off on motorbikes.

Vendors said although dog, sometimes euphemistically sold as 'special meat,' remains inexpensive, like pork and other meats it has nearly doubled in value in recent months.

Other exotic meats such as rat have also nearly doubled in price, but with the rice harvest still months away, the rodents are out of season, pushing up the demand for dog and other alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Looks like time to start a dog farm.

Anonymous said...

Why Cambodia lost dogs? The answer is Hun Zen let Hanoi live in Cambodia. As all of you know, Hanoi eats dog. That's why you lost your dog.

American loves dog. If they know you eat dog, you will be in jail. They call it "A man best friend".

So shame on you who eat dog. It helps to protect you, not to eat it.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Khmer is not American, and we are a shame of Stupid American who steal cow milk from baby cow.

Anonymous said...

So when would they start eating Hun Xen's 5,000 dogies?

Our Dog said...

we all are khmer in this wed ,i'm appreciated with you all talk about dog Best friend . our country and khmer nation are respected dog as sybol of nation even in temple also had infront of temple .totally in traditional of khmer people .
My word is ,If we lost dog is lost our daily defend of our family .
we all must care about our dog as our family member.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, why eat dogs? are they starving again? i personally would not eat dogs although i'm a khmer-american person. please, no eating dogs in cambodia; go do it in thailand or vietnam or elsewhere but not in cambodia. cambodia is better known for other cuisine, but dogs? this is something new to the scene as well or is it just rumors by cambodian haters out there!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, dog is yummy, especially puppy.

Anonymous said...


Who doesn't steal cow milk? Every country drink milk. No wonder you're shottie.

Anonymous said...

Khmer people doesn't, only westerners does. Yurk! No wonder why your brain is all screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Cambodian culture has been eroding as we speak. In the old days, people ate dogs usually perceived as drunkards and outcast by society.

Anonymous said...


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Our country is fucking go up side down!!!!!! my friend!

Hele to ah Tep Vong and supporters!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you go to visit Cambodia theseday, 25% chance you eat dog without knowing it. Some reataurants use dog meat. If you eat sandwich in Cambodia, 75% of ham made out of dog meat, not pork. So you migh eat dog already.

Anonymous said...

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