Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogging for Individuals at Risk in Cambodia

Dear Readers,
I've just received an email from Annie Khan of Amnesty International informing me about Amnesty's campaigns against human right abuses in Cambodia. Please have a read and try to get involved as much as you can. Thanks

Urgent Action Network

Dear Junior,

My name is Annie Khan, and I’m part of Amnesty International’s Individuals at Risk team. I noticed your recent blog on different aspects of Cambodian life, and thought you might be interested in one of the groups that we are actively campaigning on in Cambodia, Group 78, which has been threatened with eviction from their homes to areas without sufficient or sanitary running water. This case will be featured in our Global Write-a-Thon that is taking place this December 5-14, during which thousands of supporters of human rights send letters to governments on behalf of specific prisoners of conscience or other individuals at risk, requesting that justice be granted.

I'm emailing you because I thought you might be interested in blogging about the human rights violations in Cambodia to let others know of Group 78’s story. If you do write a blog related to Group 78 and other human rights defenders in Cambodia, it would be great if you could also mention our Write-a-thon as an effective and meaningful way for people from all over the world to help people like those of Group 78. If you send us a link to your blog post on the Write-a-thon, we will then feature your blog on our "supporters" page of the write-a-thon website and in Amnesty International USA's own blog.

We are also focusing on 14 other compelling cases from around the globe. Information on each case and all the materials people need to start writing their letters can be found: Thank you so much in advance for your help in protecting individuals at risk in Cambodia!


Annie Khan

Urgent Action Network
Amnesty International USA
600 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003 USA


Anonymous said...

working together to demand the gov't to help the people, not to mistreat them.

Anonymous said...

one of the solution is to demand the gov't to reform its social services system like the welfare system, the social security system, etc..., so low-income people can get help. i mean, look, in the USA, the EU, etc., without these system in place, these other countries, too, like cambodia will have this kind of problem in its society. so, please help to demand reform in the gov't. thank you.

Anonymous said...

May be you should approach Hun Sen direct and threaten him to go on world news if he refuse to help his own people.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation KI-Media, you are now gaining the credit from the respectable international organisation. That would be an honour to have KI-Media website linked with the Amnesty International. I am happy to have you and proud of you!

The feedback I do have for you is to find the way to convince all readers and those who post comments speaking better words acceptable to the others. I believe that the majority of the readers are probably from Cambodian background. So it would become the presentation of a forum among those who are keen to be involved in the Cambo-politik. That would boost the image of all Khmers around the globe, showing the world that Khmers are building up their capability in such a way other than the application of violent act.

Good luck and all the best.


Anonymous said...

Is it you give the false information about DJ Ano's case?
I would suggest to everybody whom wish to publish somes informations, they should post the source or a scan of the document.

Khmer Canadian

Anonymous said...

All of the problems occurred in Cambodia are because the people with no power and the power is centralized in one's hand. (

Khmer Lover said...

After I read this - i registered but write email would be the best. Airmail is something that we do not trust in Cambodia - I mean not just for Cambodia Case.

Anonymous said...

8:06am, to be fair to khmerization, he was not the one who invented the rumors. he just relay/repeat the information that was circulating in the phnom penh press, like koh santepheap, sophorn mangazine and pracheaprey magazine and even radio free asia etc. in phnom penh streets i heard these rumors everywhere before dj ano came on tv.

Anonymous said...

KI please post the Group 78’s story.