Monday, November 10, 2008

Hok Lundy’s chopper hit by lightning: Hun Sen's favorite curse bounced back on his close henchman?

Top cop died in helicopter crash in Svay Rieng province

09 Nov 2008
By Chivita and Sok Serey
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Socheata
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Four-star general and national police commissioner Hok Lundy died in a helicopter crash in the evening of 09 November 2008 in Svay Rieng province.

Four passengers were on the private helicopter trip from Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng, including General Sok Saem, deputy army commander, and two pilots. All four died in the crash. The following is the report provided by Sok Serey based on questions asked by Chivita.

Chivita: We learned that police commissioner Hok Lundy died from the helicopter crash, how much can you confirm it?

Sok Serey: I received the official confirmation from Mr. Khieu Kanharith, the government spokesman, at about 10:30 PM (Cambodia time). Mr. Khieu Kanharith confirmed that 4-star general Hok Lundy died during the helicopter crash incident while traveling from Phnom Penh to Svay Rieng during a private trip in a private helicopter.

Chivita: Do you know where for sure the crash took place, and how was the crash?

Sok Serey: The source from whom I received the latest news indicated that the crash was in Bavet district, Svay Rieng province, near the plane landing zone in Bavet district, Svay Rieng province.

Chivita: How did the helicopter crash? What about the remains?

Sok Serey: According to a police official from the Khan 07 Makara, who was stationed at General Hok Lundy’s home, he claimed that the helicopter was about to land, but it was hit by lightning and the helicopter exploded into pieces. Hok Lundy’s remain is not in one piece anymore, it was blown into pieces because the helicopter was shattered into pieces after the lightning hit it before landing.

The remains of the 4 passengers included: the two pilots, General Sok Saem, and General Hok Lundy. Hok Lundy’s body was transported from Svay rieng to Neak Loeung in direction to his home in Phnom Penh.

Chivita: Regarding the timing, can you tell us when the crash took place?

Sok Serey: According to a source close to the case, he claimed that it took place past 7PM (Cambodia time).

Chivita: Did PM Hun Sen react or say anything about Hok Lundy’s death?
Sok Serey: Up until now, I followed news on all TV and radio stations in Cambodia, but there is no statement from PM Hun Sen yet. There is no statement issued by high ranking government officials either, but what is known is that there is an upheaval among mid-level police officers and district police officers who held meetings about the reception of Hok Lundy’s body which is transported from Svay Rieng to Phnom Penh.

Chivita: What about the remains of General Sok Saem and the two pilots?

Sok Serey: My source did not say anything about the other passengers involved in the accident, he only said that Hok Lundy’s remain is currently being brought over. The source seems to indicate that the other remains may be transported back together.

Chivita: In the plane, was there any relative of Mr. Hok Lundy?

Sok Serey: There is no official source indicating whether Mr. Hok Lundy’s relatives were traveling with him.


Anonymous said...

thanx god this mother fucker youn die! I'm very happy to see this man die

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all known I'm from svay rieng near the vietnamese border. This helicopter had been shot down by a group of unknown khmer group that alway following trying to kill Hok for along time. one village women toll me that the group have some kind of radio and difference of weapon that she never seen before the group is about 5 people she toll me that this group is all khmer.

Anonymous said...

Hok Lundy, one of Cambodia's most corrupted individuals under Hun Sen's current regime. No one is going to shed a tear for this Youn devil.

Anonymous said...

Lightning never blown up the helicopter.Only missile can.This accident is a coup prepared by somone in the same department or by the khmer nationalism and they can tell Hun Sen is the next target.Time is come,change is on the way.US can change from pure white to real black.Who said Hun Sen can't get kill by the Khmer people? or Hun Sen is very well protect.No way like Obama said YES WE CAN

Anonymous said...

Are they sure it was lightning or a Chinese-made stinger rocket gun?

Either way, the job is done. Now the others need to be plucked one by one.

Btw, Hun Sen travels on helicopters too. Lets have a repeat of this.

Anonymous said...

next on the list:

Hor Namhong
Sok An
Hun Sen

Anonymous said...

Mekhala throwed the magic axe at Hoc's chopper? That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

to 1:42pm, it sounds like you are a Vietnamese.

Anonymous said...

I feel that the die of them (Hok Lundy, Sok Saem and other of 2 pilots) is normal life of human being, so it's not necessary to be suprised or condolence of their life....(Sic). But we are very regretable with the life of 3 khmer armies who were die to protect our countries by giving their life for us..... They are Khmer Hero who we will never forget them.

From Ramy, Chungnam University, Republic of Korea.

Anonymous said...

This is extra information helicopter, it is that all HELICOPTERS including AEROPLANES are made up of CHOPPER metal, that is a kind of metal that is the best condutcor off electricity, so if the lightning hit it, the electricity from the lightning will go away without damaging the helicopter! So guys do u all still believe that the helicopter hit by LIGHTNIGN i dont think SO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chopper steels are the mental that are used to connect to electricity cause of its ability to conduct electricity unlike other metals, and a document on DISCOVERY CHANNEL said that all planes/helicopters are made up of CHOPPER because planes/helicopter travels on high height and conducts lots of energy and it could be endangered by the lightning, so CHOPPERS are used to make them in order to avoid lightning, 100% sure! if you wan to c if my theory is right u can GOOGLE it!! thx for reading i m so happY! :D

Anonymous said...

kopal hos trov daoy sa-ey ko daoy, kheunh chbas keu ah yuon hok lundy rok bam naek min kheunh, yul hoey nov.

Anonymous said...

Well i m not totally agreed that lightning cant cause damage to helicopter but i think HLD's Helicopter didnt get hit by lightning because lightning can do cause damage to HELICOPTER however it can never make the helicopter to explode into pieces, and the only damage lightning could do to Helicopter is to make it lose control and not to explode it into, and Khmer media said that the lightning exploded the helicopter into pieces including HLD( the YUON MOTHA FUKING DICFACE CORRUPT FREAK GOVERNMENT). Also lightning cant explode the helicopter because of chopper steel, however the electricity generated by lightning is so strong, so if it hit the helicopter it could travel through the chopper steel into the helicopter's electric circuit to make helicopter out of control, but IT WILL NEVER EVER EXPLODE HELICOPTER INTO PIECES (only if u cut ur dic and put it into ur mouth then it will explode)!! but hey YOYO this matha fka is dead CHEY YO!!! _ Australian/Cambodian

Anonymous said...

My dear Khmer Friends,

Well, this news is not funny news. However, some of us are happy and some of us are facing a critical moment of lossing someone that they loved or like.

For me, I believe there is something in the between (Black and White, but brown). I'm not a scientist or politician, but I'm one of the students who are still learning about politic and govern.

For your consideration:
If one of their relative read your comments, what will they think of you? If you are one of his relative, what will you do?

but if you in another side which is lost someone that you loved and like under his hands, you might cheerful, because your enemy is killed.

So, what's your agurment for this thing?

put yourself as someone which is not you.

I'm one of you.

Anonymous said...

when lok jia vijjia had been dead,those high ranking cpp groups were so much happy and pleased in the spot he was why can't we be pleased with ah lang di's death?

Anonymous said...

Now is ah Hok Lun Dy, will be ah Hun Sen at the next turn

អាហុក ឡងឌីងាប់ ព្រោះតែវាបានសំលាប់មនុស្សច្រើនណាស់។ លើកក្រោយពិតជាដល់វេន អាសំដាចម៍ហ៊ុន សែន ហើយ!!!

Anonymous said...

3:25: my argument for this is that you must be the one who mourns pol pot when he died, Ta Mok, Staline or Hitler.
Ok i respect your choice, if you choose to pity the bad and cruel people and their siblings.
Study who the guy was and you will understand why most of the people are happy.

Anonymous said...


Well I give condolences to teh fmailies of the other three, but not the families of Hok Long Dy, because they are aprt of the father 's misdeed. You know who was behind DJ Ono 's wound ? Hok's sons were so happy and proud to enjoy the sweat and blood of others whom their father victimised.

If you pray for the good of their soul, it means you look down on the souls of the score of victims whom Hok had caused. You overlook this enormous attrocity committed by Hok.

Anonymous said...

ប៊ុន រ៉ានីកំពុងយំបោកខ្លួនស្តាយហុក ឡងឌី ងាប់តៃហោង ព្រោះហុក ឡងឌី ជាសហាយ របស់ប៊ុន រ៉ានី (ប្រពន្ធហ៊ុន សែន) ជាង ១០ឆ្នាំមកហើយ!!

Anonymous said...

3:25PM, you're like an idiot more than young stupid analyst.

Anonymous said...

Information from these khmer reporters can be nonsense at times. Now, they're saying that the helicopter was strucked by a lightening. Another one said that HLD's body was in one piece. Now, someone else is saying that the helicopter was attacked by a missle? hahaha....what's next? The copter was hit by an Unidentified Object.. a UFO, maybe? hahahha I tell ya, that's Cambodian news alright. U can twist it in anyways u want cuz there will always be some dumbass that will believe it.

Here's the news from other source: the helicopter crashed due to bad weather(as it rained heavily last night) and maybe some technical errors. And maybe the pilot was unexperienced. This sounds a lot beter than the bullshit i've heard all day.

Anonymous said...

"It was blown into pieces because the helicopter was shattered into pieces after the lightning hit it before landing.

This is so not true that the lightning hit the chopper.

I will do the research about the chopper.

If you all can tell me the chopper make and model, I'm really appreciated. Cause I don't want this uneducated government kept on fooling ordinary Cambodia cause they don't know too much.

Koun Khmer,

Anonymous said...

If the chopper blown apart passengers or the pilot could have been blown apart too. All pieces of body should be scatter all over the place.

True Khmer,

Anonymous said...

Here for something for you all to curious about. And don't let these fool CPPs fool you all.

“If you’re in the air, and you get struck my lightning, the equipment that is in use at the time can receive what’s called an over-voltage,” Mayhew says. “It makes everything go a lot quicker, and the instruments will shut down because you’ve had an extra charge of electricity. And if the aircraft is struck mid-flight, the charge has nowhere else to go—it stays in the aircraft frame.” In that case, the chopper would discharge as soon as it touches the ground, so presumably all Sayid would have to do is reset the circuit breaker to get the instruments up and running, and it’s rescue time. “There may be occasions where some of the equipment will be damaged—basically burned out—if the protection circuit didn’t work,” Mayhew says. But that would mean the safety equipment failed.)

Khmer USA,

Anonymous said...

Find the blackbox!

That will reveal the truth.

Khmer Dor Rong Roeung!

Anonymous said...

Are you people convinced that Hok Lundy is dead

Anonymous said...

Okay.. let's do a new poll !!!
Which one will you prefer to die next ?
And let's God take his life...
I am sure that your first name on the list
is Hun Sen :) LOL

And one thing you don't know is that Hok Lundy
was the man of chea sim and Heng Samrin.
He was clever to give his daughter to Hun Manit.
Chea Sim is far more Yuon's slave.

So my first 2 names on the list are :
Chea Sim and Heng Samrin at the same time....
Saay Chhum is a real communist.
He's the secretary general of CPP..

Anonymous said...

Sathuh, Sathuh, Sathuh...
Ah Yuon Hok Lundi ngob doch khmaoch chhkae, khmean khmer na ke anit aso ah khmaoch yuon tai haong nis te.Som oy proleung ah chhkae aeng tov hav khnee khnea ahaeng ngob tov chea moy phong.
Anh si peuk sabbay 7 yub 7 thnai banh choun ahaeng tov nov than norok 7 chorn (7 levels of hell).
Yum mabal rokar dek dak tos aheang kom oy ahaeng chab cheat teat.
Ah ngob khmean saksob!

Pii anh neak rong kruos.

Anonymous said...

The next will die
1.Hor 5 Hong
2.Hund Xen
3.Sok An
and the others!!!

We are khmer in and oversea very happy to heard this news!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen wants to die together with his wife Bun Rany, with all his daughters so he can go to fuck them in hell. Hun Sen wants to produce more female kids for Hanoi's dicks.

Anonymous said...

Let's be civilized, short and sweet about this - May you animal Hok Lundy (or whatever your real name is) be rotten in hell!

Anonymous said...

To all Cambodians in land,

Don’t let the bitch Hok Landy wife get away from what she did
to DJ Ano.