Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who are Bun Rany Hun Sen, Sok An, Hok Lundy and Neth Savoeun?

Excerpt from “Chinese Presence in Cambodia – Contribution to a violent, possessive and unequal economic policy
By Françoise Mengin
International Study and Research Center (CERI)
Political Science, France
No. 133, Feb 2007
Translated from French by Tola Ek

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L'extrait en Français se trouve à la fin du texte en anglais

Hun Sen’s wife is of Chinese origin, and one of their daughters, Hun Mali, married Sok Puthyvuth, the son of vice-prime minister Sok An who is also of Chinese origin; another one of their sons, Hun Manith married Hok Chendavy, the daughter of national police commissioner Hok Lundy who is of Sino-Vietnamese origin, and one of their nieces, Hun Kimleng, married Neth Savoeun, the deputy national police commissioner who is of Sino-Vietnamese origin. If the Chinese presence is chronic at the top of the state, it is because the Chinese community is still identified by its business activities on one hand, and because the CPP-State leaders are personally involved in the commercialization of political life on the other hand. Therefore, even though vice-prime minister Sok An, who is of Chinese origin, represents the “know-how” – next to Hun Sen’s “strength”- he is nevertheless involved in the privatization of the economy to the benefit of Chinese interests. Sok An, known as the education baron, directly delivers business licenses allowing the creation and the management of private universities, a large number of which are under the control of the Chinese embassy, and they are specialized in the teaching of the Chinese language. Since becoming “Mr. Oil Business,” it is uncertain if Sok An will provide a more rigorous management of this state resources.

It would be wrong to identify the leading class with Sino-Khmers. Doing so would underestimate the Vietnamese factor which remains a determinant factor in the political trajectories – in particular, that of Hun Sen’s – as well as in the marriages by alliance. It should be noted that a large number of Sino-Khmers do not partake in this double process of enriching themselves and of participating in the power concentration. However, the important position occupied by the Sino-Khmer oknhas can only reinforce the role of the entrepreneurial ethos in the identification of Chinese-ethnic communities. This identity is represented by a participation in a strategy to accumulate material or symbolic capitals. The economic policy in which the overseas Chinese are involved in determines and defines their business activities, in particular those in the CPP state which is founded on domination and plundering.
La femme de Hun Sen est d’origine chinoise et l’une de leurs filles, Hun Mali, a épousé Sok Puthyvuth, fils du vice-Premier ministre Sok An, lui-même d’origine chinoise; l’un de leurs fils, Hun Manith, a pris pour épouse Hok Chendavy, fille du directeur de la police nationale Hok Lundy d’origine sino-vietnamienne, et l’une de leurs nièces, Hun Kimleng, s’est mariée avec le vice-directeur de la police nationale, Neth Saoeun, lui aussi d’origine sino-vietnamienne. Or si la présence de « Chinois » au plus haut sommet de l’Etat est mise en avant de manière récurrente, c’est parce que l’identification d’une communauté chinoise continue de se faire autour de ses activités marchandes, d’une part, et que les dirigeants de l’Etat-PPC sont personnellement engagés dans la marchandisation de la vie politique, d’autre part. Ainsi, bien que le vice-Premier ministre Sok An, d’origine chinoise, incarne le « savoir » – aux côtés de Hun Sen « la force » – il n’en est pas moins personnellement impliqué dans le processus de privatisation de l’économie, au profit, notamment, d’intérêts chinois. Sok An, appelé le baron de l’éducation, délivre directement les licences autorisant la création et la gestion d’universités privées, dont un nombre croissant sont, sous le contrôle de l’ambassade de Chine, spécialisées dans l’enseignement de la langue chinoise. Devenu plus récemment « Monsieur pétrole », on ne sait s’il s’en tiendra dans ce domaine à une gestion plus rigoureuse des ressources de l’Etat.

Il serait cependant erroné d’assimiler la classe dirigeante aux Sino-khmers. Ce serait sous-évaluer le facteur vietnamien qui reste déterminant tant au niveau des trajectoires politiques – celle de Hun Sen en premier lieu – que des stratégies d’alliances matrimoniales. Ce serait également oublier que nombre de Sino-khmers ne participent pas à ce double processus d’enrichissement et de concentration du pouvoir. Mais la place importante qu’occupent des oknha sino-khmers ne fait que renforcer le rôle de l’ethos entrepreneurial dans le processus d’identification des communautés d’origine chinoise, l’identité étant cette variable qui participe d’une stratégie d’accumulation du capital, qu’il soit d’ordre matériel ou symbolique. C’est donc bien l’économie politique dans laquelle s’insèrent les Chinois d’outre-mer qui détermine et circonscrit leur activité marchande, en l’occurrence celle de l’Etat-PPC fondée sur la domination et la prédation, l’une et l’autre se nourrissant mutuellement.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is dying to marry their daughters to the CPP members.

Thats a fact.

Thats called social prostitution.

In doing so they condemn their daughters to a lifetime of suffering

Anonymous said...

Just watch a documentary on hyenas social structure.

Hun sen is the one eyed hyena presiding over his pack of thieving killing mad dogs.

Anonymous said...

I am also ver happy with the disappearance of this criminal.

But it's nonsense and stupid to talk about the origin of someone. Vietnamese or Chinese origin doesn't matter. What matters is their brain. Don't be stupid ultra-nationalist or racist. If you only considers " pure" Khmer, how many of them are they? All Khmer or Cambodian of any origin participate in the reconstruction of the Country. They are good and bad people among them. But Are you PUR Khmer? I have some Chinese blood, I am proud of this blood and I am proud to be Khmer like you. Now stop talking about the origin.

Let celebrate the death of this bad Khmer, whatever his origin, and get rid of your brain your stupid racism.

Anonymous said...

4:05 PM and you are not racist??

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 4:05PM that no matter what origin you are. All of them are Cambodian doing the sake of Cambodian. The writer here is not Khmer and he cares only racism which he discriminate against the top leaders whose people said they are corrupted. I also hate corruption and nepotism, but I am born in this society so I have to adapt. I hate Hok Lundy when he hold power but from now on he's gone. We should not raise about his origin. Let move a step to the next level where we can establish our country again from the bad things when HLD hold position. HLD deserved that but I am very sorrow for the 2 pilots who are innocent and have little children with them. They should not deserve death, but why HLD brought them too? I am really shocked to hear they died too.

Anonymous said...

Let's be civilized, short and sweet about this - May you animal Hok Lundy (or whatever your real name is) be rotten in hell!

Khmer Hero said...

They are all communists and they deserve to be ousted just like you need to be ousted of this blog. Viet or Chinese they are the ones that bring communist ideals to Srok Khmer and that is why corruption is rampant amongst the top leaders of our mother country Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Well like they say, dog (HUN SEN) eats dog (HOK LUNDY)!

Anonymous said...

In the world of dog eats dog - who says that HUN SEN's most recent trip to HANOI is a waste huh?

Anonymous said...

Wrong infos here.

Bunranny is Sino-Viet

Sok Anh is Sino-Viet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't give a fuck about Khmer origin, Sino-Khmer, Sino-Viet, or whatever and the fact is if these mother fuckers can conduct their fucken political, their fucken business, and their fucken social network without promoting the racial prejudice base on Cambodian law and Cambodian constitution which promote the equal opportunity for all Cambodian people and I can live with their fucken bullshit!

If these mother fuckers live in Cambodia and it is logical that they should think about Cambodia and Cambodian people first and why are these mother fuckers are serving the outsiders interest?

This is treason at the highest level!

Anonymous said...

This article is hitting the nail right in the middle of the head.

These klepto/nepot stealing bands of thieves will implode one day; not because of any little opposition party, but the way they are suffocating themselves in the cesspool.

Anonymous said...

France, first colonial empire in the world had died well for a century.

The weight of France in Indochina is totally unimportant today.
Sam rainsy has just discovered it bitterly with his unfortunate crusade in the name of the agreements of Paris of 1991 to dispute the victory of the CPP last July.

The French strategic vision cultivates an unhealthy nostalgia.

The French political strategy in Asia has no means of its ambitions likes the SRP in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

France has never wanted to help the Indo-Chinese countries to possess nuclear weapons.
China will make it sooner or later when the spectre of the military confrontation US/ China will become clearer and which will be inevitable in the years to come.
Because for the US, China is more a threat and an opponent to shoot down that an allied country, you should not make a mistake.

And because for all the Asian nationalists, Asia has to stay in the Asian.

Anonymous said...

Bun Rany (Hun Sen's wife) is the mistress of ah Hok Lun Dy.

មី ប៊ុន រ៉ានីកំពុងយំបោកខ្លួនស្តាយ អាហុក ឡងឌី ងាប់តៃហោង ព្រោះអាហុក ឡងឌី ជាសហាយ របស់មី ប៊ុន រ៉ានី (ប្រពន្ធ អាហ៊ុន សែន) ជាង ១០ឆ្នាំមកហើយ!!

Anonymous said...

This study is made in the spectre of a colonial view and should be repeled. Remember the success of the khmer rouge revolution was based on the hate of the half-breed light skin . Those we still
live under the dictator regime , that kind of explanation does not help us to advance in the wellfare of the people but would leade us to an another bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

2:19 AM,

You need to come out with better argument than that. Even if the article was written from a Westerner's perspective, you have to come out better to explain why the article is not accurate.

Unchecked greed and corruption will be the downfall of the whole nation, including the corrupt actors as well.

Anonymous said...

Even in China, the correct spectre in your opinion, is still strongly against corrupt plunderers and thieves. Those little greedy characters could face firing squad in China or Vietnam. That is that they put the importance of their society higher than that of shady individual characters.

Anonymous said...

Now is ah Hok Lun Dy, will be ah Hun Sen at the next turn

អាហុក ឡងឌីងាប់ ព្រោះតែវាបានសំលាប់មនុស្សច្រើនណាស់។ លើកក្រោយពិតជាដល់វេន អាសំដាចម៍ហ៊ុន សែន ហើយ!!!





Anonymous said...

It's always the bloody Chinese origin that ruined Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge members were also Chinese origin. They always try to rob Khmer for their benefit and help their origin country. They should stick to grocery stores and not politics.

Anonymous said...

Also look at Thailand now. All their leaders are Thaksin's family and his origin is also Chinese. The PAD should work harder to claim their country back. 4.05 pm, you are only say that because you are living in Cambodia. Most of Cambodian - Chinese in oversea are trying to hide their birth places. They encourage their children to speak Chinese and the foreign language only.

If the developed countries open their doors for anyone to enter. Their countries would be fulled of Chinese and muslim only. That's scary.

Anonymous said...

That's way all the developed countries like Japan, US, Australia and France don't have Chinese origin in their top seats.

Anonymous said...

Khmer people are useless, easily brainwashed & unpatriotic.
The best thing they can do is to talk tough and hate and blame everyone else for everything. The blame the Khmer rouge on the Chinese.And now, they blame Hun San's cruel regime on the Youns. It's as if they don't have a brain to deal with anything. Blaming everything on everyone is the law of the land. The Yuons, the Thais and the Chinese are taking advantage of them because of their stupidity. One day, they will lose their country without even knowing it. Hopefully, one day they will wake up and blame themselves on something for a change. Hopefully that won't come too late.

Anonymous said...

6:41 AM,

Tough words, but so true!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

6:41 and 7:21 AM,
Both of you are quite ignorant and arrogant for the mere fact that you opt to disregard one simple historical fact - since when did the chineses, Viets and/or Thais ever leave Cambodia alone?

Anonymous said...

4:05pm I agree with you about the race but Youn never ever want Khmer reak only want khmer roung.