Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sacrava website officially blocked in Thailand for lèse-majesté: Thai DemoCRAZY?

Sacrava's cartoon deemed offensive on Thailand's monarchy

07 January 2009

On 20 Dec 2008, released the secret internet censorship lists of Thailand's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT). The list was obtained by advisory board member CJ Hinke, director of Freedom Against Censorship Thailand. Among the 1,203 newly blocked websites feature Artist U. Bun Heang's Sacrava website whose cartoons were deemed lèse-majesté to Thailand's monachy. It is quite a feat indeed for our Cambodian born artist!


Anonymous said...

" Revered Thai King" . Is he GOD ? Is he worth to be revred? Is he neutral and above all political parties?
It seems the Military uses him as a shell to Cover Up his grip of power.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Sacrava is not being viewed and seen by Thais. Why Thai King so ashamed on himself about the cartoon anyway. Without the viewers from Thailand, there would be other countries around the world interested to see it.

Anonymous said...

Thailand is not a democratic country as it has claimed itself. It is still a feodal backward country where the king has the final say in any poltical and atministrative matter.

Anonymous said...

frankly, what abhisit did to taksin if not a coup what’s else we can name it ? but isn’t it a soft coup! It is like what junk Burmese did against Madame Aung San Suu Kyi . Apparently thai democracy is not value much from that of Burmese. Taksin win election and whatever he did to win it abhisit never proved taksin fraud to public but abhisit party rob power from taksin by force. What’s else, Siamese is Siamese. whatever ill stupid they did, they are always died right.

World News said...

World News

Anonymous said...

The truth always hurt. Thai King just could not bare it.

Anonymous said...

Nay Bhumibol is a hypocrite who sucks Siam blood since he was a boy.
People have the rights to expose him.

Anonymous said...

No democracy in Thailand.
Thailand is not country but kingdom.
On behave of Thai people , We don't like this twilight land.

Anonymous said...

thai democracy sucks. thai monarchy stinks.

Anonymous said...

I am a thai person. I pay high respect to Thai king who dedicates himself for helping all Thai people and developing his country over 60 years.
HM the King is an incredibly hardworking Monarch, sacrificing his own physical wellbeing for his subjects in his tireless guidance to initiate and create

projects beneficial to not only themselves but also to their communities and their country.
So all Thais love him all the time. I will forgive those who make a negative comment on our King However,
it would not be possible to try to educate them as they would never understand these facts.
If you are not Thais you don't know how Thai people feel. And if you are Thai people , I suggest you should think
"What will we do for our country and the King?"

Long Live The King
Long Live The King
Long Live The King.

---Thai military student , Maehongson---

Anonymous said...

Maehongson, because you are Thai, I guess you dont see anything different and as you are a military student dedicate your life for your country for sure you are worshiping your King.

If you are adore your King, and your king is doing his outmost for his people, why Thailand is still facing the same political problem. Which in fact, none of you who are worshipers to the controller were not facing hardship and dictatorship, but the innosence who are trying to live a peaceful lives day by day with their beloved families.

If your King is so kind, why would he wants to invate a neighbourhood country. Claiming Preas Vihear Temple that belonged to Cambodia as Thai's, which the whole world knew that Cambodians are the rightful owner to the land the whichever reside on that land.

The world knows what is happening within Thailand itself, how on earth can the Thai's King do the solve this problem, stop the fight and let the Thai people live their lives in a safe and peaceful environment. Protect them from any political crisis without shelding blood everywhere.

Do us the viewers around the globe an honor and prove that your highness has the power to stop the fight when he open his mouth and say "STOP, LET MY PEOPLE LIVE WITH PEACE!!!!!"