Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Surprising Legal Turn In Cambodia [-Injustice is so bad under Hun Sen's rule]

By Michael Sullivan
National Public Radio (USA)

All Things Considered, January 10, 2009 · In Cambodia, Born Samnang had a New Year's Eve he'll never forget: He was released after five years in prison. He'd been convicted of a crime nobody — not even the Cambodian authorities — though he committed. His release surprised almost everyone. But nobody's saying that the rule of law has returned to Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

I support the lawyers of Noun Chea's practice. We cannot let the court being run by the infamous judges or in this case the judges committing corruption!

The objective of the court should not be just set to "wash hand" or "clear the culprits from being responsible of this genocidal crime", but to find real justice!

The court should not be a clown court set up to tailor "justice". No matter what the truth was or who were involved "must held responsible".

Anonymous said...

The Cambodian government should compensate for the wrongly accused.
How can they lock up someone without probable Cause?
That's what happen when you have a group of escape primates running the country.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will get better until both the cpp and hanoi goes.