Friday, March 20, 2009

Actress Vang Sreyno’s name appeared in an escort service’s list

Miss Vang Sreyno
14th March, 2009
Reported in English by Khmerization

Actress Vang Sreyno’s name has been seen listed in the book of an escort service as a high class callgirl. Patrons to Mae (Madame) Yem’s Escort Service claimed that they have seen actress Vang Sreyno’s name listed in the service’s book.

Recently, Vang Sreyno’s erotic pictures were seen displaying by a Madame named Mae Yem on the walls of karaoke bars frequented by men who are seeking sexual pleasures. Potential patrons had also been shown by pimps of her erotic pictures saved inside the mobile phones. But when asked how much for a one night stand with actress Vang Sreyno would cost, Madame Yem just answered that she is “too expensive”, by refusing to say exactly the real amount.

In an interview with the Angkor Thom magazine, Vang Sreyno said that she is very surprised that the night clubs had used her erotic pictures to advertise her as a callgirl. She said, how can they do that because she never do that job and will never agree to do that job in the future.

Miss Vang Sreyno said that the clubs’ actions of displaying her name by advertising her as a callgirl has defamed her good name. She appeals to the authority to search for those responsible as she intends to lodge a legal action for defamation.

In mid 2007, she was the subject of an extortion. Two people purported to be journalists telephoned her to say that they’ve got an X-rated video of Vang Sreyno performing a sex act in a porn movie. The so-called journalists threatened to make the video public unless she pay them a substantial amount of money. She contacted the police and the two so-called journalists were arrested. They were later released after they had publicly apologised.

Miss Duon Zorida

The same scandal had rocked TV presenter and actress Duong Zorida as early as late February, 2009.

In an article published in the Angkor Thom magazine, in a 27th Feb-6th March edition, there are reports that erotic photos of actress Duong Zorida had been displayed on the walls of night clubs’ VIP lounge, being advertised as a high class callgirl. At the back of the photos, the price tag just to sleep with her is a staggering $4,000-$8,000. On top of this, erotic photos of her had been saved in the pimps’ mobile phones and were shown to unsuspecting potential clients.

In an interview with Angkor Thom, actress Duong Zorida said that she had lodged a legal complaint against those responsible for defaming her. She also appeals to the authority to punish those responsible so that her good name can be redeemed.

Miss Zorida has told in the past that whatever the money that she have at the moment are all from her own hard works. She had never accepted the money from rich men in exchange for sex.


Anonymous said...

KI , u have nothing to post huh?

Anonymous said...

KI, did the same as Angkor Thom Magazine and could destroy the two women life.

Anonymous said...

Zorida looks so hot!

Anonymous said...

Guys, the article just reports about the event/rumors as published by other newspapers. The article didn't say anything defamatory to these two women. Intelligent readers would know that this article only "reports", not making any allegations/insinuations.

This is news, so KI is right to report it. News can be about anything like entertainment, scandals, crimes, wars and politics. News doesn't have to be about politics all the time.

Anonymous said...

No, this is not news. This is how pouk Ah Scam Rainxy pimping our Khmer women and children to their westerner friends

BTW, did anyone ever heard Ah Scam Rainxy ever condemn westerner raping and molesting our women and children? Of course not, Ah Scam Rainxy wouldn't dare. If he did, he would lost all support from west, and he'll be nothing more than a dumb dirt-bag here.

Common Sense said...

I couldn't agreed more with you 7:43 pm. News is news, rumor is still news.
Why are those two morans here any way if they can't realize that NEWS just NEWS?

BTW 8:28 PM. You have not seeking help yet as I told you, have you? You are a one sad puppy looking for some thing to blame. Go get a life my friend or you'll be sitting in the same shit hole the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

She has done that for a long time. It becomes her profession! Why the hell bother to. . .?

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up you idiot that live in abroad and never know the real world in Cambodia . Those are true information . It happened long time ago , Some of famous singer , actor , star are high class call girl . You idiot won't know because you idiot won't have enough bug to fuck them . So just shut the fuck up and if you don't like news in KI then go out of here mate .

Anonymous said...

High class my arse! What does she have better than any other younger girls? I pay $20 and I can get an 18 or 19 Vietnamese girl, who is much better than her.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Because of the two media groups published both girls's profession, they destroy their lives. It's they themselves who destroy their own lives. If they did not not give the rights to the two media groups, they wouldn't dare to publish either.

Anonymous said...

Lady, if you got lot of money for doing just that, then do it. Why let someone else do you for nohting of less money. After all, you are going to F--ck someone anyway. Why not for the high price.

Anonymous said...

Frankly Petchara, Vivian Lin from 88square cost only around 200 per 90 minutes.

And she perform much better than cambodian starlet....

Frankly pussies are pussies !

But what are the skills of the owner of the pussy ???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

if vang sreyno i agreed but dont know abuot duon zorida she is a true srey khmer been known her in years, dont trust the news too much see with your own eyes..................

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from entertainers. The income they take home (not much), and, therefore, a nice supplement would have been very nice (if they have to sell their valuable assets). Anyhow, for that much money for a one-night stand, I'll use the money for other interesting DVD movies. Also, there are surplus of girls who are out of jobs at the garment factory where you can use your money wisely.

Anonymous said...

Did Phnom Penh governor still punish Vang Srey Sex still? i guess he's let her goes..huh!

Anonymous said...

She ain't go for free fools! that olf fart HUMPS the bitch like camels...

Anonymous said...

9:28 PM

That's a great bargain, particularly in the midst of economic downturn.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

7:18 PM : KI , u have nothing to post huh?
I'm a second person with it.

Anonymous said...

8:28pm, you know for sure that the CPP, your bosses, are the ones who pimp Khmer women. Most of the brothels are owned by the CPP officials, military as well as police generals. And most of brothels' clients are CPP officials who can afford high class call girls because of their corrupt money.

Bun Rany and Hun Sen were involved in the murder of actress Pisith Pilika and they have not been punished yet.

Anonymous said...

hey, leave us pretty ladies alone. no money, no honey! we are very chnas, so come anywhere near us, we'll scratch your eyeballs out and curse at you. we are not some kind of slut, you know! just because we are pretty and bornt that way, doesn't mean you can marry us! i'm the mean one, so don't come near me or i'll kick you with my high heels! god bless khmer ladies.

Anonymous said...

i am a khmer lady and i like to dress nice. doesn't mean i'm out working on the street. don't come anywhere near me. go back to your wife! i'll call the police if you keep following me! i'm very chnas too, so go away!

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to fool, 9:42? We all know you dress nice because you are looking for a sugar daddy like Ah Scam Rainxy. Isn't that so?

Anonymous said...

No, like Ah Hun Sen because he is a sugar daddy by stealing from the nation.

Anonymous said...

who is the richer in Cambodia ?
Sen or Sy ?

Anonymous said...

Im not impressed with her look! She looks like SAMPHEUNG CYCLO! that's all!