Friday, April 03, 2009

Preah Vihear: No Cambodian casualties (Official)

03 April 2009
By Leang Delux
Cambodge Soir Hebdo
Translated from French by Tola Ek
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Khieu Kanharith denied the AFP news reporting two Cambodian casualties.

On the Thai side, the spokesman for the Cambodian government, indicated 4 deaths and 10 soldiers captured.

The number of human casualties during the border incident on 03 April leads to numerous speculations. Seven Thai would have been killed and several dozens injured, Koy Kuong, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicated citing “unofficial source.”

The heavy gun fighting took place after a Thai soldier stepped on landmine the day before in the Veal Entry zone.


Anonymous said...

I cannot take Kanharith statements as the truth as in the past he has constantly distorted the truth not only on the conflict with the thais but on every news events.

Anonymous said...

If that true I'm verry happy for my Khmer brothers inarm .. but I hate that alcoholic BLUEKanhnarith ..any way go Khmer army go!!!! KILL ALL AH CHORE SIAM.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen should seek help from the international community to solve the border conflict and stop being NEAK LENG. Stop killing Khmer lives for your own ill-mannered and bad leadership.

Try to find an alternative and peaceful way to solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Wrong! Hun Sen is stronger than anything. He hates to seek the international help.

Anonymous said...

10:58 PM , no can do , me only listion to me master Youn .. me master will help if Khmer in trouble .. me master army Youn Hanio got a verry strong army , that can beat Frence and Usa ,, me not worry a bout internation help .
Me Hun Sen

Anonymous said...

11:02PM If he so strong he should DO IT with the dummy! or use his own HAND before he kille Bonary!

Anonymous said...

If you seek the international help, the dog/siem will laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

Cambodian are son of warrior. So back off Thai!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hun Sen lost most of his money, now he will use Khmer soldiers to spill blood for him.

This guy is in a terrible shape right now.

At least he has some of the Vietnamese troops by the border prepare for another large-scale battle with the Thai.

Oh, Hun Sen does not want anyone to call him "thug" and expect to get away with that, not with Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Time is over for your lie. The world will not support you "Thai" anymore.
We Khmer inside and outside the Khmer Kingdom must support the Cambodia Government and the Cambodian Royal Army Force.

Anonymous said...

The evil CPP & Hun Sen are just using the Preah Vihear Temple issue (like they did in the last election) to distract Khmer people from other real important internal issues in Cambodia, such as the upcoming commune election, boarder marking with Vietnam, anti-corruption law, etc.

It's all a setup between the CPP and the Thai military. We (Khmer People - in Cambodia and living overseas) are the "Suckers"

For one thing, we must stop supporting the CPP propaganda machine - CTN television. They are slowly washing our brains.

Anonymous said...

1:45 AM

Stop putting your politics before your country if you don't want to be called ah krop cheat.

A setup between CPP and the Thai military? Are you out of your goddamn mind? See what being a political tool has turned a maybe sane person into insane logics like that?

What is there to be gained by the Thai military to do a setup with Khmer government?

This is a serious issue provoked by Thai and you dumb ass khmer think it is a setup?

Why don't you go to the frontline and say that to the face of our Khmer soldiers?

Scum like you makes me sick to know you are Khmer but yet very un-khmer in your character in showing solidarity behind your countrymen.

or wait. What am I saying? You don't even live in Cambodia anymore, do you? Is that why you seem not to take this seriously, ah mneas plich motherland.

Anonymous said...

2:17 AM ,..if you sick get some tylinol .. lol , or advil , lol some more ..

Anonymous said...

2:34 AM

You are right. I'm sick. Sick of all the stupidity exemplified by other Khmer around here.

Anonymous said...

yo 11:04pm! if you no worry ,me no worry too.Let's pack up and run,but first where are heading to,me follow you.

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Xen and CPP is the slave of a communist Vietnamese, they killed and hurt Khmer every day!

You motherfucker Viet and Viet's slaves can go to hell with ah Hok Landy!!!!!!!!!

May lightning strike the traotor of Cabodia Nation!

Anonymous said...

ប្រសិនបើចាប់បានទាហានថៃមែន កុំល្ងង់ដូចកាលមុន។ ត្រូវយកឈ្លើយសិកនោះ មកបង្ហាញគេឯង អ្នកកាសែត នៅឯភ្នំពេញ។
កុំលែងទទេៗនោះ វាល្ងង់ពេកហើយ។