Monday, April 06, 2009

Thailand and Cambodia agree to prevent border fightings

Sun, April 5, 2009
The Nation

Thailand and Cambodia agreed on Sunday that their commanders would increase their supervising over their soldiers to prevent reoccurrence of the last week's fighting in which two Thai soldiers were killed.

They firmly agreed that their troops must stay on their territory.

Maj Gen Kanok Natrakawesana, commander of Suranaree Task Force held an urgent meeting with Cambodian Maj Gen Srey Doek in Preah Vihear Temple on Sunday morning.

After the meeting, Kanok described the meeting as constructive.

Two Thai soldiers were killed Friday when troops from both countries fought heavy gun battles. In addition, Kanok said that the soldiers who guarded the border area would not be allowed to bring in any alcohol drinks to the border area.

"If any problem happens, commanders of both sides would immediately step in to prevent any fightings," Kanok said.

Referring to the last week's fightings, Kanok said it was a misunderstanding and both countries have already discussed and solved the misunderstanding. "We have agreed that we will cooperate more and such fightings would not happen again," he said.

Meanwhile Srey Doek told Khmer media that the meeting was held to make the situation return to normal and to make sure there's no more gunfire.

"We have agreed to stay on our own sides of the border," he said.


Anonymous said...

Khmer army leaders be more cautious! thai may see revenge for losing their soldier, just be more cautius and stay alert at all time!!

Anonymous said...

correction = seek revenge