Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hun Xen is the target of concerted Thai news media insults for his association with Thaksin

Hun Sen shows lack of class and tact

Sunday, October 25, 2009
The Nation

Cambodian premier's provocative remarks won't help Asean or bilateral relations

You can take the man out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the man, or so the saying goes. At this moment, that could be said about mercurial Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen after the verbal sparring of the last few days.

"Millions of Thai people, the red shirts, support Thaksin [Shinawatra, ex-PM]. Why, as a friend, can't I support Thaksin? Without the 2006 coup these things would not have happened," said Hun Sen shortly after arriving in Cha-am for the annual Asean Summit.

Throwing caution and discretion to the wind, the Cambodian leader argued further: "Many people talk about Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar [Burma], why not talk about Thaksin? That cannot be referred to as interference."

Perhaps the Cambodian premier thought he was still leading some Khmer Rouge faction, and did not think that as prime minister of his country there was a need to be considerate to others' feelings, much less diplomatic protocol.

For a man with nearly three decades of regional experience, one would have thought that he would exhibit better diplomatic manners than what one has seen so far.

His provocative recent statements really ripped at the heart of so many Thais at a time when the country is bogged down with internal strife. One wonders what Hun Sen would have got out of rubbing more salt on open wounds.

Sadly, he has permitted himself to be part of a cheap ploy by fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra to steal the spotlight from a major international event that brought together leaders from 16 Asian and other nations, including India, Australia and New Zealand.

Thaksin had the audacity to tell Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to show some manners by not putting domestic politics over regional concerns. What else could one expect from Thaksin?

But what is Hun Sen's motivation? Is he desperate for attention and recognition at an international gathering after being in power for nearly three decades but with nothing much to show for it?

Holding on to power by any means and turning his once war-torn country into his personal playground would not count for much in terms of achievements in this day and age. Under his rule, Cambodia continues to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We think the Cambodian people deserve better.

But then again, what else can you expect from a man who is doing his best to obstruct the UN tribunal from putting more members of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime on trial?

Is it because the Cambodian leader does not want the tribunal to reach too far as some of his Cabinet members might be named? After nearly 2 million deaths, a lot of people have blood on their hands, so it seems.

Hun Sen knows better than anyone about realpolitik when he staged a coup in early 1997 that delayed Cambodia's admission into Asean. Deep down, he still resents Asean and its treatment of his government.

Incidentally, it was the Thai government that was instrumental in helping him and Cambodia's return to the Asean fold and eventually the grouping's membership.

Moreover, he should be reminded that the current Thai government came through a parliamentary process, not because of the 2006 coup.

One also wonders what was Hun Sen's logic in comparing Thaksin with Burmese pro-democracy leader Suu Kyi. Is he bereft of any sense of proportion? Comparing Thaksin to Suu Kyi is an insult to the millions of Burmese people who are suffering at the hands of the ruling junta.

The Asean Summit should have been an occasion to consolidate among members. But instead, it has been sidetracked into trivial personal issues.

General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, who has a penchant to stir the hornet's nest, should be condemned for internationalising a domestic issue for his own benefit. Giggling at reporters while talking on the phone with Thaksin, Chavalit showed how puerile he could be, or perhaps how low the former premier and Army chief could stoop. It's hard to fathom his behaviour, except that desperate situations call for desperate acts.

Perhaps it would be better for Hun Sen to keep his friendship with fugitive Thaksin, and their mutual admiration, in the closet. It could be a case of twisted minds thinking alike.

What he has done is not only harmful to the Thai-Cambodian relationship but also Asean's reputation and solidarity.

But, maybe, he just doesn't care.


Anonymous said...

This called pooch no protocol,no education Hun Sen is ,now he deserved the Thai insult him as a jungle man.Hun Sen shouldn't bring Cambodia in to his personal game,while the Thai do not respect the Paris peace agreement let Thai be why Hun Sen had to be breached the agreement it self? You both can fight as you wanted but Cambodian people and Cambodia the one who hurt most.
To the Thai patriots you were so stupid while the opportunity you can use the remote control RAKBEUT to send this blind man to hell but you too naive so now you can share the frustrated the pain the insult and the disgust from this man with Cambodian ppl in Cambodia

Anonymous said...

"...the current Thai government came through a parliamentary process, not because of the 2006 coup." What a moron! This is bad history. Please don't change the history, tell truth nothing but the truth. I myself don't much care for Hun Xen, but what he said is TRUE. The current Thai government would not be governing right now had there not been a coup. It was 100% coup, no doubt about it. I find, The Nation material, is not a news material but more of Thai propaganda to benefit thai country. It's a very one side story. Don't be afraid, just tell/write the truth.

Anonymous said...

You know, the idiot in the Nation as well as Bangkok Post are not better than the jungle man. Here is the thing, if Thai, start with the media, pay attention to human right issues where Khmer, Laotien, Burmese, and the Southern are being murdered daily, we may considered Thai differently. Currently, Thai are uncivilize, abunch of murders, ignorant...

Anonymous said...

If you wanna talk about illegitimate govt just look at cambo govt. Is it legit govt? I don't think it is, remember what happened in 1997? back then, prince rannaridth was the 1st prime minister, mr hun sen 2nd; who started the coup? Go figure!

Anonymous said...

fuckin selfish motherfucker think they educated people but talk like a slave of ahpishit goverment even we know majority of thia support hun sen decision because most thia vote for thaksin. the damn siam left hunsen no choice so he slap siam in the face siem deserve it the so call educated people.

Anonymous said...

Here is the finding from Press Freedom Index 2009, Cambodia ranked 117 to Thailand 130 of 173 countries. Is this mean Khmer medias have more freedom to write the truth then the thai which is supposed to be a democratic country? No wonder The Nation is not writing the truth. The thai medias are suppressed by the King and pathetic PAD.

Anonymous said...

Now the Thais can taste the madness of Mr. Hun Sen like the Cambodian oppositions. The Thais they are hypocrites just like Mr Hun Sen….they are no better than one another. Mr Hun Sen he is mad sometimes, but he’s a straight talker……he isn’t afraid to speak his mind out, but on the other hand the Thais politicians such as Abhisit, or Kasit……they talk nice diplomatic but do the opposite and always use misunderstanding and accident as their excuses and they never believe a word they say. So in short Abhisit, Kasit, or Hun Sen, they are no better than the other……all crooks.

Anonymous said...

When you insult your host in an international get together, don't expect to get a warm welcome. I am surprised the thais didn't kick him out.
Jungle man, bandit, one eyed hyena...this dictator is shame to the cambodian nation.

When you have the International court of justice, UNESCO, history scolars , nations all agreeing that cambodia is the owner of preah vihear and you haven't been doing the right thing to remove the thai from your land then shut up.
What have you done so far except to personally insult and threaten the thais and your opponents.

You one eyed wild jungle hyena.

Anonymous said...

I also believe that by keeping the preah vihear conflict constantly in the headlines, hun sen is deflecting criticism of his handling of the financial and economic problems of cambodia.It is in his interest to keep this conflict hot and burning.

All he can do is beg for aid from china, korea and japan.Of course he receives aid and investment from thailand but he doen't proclaim that from the roof of his house.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia Town
Long Beach, Ca

Siam Nation Newpaper was propaganda institution, there was related with PAD bandits(yellow shirts).

New Phally

Anonymous said...

5:27PM so do you,your Hun Sen slave ,even Hun Sen fart you tell every one the smell it soooooooooooo good what is the differences that you try making point?

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is a disgrace to all of humanity, not just to Khmers. He makes Cambodia a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

I hope A Siam Government should return all land back to Cambodia as A siamese robbery from Cambodia many years ago, if after return it back to Cambodia Siamese peoples living safe under Cambodian Government to control, Samdech Hun Sen the best Leader than A Siamese young dog Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and he just stop to suck his Mother breasth and he just marriage fuck with his wife, I hope A Siamese young dog Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva should return all Siam land as former Khmer / Cambodia land back to Cambodia Government to control and every A Siamese dog peoples live by peacefull & safe ok. from Cambodian Victim from 1970 to 1979 during Khmer Roug / Pol Pot regime under A Vampire Yuonese / Vietnamese and A Vampire Siamese / Thais behind the killing field living Australia.

Anonymous said...

Your intend for Cambodia not so nice,especially when you worship to the vampire hyena Hun Sen,I do not care how much you love Hun Sen as much like you stated ,but the provoking or waging the war with Siam ,that is not good,please do not depend on rain to grow the rice counting on our abilities.the Thai made so much mistakes but no one bother to condemn the Thai yet,but it turn to Hun Sen upset so much khmer citizen also there a lot heart breakers in Thailand,I do not want to see the Cambodian soldiers with the sling shot go to fight with modern weapon that Thai have plus good train,our khmer people will get suffer more than Thai,so the supporting Hun Sen to spark the war with Thai at this moment ,we will lose supporting ground from Asian and some western world,do you ever heard do not step the dog tail just keep the distance while chasing them,when we step on it tail it going to bite our feet.
Do not bring Thak Sin Home or just from the back door at this moment

Anonymous said...

Wild jungle man!

Anonymous said...

I think Thai government (not talking about all Thai people), deserve what Hun Sen's recent moves!! Because Thai always changes, very Kro-lich Kro-Luch (in Khmer), and never respects its history and so on,,,,, I think we, Khmers, should do whatever is beneficial to the Khmers too regardless of what Thai think. Why not Takshin??

Good job Hun Sen!!!

Anonymous said...

10:16PM, I fully support you. Unlike some Cambodian patriots, you can distinguish clearly what are Khmer interests and Hun Sen's interest. Some posters are pul/lob, what they want is to insult Hun Sen whether he is right or wrong. It's typically khmer.

Anonymous said...

Since Hun Sen was a Khmer Rouge commander, now a Khmer Rouge leader and had many of his political opponents assassinated, I wonder if he have any plan to assassinate the Thai Prime Minister (Abhisit Vejjajiva)?

Anonymous said...

To 1:19

I am 100% agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I wish all political leaders are doing the right things by not taking advantage of the poor nations and moving toward equal opportunity in the name of human race as the 'righteous will live forever and the wicked will be terminated' Bible Proverbs. or Buddha saying " bad karma will occur if one is to take advantage of the other, seek for peace and peace will come forth". Aust