Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thailand cannot cancel MoUs - Cambodia

Tue, November 10, 2009
The Nation and Deutsche Presse Agentur

Cambodia insists on Tuesday Thailand could not revoke a Thai-Cambodian memorandum of understanding on joint oil and gas exploration because the move would be against international laws.

Var Kimhong, head of Cambodia's border commission, said, "I could not find any term in these articles that allows the Thai side to terminate on its own without the consent of the (Cambodian) side," he said.

"No single article allows one side to terminate."

Var Kimhong was speaking shortly after the Thai cabinet on Tuesday agreed its foreign ministry's proposal to cancel the MoUs on joint oil and gas exploration.

The move is part of the series of Thai protests after Cambodia appointed Thaksin as economic adviser to its premier and government last week. Bangkok is upset that Cambodia declared it would not extradite Thaksin to Thailand to serve the two-year jail term if requested.

Following the appointment, Thailand recalled its ambassador, downgraded the relations and reviewed mutual cooperations.

Thaksin arrived in Phnom Penh on Tuesday and he was scheduled to give a lecture on economy issues on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Well, Thai never keep promise, fullfill contract, or follow any law. Nothing is suprise come from Thai anymore.

Remember Yon Rith, 16 year old boy burned alive by Thai.

Anonymous said...

If what Cambodia said is true, then Thailand will have eaten their words again. But I think Thailand will still cancel MOU, because this country and its people do not obey or know what international law is. They sort of dump people, and that's encluded their one eye King.

Anonymous said...

We should also declare to cancel the extradiction traaty as well.

PLEASSSSSSSSSSS bring the case to international level based on Paris Peace Accords to let the world know how the real nature of Thai

Anonymous said...

Thai/Khmer relationship is done!

Don't they know when the diplomacy is cut off that means it is done??

Case closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen let his fortune teller looks about the situation in Thailand and said that Thaksin will come back into Thai's politic and remove Abullshit out of office.

Thai will have civil war!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't belive KI-media. It the same SRP.

Anonymous said...

we don't belive KI-media too.....................

Anonymous said...

If some speak the reality then you complain KI and SRP. If you dislike KI why you are here, please go away from this site. I tell you all who dislike this site, in 1963 the FM US president Kennedy said that the critism to its leader is the daily grind of the country with democracy but not for communisn and dictatorship.

Ghost Angkor

Anonymous said...

My crystal ball tells me:

1)Thaksin will recapture his post as PM of Thailand.
2) Hun Sen will be crowned as next king of Thailand.(His Majesty King Hun Sen I)
3) Madame Mu Sochua will be the next PM of Cambodia.

Noor said...