Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Oy Knea Nov Ae-na?!" a Poem in Khmer by Sam Vichea


Anonymous said...

Cambodia Provinces Cities Communes villages Renamed during the Yuon Occupation of the Country Between 1979 and 2030 completed.
By Secret Source: P.Penh
Yuon Already have plan to rename the entire country as follows:

Phnom Penh is Nam-biang or Trân-tay
Peam Mean Chey is Banam-Hai
Koh Anchien is Bunh-tiên
Prey Veng is La-vên
Envichey is Hai-dông
Sambaur is Sanphu
Sambok is Sanb-bôc
Koh Sutin is Kha-sum
Lovêk is Lô-viêt
Samrong Tong is Long-tôn
Kratié is Canché
Kanhchor is Cân-gio
Takeo is ông-ya-keo
Koh Kong is Go-Cong
Kompong Spue is Bong-Bue
Takmao is ông-ya-Đen
Chbar Am Pao is Sài-Gòn II

This is no Joke people, the real yuon is going to happan in your country called Khmer... will be yuon country by 2030 complted.

Cambodia is completed for Ho Chi Minh Dreamed!

Anonymous said...

Very nice peoms I'm so pitties to our KKrom people. Cause we're have slavery government to run our Country likes ah CPP. Lets get rid of him in 2012 so we can've better futures for our Country guys stop voted for ah CPP.

Anonymous said...


Do not feel sorry for Khmer Krom. Do feel sorry for Khmer Kandal instead, we are such a sorry bunch for not capable of seing what is coming at us.

For Khmer Krom they have been struggling since 1949 without much of our help, but they persisted despite the odds. We of the upper kingdom (SAMDECH XEN, XIHANUK, and all ignorant/indifferent/pathetic Khmers) have added insult upon injury on our southern kinfolks.

Bottom line is that all Khmer shall and must follow the examplary brave Khmer Krom and joint hand with our kin, and pick an option to make a stand and fight - be that KRAPEU or KHLA, neither of us Krom or Kandal has a better option!

A Shameful Soul

Anonymous said...

Khmer Primate: Hun Xen and his wife had file a petition to change too.

Present Name: Hun Xen
Future Name: Nguyen Viet Dog

His wife will be

Xmer Acid Lady.