Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Vippadehsarak" a Poem in Khmer by Sék Serei


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good poem. Don't worry, Karma will get back to them all soon. May lightening strike them all.

Anonymous said...

This poem is exactly what I have in mind. I love the old day in Cambodia. Every thing was so pure, nature was so green and fresh full of animals. Not any more. I wish I can rewind the reality back to the past.

Lok Sok Serey, you really make good poem. Thank.

Anonymous said...

SantgKrean Prours S'dach Seihanouk

Meayeat KumRourk Chuoy Yuon-Sen

Neak Leng Luoch Ko Chor Cheay Daen

Ta Ov Dol "Sen" Me Mafia.